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Mayan Mysteries: Atlantis


Let us now remember that submerged primeval continent named Atlantis. In the land of the Pharaohs, ancient Egypt, the priests of Sais told the great Athenian Solon that Atlantis had been destroyed nine thousand years before they had such a conversation with him.

Our boastful modern civilization has not yet surpassed the Atlantean civilization.

The Atlanteans also knew about atomic energy and utilized it in times of peace as well as in times of war.

Mayan Mysteries: The Root Races

The Root Races

Every planet develops seven Root Races and seven subraces. Our planet Earth already developed five Root Races; it needs to develop two more Root Races.

After the seven Root Races, the planet Earth, already transformed by cataclysms over the course of millions of years, will become a new moon.

This entire Earth’s devolving and evolving life came from the Moon. When the great life abandoned the Moon, it died; it became a desert. The Moon also developed seven Root Races and each one of them developed seven subraces. The soul [of the Moon], the lunar life, is now devolving and evolving in our planet Earth; this is how the worlds reincarnate.

Mayan Mysteries: The Egyptian-Mayan Relationship

The Egyptian-Mayan Relationship

The Mayas themselves represent the Atlantean culture.

teideAtlantis was a vast continent that now lies submerged on the bottom of the ocean that carries its name. Atlas was the most ancient of its astrologers and was also its king. This is why the poetic mind of the children of Hellas represented him as a giant with the celestial machinery upheld upon his shoulders and powerful mind. His children, the Titans, attempted to climb and reach up to heaven, but God confounded them and one night the sea and thunder furiously roared. Europe, tremulously shaken, awakened by the rumble, did not see its brother-world anymore… Only Teide remained, so as to say onto humanity: “Here is where in a forgone time the famous Atlantis was found.”

Each Root Race has seven subraces and then dies. The fourth Atlantean Root Race had also its subraces.

The third and fourth subraces became tall with pride, saying, “We are the Kings; we are the Gods.”

Mayan Mysteries: Description of Stela 6: A Dev of Nature

Description of Stela 6: A Dev of Nature

Within the vision of the harmony of all things, we discover with mystical astonishment the spiritual part of nature, in other words, we find the famous Malachim or angelic kings.

Direct contact with elementals must always be performed through the intercession of the following angelic kings of the elements within the marvelous sphere of the causal world.

Earth, fire, air, and water each have their particular God.

Unquestionably, the gnomes or pigmies who dwell beneath the earth have their hierarchy. The particular genie of the gnomes is Gob, a very special deity known in high magic. The specific kingdom of the gnomes is situated in the north of the Earth. They are commanded with the sword.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of Stela 5: Cross of Saint Andrew

Description of Stela 5: Cross of Saint Andrew

Countenance: strong.

Miter: very damaged. We can see the three forces of creation.

Arms: upwardly placed, indicating the ascension of the positive and negative forces. Intriguingly, a small, central, faceless figure appears between the two arms, clearly indicating the human soul, the true human being, the causal man. Advantaging very much, in this way, any explanation with letters, the small, central, faceless figure addresses the emotional center, the profound center of the consciousness.

The ornaments on the arms are profoundly significant liturgical bracelets.

The right arm indicates Chesed.