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Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Staircase of Hieroglyphics

Description of the Staircase of Hieroglyphics

This sculpture is a clear allusion to the twelve tasks of Hercules. The twelve tasks of Hercules (prototype of the authentic man) indicate, point to, the secret pathway that leads us through the degrees of Perfect Master and Great Elected One.

First task: Capture and death of the lion of Nemea (the strength of the uncontrollable instincts and passion that devastates and devours everything).

Second task: Destruction of the Hydra of Lerna, symbolic monster of immortal origin, endowed with nine threatening heads that regenerate each time they are destroyed, menacing the herds as well as the harvests.

This polyfacetic Hydra can be interpreted as an allegorical image that clearly personifies the mind with all of its psychological defects

Mayan Mysteries: Description of Stela M

Description of Stela M

It is found at the base of the staircase and even when it is much damaged, it indicates that only with the profound man can one reach the final liberation.

The miter is high, indicating the great priesthood.

The face is unrecognizable, damaged.

Its hands, even when damaged, indicate the ascendant course of the sexual forces.

The central lambel is showing us a figure, which is a clear allusion of the true causal man.

The scepter is very well done, yet it is damaged by time or by human barbarism.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of Stela F

Description of Stela F

The miter is much damaged by time or by human barbarism.

We appreciate a pectoral that rises to its cheeks; it correctly indicates the soul of things: the Being.

The arms that reach the center of its chest always indicate the two ascending forces.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of Stela 1: The Solar Man

Description of Stela 1: The Solar Man

It has a solar countenance.

We can appreciate the miter on top of its head, which is equivalent to the miter that the pontifices use in this day and age. The miter has always represented the Logos.

The fact that this stela is displaying a miter clearly indicates that it is representing a great Mayan priest, since it is impossible to conceive a lunar creature with a miter.

The two upward arms indicate the positive and negative forces that must flow inwardly and upwardly. They can only flow like that within a higher initiate.