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Nature’s Warnings

In these moments of global crisis, scientists have discovered with astonishment that the magnetic pole of the compass does not coincide with the physical north pole of the Earth. One thing is the magnetic pole and another is the physical pole.

Without a doubt, the axes of the Earth are now modifying their inclination; consequently, every minute the poles are consecutively deviating towards the equator.

These very remarkable geological changes have an exclusively cosmic origin; however, these can be accelerated by the scientific madness of the intellectual animal through his atomic experiments or through the frightening explosions of the hydrogen bomb.

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The Great Judge

The Hindustani sages cite the “Prakriti” in all of their sacred books. The Prakriti is that primordial substance from which the twelve basic, fundamental hydrogens (that serve as foundations to the seven cosmoses) emerge by successive condensations or crystallizations.

Variety in its very depth is a unity, since tattvas, senses, mind, and all of the other multiplicities of beings and things become diverse modes of crystallization of the primordial substance.

The fire that blazes, the air that not a single living creature could exist without, the waters of the boisterous sea, and the perfumed earth are condensed Akash, materialized Mulaprakriti, and densified Prakriti.

Mother space is therefore the primordial substance, the raw matter of the great work.

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The Submerged Mineral Kingdom

The ray of creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the inferno. The latter word comes from the Latin infernus, which means “inferior.”

An author (whose name I do not wish to mention) stated that the inferior place is this physical world, this cellular world in which we live. Lamentably, that author was mistaken, because the infernus is the underworld, the submerged mineral kingdom.

Dante discovered the inferno within the interior of the Earth, the underworld of the Earth.

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The Protoplasmic Bodies

Men of science have proven that metals also are vulnerable to sickness and death. Certain types of poison can produce sickness and death in metals.

In his Rosicrucian Novel, Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, “Huiracocha” (Colonel Physician of the Mexican Army and Professor of Medicine at the University of Berlin), stated that every atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness.

We, the gnostics, know that subatomic particles possess consciousness. We emphatically affirm that the electrical and gravitational characteristics of any given particle represent its mental qualities.

The substance of the mind exists in all of the kingdoms of nature, including the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

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The Pluralized “I”

The organism of the tri-cerebrated biped (mistakenly called a human being) is a precious machine with five marvelous psycho-physiological centers.

The order of these centers is as follows: intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual, and sexual.

Each of these five centers penetrates the entire organism; nonetheless, if one self-observes profoundly, one becomes aware that each one of the centers has a central, basic point situated at a specific area of our organic machine.

The center of gravity of the intellect is found in the brain.

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