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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: Arcanum Ten

Arcanum Ten

From the strictly academic point of view, the word “evolution” means development, construction, progression, improvement, advance, edification, dignification, etc.

Taking a clear, orthodox and purely grammatical approach, the term “devolution” means inverse progression, retrogression, destruction, degeneration, decadence, etc.

Obviously, it is urgent that we emphasize the transcendental idea that the Law of Antitheses coexists with any crude natural process. This concept of content is absolutely, unimpeachable, unassailable and irrefutable.

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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Transmigration of Souls

The Transmigration of Souls

Using the cosmic amphitheater as the scenario, I wish to portray some recollections in these pages...

Long before the emergence from Chaos of this lunar chain about which so many distinguished theosophist writers have spoken, there was a universe of which only traces now remain among the innermost files of Nature...

That which I will relate below, with the aim of clarifying the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, occurred in one of those worlds...

In accordance with cosmic decisions, seven human races very similar to those of our world, evolved and devolved on that planet.

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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Law of Recurrence

The Law of Recurrence

Now with a sequence of unusual accounts I wish to explain about the Law of Recurrence.

The aforementioned law was certainly never something strange or outlandish for me; in the name of that which is Divine, I must affirm in a special way that I only know of this pragmatic rule through my uncommon personal experiences.

To testify to all that we have really experienced directly is a duty to our fellow men.

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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma

In dealing with transcendental metaphysical experiments, it would not be irrelevant to assert solemnly that I am completely satisfied with the intelligent use of the Eidolon...

Without being in any way conceited about certain esoteric discoveries, I am going to relate simply and humbly a very personal and remarkable event.

It took place on one of those nights when, finding ourselves absent from our dense forms, Master Litelantes and I decided to contact the Temple of the Zodiac.

It is well known and obvious, anyone can understand, that it would be more than impossible to find such a sanctuary here in the three dimensional, Euclidian world.

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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: Intelligence


Magical, esoteric procreation without seminal ejaculation, the ideoplastic impregnation of a fetus, must be animated by the intelligent desire to secure the best characteristic attributes and the possibility of a long life for the offspring, full of light and liveliness...

The appropriate moment to engender healthy and intelligent children lies in the upward curve of life, in which the marvelous Essence of the infant is carried by the grand breath of the Sun in the delicate, jubilant resurrection of great Nature, where it will be reincorporated in the general flowering of universal life.

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