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Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Religious Ball Court

Description of the Religious Ball Court

Commonly, this precinct is called the "ball field," yet this is a mistaken name.

Let us recall history: in London, in the nineteenth century, a jobless tramp had the idea of inflating a piece of rubber. Thereafter, he thought to cover it with a piece of leather, and wonder what could be the great finale of his idea. Thus, the outcome was a football. Subsequently, he started to kick his swollen leather ball. He seemed to experience good pleasure by doing it, and in a few days many youngsters in London were doing the same thing. In the beginning, people were protesting, because they were breaking glass and trampling people. The newspapers were also protesting, yet they continued playing their "swollen baloney." Now, they want to see this London's vagabondage even within sacred matters.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Cross of the Elements

Description of the Cross of the Elements

This square with the cross in the center are very well done. This invites us to reflect, since the cross was very well known very much before than the Christian era.

When the horizontal line is above the center of the vertical line, this indicate us the cross of sacrifice.

However, as it is represented on this stone of Copán, is clearly indicating us the cross of the elements; the cross of equal sides inside the perfect square.

We see human faces above and below on the square's border, possibly two more existed, one on each side.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Figure of a Logos

Description of the Figure of a Logos

Its face is very well done.

Because of their shape, its ears indicate the Word, the Verb. It has always been stated that the Verb sounds.

A resemblance of a human face that appears over the miter is shown on top of its face; this resemblance indicates the superior Being within ourselves, which is the most elevated part of the Being.

We already know that the four circles represent the trinity within the unity of life.

Its very well developed pituitary gland indicates vision of the things of the ultra.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Meditation Temple

Description of the Meditation Temple

Certainly, the name "temple for meditation" fits the work that was performed there, since this was a temple where meditation was practiced.

We know very well that meditation is the daily bread of the wise. When one is meditating, one is searching for God or is searching for power.

On the above left, we can appreciate a human face that is sunken or submerged into meditation. Below is another human face that indicates Yesod, which shows where the source of power is. On its base is a semblance of a human head that indicates the "monster of the earth" that will swallow or devour us if we do not achieve our final liberation.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Jaguar, Xolotl, Lucifer, Prometheus

Description of the Jaguar, Xolotl, Lucifer, Prometheus

The Mayan Jaguar is indubitably the same as Xolotl, or the Nahua Lucifer. The Jaguar represents this in all of Mesoamerica. Translated to the present epoch of Christianity, this is Lucifer, which is Latin, from luci, light, and fer, faith. Light and faith are therefore the reflection of the Logos within us, here and now.

The Logos, God, rent itself asunder, and that sundered part is precisely the Nahua Xolotl, the Christian Lucifer, the Mayan Jaguar.

Therefore, those who think that Lucifer is the enemy of the Eternal One are very mistaken. And those who dogmatically illustrate him as a terrible demon—seated on a throne of ignominy and blasphemy while holding an iron trident with his right hand and dominating the world—are also mistaken.