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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: Sexual Magic

Sexual Magic

Magic, according to Novalis, is the art of influencing the inner world consciously.

It is written with fiery coals in the extraordinary book of life that the ardent love between man and woman works magically.

Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice-great God Ibis of Thoth, said in his Emerald Tablet: “I give thee love, within which the whole summum of wisdom is contained.”

The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: Rasputin


I want to emphasize the basic idea that must be formulated as follows: “The great lovers of lewdness and lechery belong to the Casanova-type rather than to the famous womanizer-type of Don Juan.”  

If the crafty Don Juan-type reflects all his amorous adventures in the egocentric malignant mirror of his refined fantasy with the abominable intention of humiliating women, of profaning them despicably, of raping and disgracing them perversely, by despoiling virgins and driving them to sin, it is incontrovertible that this is a particular kind of masculine hatred towards women.

The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Prestidigitator Devil

The Prestidigitator Devil

The existence of an extraordinary plastic mediator within the intellectual homunculi—mistakenly called a human being—is evident.

I want to refer emphatically to the solar plexus, the emotional center wisely placed by Nature in the region of the navel.

It is unquestionable that this magnificent ascendant of the three-centered or three-cerebral biped, saturates himself completely with the sexual essence of our creative organs.

We have been told that the “magic eye” of the abdomen is frequently stimulated by Sexual Hydrogen SI-12, which rises from the sexual organs.

The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Esoteric Lance

The Esoteric Lance

The esoteric, Christic lance of the Holy Grail and the pagan Lance of Pacts displayed by Wotan are the same Holy Pike kept as sacred in all populaces from the most remote antiquity.

Whether in fact it is because of its phallic character symbolic of virile sexual power, or whether it is because it is the archaic weapon of combat which man was able to imagine at the beginning of life, it is true that the Roman spear, Kyrie, was somewhat similar to the Scales of Justice which presided over all legal transactions of primitive quiritary law, especially over weddings among those who held Roman citizenship, which was, incidentally, very highly valued.

The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Lascivious Ego

The Lascivious Ego

Brognoli explains in a very instructive way the extremes to which the force of the formation of devil-egos can go.  We could even go so far as to call it ideo-plastic, in other words, sexual representation excited by the sexual organ.

“Having stayed in Venice in 1664, a Vicar-General of a Bishopric from the continent came to ask me for advice about the following matter:

“In a convent, there was a nun who was very given to voluntary fasting and abstinence.  Apart from that, she enjoyed reading profane books about transformations like the ones performed by Circe and other enchantresses, as well as by ancient Divinities who transformed human beings into animals, birds, serpents and spirits.