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Mayan Mysteries: Description of Altar I

Description of Altar I

On this altar, we can appreciate two very well adorned human forms in Buddhist positions, one to the right and the other to the left. They hold scepters of command with one hand that aims upwardly, and the other hand is downward.

In the center of the stone between the two figures there are some Mayan symbols, among which the Cross of Saint Andrew is notably shown. We already know very well what that cross and the two figures on each side signify. They correspond to the two witnesses, the two colossuses of Rhodes, the eagle and the fox, etc.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of Altar Q

Description of Altar Q


We can appreciate four figures; one of them is a little disfigured. Among the Mayans the existence of the four is always affirmed: the unknowable Adi-Buddha, and the three forces of creation, meaning the trinity within the unity of life. Thus, very clearly in this altar we see the Tetragrammaton.

Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Stone with the Arcanum 18

Description of the Stone with the Arcanum 18

This stone clearly indicates the Arcanum Eighteen of the Hebraic Kabbalah. The occult forces of nature live in a constant struggle. The repeated ninth sphere gives struggle; it carries us to the regions where the fight between the powers of sex is terrible.

There is a human figure that stands out and who has between his hands a little animal, a little dog with its curled tail, a vibrant representation of the mercury of secret philosophy.

In synthesis, it is telling us that one has to be decisive in order to fight in the ninth sphere, in order to prepare the mercury, even if one has to confront the potencies of darkness, which will attack us incessantly in order to make us fall.