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Mayan Mysteries: Description of Stela 6: A Dev of Nature

Description of Stela 6: A Dev of Nature

Within the vision of the harmony of all things, we discover with mystical astonishment the spiritual part of nature, in other words, we find the famous Malachim or angelic kings.

Direct contact with elementals must always be performed through the intercession of the following angelic kings of the elements within the marvelous sphere of the causal world.

Earth, fire, air, and water each have their particular God.

Unquestionably, the gnomes or pigmies who dwell beneath the earth have their hierarchy. The particular genie of the gnomes is Gob, a very special deity known in high magic. The specific kingdom of the gnomes is situated in the north of the Earth. They are commanded with the sword.

The specific kingdom of the undines is situated in the west. They are evoked with the cup of libations. One may concentrate on Tlaloc or Nicksa.

The kingdom of the salamanders of fire is situated in the south. They are commanded with the magic trident. One may concentrate on Míchael, king of the sun and thunderbolts, Samael, king of volcanoes, Anael, prince of the astral light.

The kingdom of the creatures that populate the air is situated in the east. The sylphs are commanded with an eagle's feather or with the holy pentacles. This is known by the magicians. One may concentrate on Parvati and Zabtabiel.

The elimination of the animal ego is imperative in order to be fully served by the elements of nature. A rushed and capricious person will never govern the sylphs of the air. By no means could a bland, cold, and voluble person be the absolute boss of the undines and nereids of the water. Anger irritates the salamanders of fire. In fact, gross concupiscence converts those who want to be served into toys for the gnomes or pigmies of the mineral kingdom.

When the magician has died within himself—in other words, when he has eliminated even the very shadow of the memory of his defects—then, all of nature will serve him, obey him. During a tempest he will wander without the rain touching his head. The wind will not mess a single pleat of his suit. He will cross the fire without getting burned. He will walk upon the boisterous waters of the ocean without sinking. He will see with complete clarity all the treasures that are hidden in the bosom of the Earth.

Remember the words of the great Kabir Jesus:

"...the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these he shall do..." - John 14:12

The world of natural causes or conscious will is the world of the Malachim or angelic kings of nature, who constitute the legitimate spiritual principles of the elements. These beings or terribly divine, ineffable Gods are perfect human beings in the most complete sense of the word. Such beings are beyond good and evil.


Stela 6 represents precisely a dev, an angelic king. It tells us about an extraordinary esoteric culture that existed in Copán. The Mayan culture is unique in its kind.

The miter is very much destroyed. We can appreciate three horizontal lines that indicate the three superior forces. The crown of victory, the triumph of the ascending energies, is shown.

The very well done belt with complete ornamentation indicates Hod and Yesod.

This stela represents a deity, an elemental creature of nature, a dev.

The Masonic apron is very well chiseled.