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Mayan Mysteries: Description of the Jaguar, Xolotl, Lucifer, Prometheus

Description of the Jaguar, Xolotl, Lucifer, Prometheus

The Mayan Jaguar is indubitably the same as Xolotl, or the Nahua Lucifer. The Jaguar represents this in all of Mesoamerica. Translated to the present epoch of Christianity, this is Lucifer, which is Latin, from luci, light, and fer, faith. Light and faith are therefore the reflection of the Logos within us, here and now.

The Logos, God, rent itself asunder, and that sundered part is precisely the Nahua Xolotl, the Christian Lucifer, the Mayan Jaguar.

Therefore, those who think that Lucifer is the enemy of the Eternal One are very mistaken. And those who dogmatically illustrate him as a terrible demon—seated on a throne of ignominy and blasphemy while holding an iron trident with his right hand and dominating the world—are also mistaken.


Indeed, Xolotl-Lucifer, the Jaguar, the Tiger, represents the particular, individual Lucifer. Everyone within the very depth of his consciousness has his own Lucifer, and will see him according to the degree of purification in the elimination of their psychological aggregates. The more errors, defects, and vices we have, the more horrible and frightful will he be. Yet, the more clean and pure we are, the more radiant will he be.

Xolotl or Lucifer, the Jaguar, is nothing other than the reflection of the Logos within us, and those who dare to curse Lucifer pronounce themselves against the cosmic reflection of the Logos. They anathematize the living, manifested God in matter, and abhor the ever-incomprehensible wisdom, by declaring themselves against the contraries of light and darkness.

The shadow of Adonai is the glory of Satan, and the Lord's stool is the throne of Satan.

Countenance, resemblance, similitude, sun and shadow, day and night, the law of the contraries—two are the armies of the Logos or Demiurge Architect of the Universe: the warring hosts of Michael in the sublime expansions of heaven, and the legions of Satan in the abyss of the manifested world. Clearly, these are the unmanifested and the manifested, the virginal one and the one fallen into animal generation. Unquestionably, the shame of generation only falls upon Satan, never the Logos. When he ate the forbidden fruit, Satan lost the high, virginal state of Kumara.

The cornerstone of the Great Work is certainly impure, material, and coarse. For this intrinsic reason it receives the name "devil." However, by means of the esoteric resurrection, the Nahua Lucifer re-conquers his virginal state of Kumara.

The cornerstone of the Great Work is the Nahua Lucifer, the Mayan Jaguar. Upon this master stone—which is located within the depths of our sexual system—the great Kabir Jesus built his church.

It is necessary to comprehend that that each one of us has his own particular, individual Lucifer, which is the complete reflection of his own specific Logos.

In Mesoamerica and Mexico, the humanized tiger became a concrete reality. This is how we also find it in Teotihuacán, raising his arms in a liturgical gesture or with that feline march that characterizes it.

Therefore, Lucifer is the reflection of the Logos within us, here and now. If a tree has its shadow, why should it surprise us that the Logos has a shadow?

Lucifer is the one who gives us self-independence and the powers that divinize. Lucifer is the one who gives the sexual impulse—without this, Christification is impossible. Therefore, Lucifer serves as a ladder to descend or a ladder to ascend.

One ascends one more degree on the back of Lucifer when one defeats temptation, when one wounds his side with the lance. This is how one ascends on the back of Lucifer until one day reaching the Golgotha of the Father.

The Jaguar represents the same interior, particular, individual Lucifer that each one of us has inside.

The Tiger Knights, in addition to being warriors accustomed to hard labor, were also extraordinary athletes of Jinn science. These extraordinary beings knew how to mix the three Samyasa elements with the terrifying feline power of the Jaguar-Lucifer.


Imitating the sacred posture of the Jaguar, as when a Jaguar is resting, those illustrious Tiger Knights rested over tiger skins while being slightly slumbered; they knew how to consciously combine willpower with imagination in vibrating harmony. Thus, while in this supreme meditation and mental concentration, they deliberately, by means of their creative imagination, shape-shifted into the feline figure of the Jaguar. To stride out, to develop, to operate with that terrifying shape while in a complete ecstasy and mystical joy, was in no way something impossible for those illustrious lords.

Every time they detached from their hard, tiger skin beds, to then walk as tigers and disappear into the fourth coordinate, they uttered the ritual phrase, "We belong to each other...." Thus, just as when gunpowder is triggered in the harquebus and explodes with a great noise, likewise does the heart when embraced by divine love.

Humans know very well that in front of the threshold of the temple, those exotic, legendary, and strange tigers shape shifting back into their gentle and human figures.

Indubitably, Philip, the apostle of the great Kabir Jesus, is the holy master of the Jinn Knights. If you love Philip, you can then implore his assistance when you are slumbering.

By excluding from your mind every thought, and feeling joy in your soul for Philip's presence, utter the following ritual phrase, "To heaven, Philip." Then depart from your bedroom with a decisive and firm step, and put yourself firmly into the unknown fourth dimension.

Very beloved and gentle reader,

"May the suns of enthusiasm enlighten your path.

"May the strength of the tiger keep you company.

"May the sparks of wisdom illuminate your intellect.

"May the whispering Picr be the shadow upon your retreat.

"May the emerald frogs croak and direct you along the path without repose.

"May She, Nature, be prodigal to you.

"May the universal force bless you and guide you."