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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: Lustful Egos

Lustful Egos

It should not be surprising that because of the excessive limitations imposed by the Catholic Church on the moral life of the people through multiple prohibitions during the bygone Age of Pisces, that Satan, as the living incarnation of the most bestial appetites, occupied in a peculiar manner the fantasies of those people who were restrained from free relationships with other human beings, believing that they were obliged to live a virtuous life as indicated.

Therefore and in accordance with the law of opposites, the instinctive or impulsive energies that were suppressed within the everyday mind eventually emerged from the subconscious to a greater or lesser degree depending on their intensity.

This tremendous desire for action increased the sexual libido in such a way that, in many places, abominable carnal trade with the culprit took place.

The sage Waldemar writes,

“In Hessimont the nuns were visited, as is related by Wyer the royal doctor of Clewe, by a demon that hurled itself like a whirlwind through the dormitory at night, and as suddenly calmed down and played the zither so wonderfully that the nuns were tempted to dance.

“Then in the form of a dog, it used to jump onto the bed of one of them, who was therefore believed to have called up the devil.” (Miraculously, it did not occur to the nuns to present the case to the Inquisition).

There is no doubt that this demon, transformed as it was into an ardent, fiery dog, was a lustful ego that after having played the zither would lose itself in the body of its owner who was lying in bed.

The wretched nun, with her ancestral sexual passions repressed compulsorily, how much she must have suffered!

The sexual power of that unfortunate nun was amazing!  Instead of creating demons in the nunnery, she could have eliminated the submerged beasts with the spear of Eros, if she had followed the path of the Perfect Matrimony.

The royal doctor, Wyer, later describes a case that shows the “Eroto-mania” of the nuns of Nazareth, in Cologne:

“For many years these nuns had been assailed by all kinds of diabolical plagues.  In 1564, a particularly appalling scene took place.  The nuns were thrown to the ground in the posture of the carnal act keeping their eyes closed throughout the time that they remained like that.” (The closed eyes are a reliable indication of the sexual act taking place with a demon, in other words, self-copulation with the lustful “I” projected onto the exterior by the subconsciousness.)

“A fourteen year old girl,” says Wyer, “who was secluded in the cloister, was the one who first gave signs of the matter.

“She had often experienced rare phenomena in bed, giving herself away with her muffled giggles, and though she tried to keep the imp away with a blessed stole, he came back every night.

“It was decided that a nun should share the bed with her so as to help her defend herself, but the wretched woman was terrified as soon as she heard the noise of the struggle.

“Finally, the young girl became completely possessed and was pitifully attacked by spasms.

“When under attack, she apparently became deprived of sight and although she seemed to have hold of her senses and appeared well, she pronounced strange, uncertain words that indicated her desperation.

“On May 25th, 1565, I investigated this phenomenon in my capacity as doctor of the cloister, before the noble and discreet H. H. Constantine Von Lyskerken, honorable adviser and the teacher John Alternau, former Dean of Clewe.  Also present were the teacher John Esht, well known doctor of medicine, and my son Enrique, also a doctor in pharmacology and philosophy.

“I read, on this occasion, terrible letters that the girl had written to her suitor.  None of us doubted for a minute that they had been written by the possessed girl during her attacks.

“It was understood that the origin of the matter lay with some young men who had been playing ball in the immediate surroundings and had established amorous relationships with a number of the nuns, later scaling the walls to enjoy their lovers.

“Once this had been discovered, the road was blocked.  But then the devil, the juggler, tricked the fantasy of the wretched nuns by assuming the form of their friends (becoming a new lustful ego) and made them enact that awful comedy before everyone’s eyes.

“I wrote letters to the convent in which I exposed everything and prescribed suitable Christian remedies so that they could resolve the unfortunate affair.

“Here the juggler devil was nothing more than the exacerbated, concrete sexual energy which from the minute it was no longer occupied with the dealings of the young men, assumed their form in fantasy in such a vivid way that the apparent reality that the act possessed produced even more intense forms with respect to yearning for the opposite sex, precisely because of the nuns’ isolation.  These forms seduced the core of the unleashed instinct in such a lifelike manner that, in order to explain them, one would have to suffer the consequences for the devil.”