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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Lascivious Ego

The Lascivious Ego

Brognoli explains in a very instructive way the extremes to which the force of the formation of devil-egos can go.  We could even go so far as to call it ideo-plastic, in other words, sexual representation excited by the sexual organ.

“Having stayed in Venice in 1664, a Vicar-General of a Bishopric from the continent came to ask me for advice about the following matter:

“In a convent, there was a nun who was very given to voluntary fasting and abstinence.  Apart from that, she enjoyed reading profane books about transformations like the ones performed by Circe and other enchantresses, as well as by ancient Divinities who transformed human beings into animals, birds, serpents and spirits.

“One night, the image of an extraordinarily beautiful young man appeared to her and while she contemplated him in astonishment, he said: ‘Do not be afraid, my dear sister!

“‘Are you not the nun who loves fasting above all?  Have you not given yourself over wholeheartedly to it?

“‘Well, you must know that I am the Angel called Fasting and I come to you to thank you and repay you with a love equal to yours.

“‘Once, I was the son of a king.  During the years of my youth, at the age you are now, I loved fasting and gave myself over entirely to it though my father became very upset and scolded me.

“‘But, paying no attention to any of his warnings, I kept doing things at will, until one day in anger he expelled me from the palace.  But the Gods that I venerated condemned such repudiation, took me and transformed me into an Angel, giving me the name of Fasting.  I was also given the faculty of adopting the form of a young man, as you see me now, and the gift of never growing old.

“‘I am also gifted with such mobility that in no time at all I can transfer myself invisibly from one part of the world to another, only revealing myself to those who love me.

“‘Thus, having been told by the Gods that you have given me all your love, I came to you to express my gratitude and to remain with you and serve you in any way you please.

“‘For this reason I have travelled all this way, let me then, sleep in your bed tonight, if you please.  Do not be afraid of my company since I am a friend of chastity and modesty.’

“The nun, greatly pleased and seduced by this speech, accepted the Angel into her bed.  The first night everything was fine, he did not move.  However the second night, he began to hug and kiss her as a sign of gratitude and love.  Never leaving her day or night, he admonished her never to tell her secret to her confessor or anyone else.

“He served her with great fervor and diligence and followed her everywhere.  Finally, in the year 1664, approaching Jubilee Day, the nun suddenly felt very guilty and told everything to her confessor who advised her to present the matter in confession to the Vicar-General of the Bishopric, so that he could do whatever was necessary in order to liberate her from the devil.  Thus, he came to me seeking advice.”

It is clear that the lascivious spirit, Fasting, was an ego so vividly projected by the nun that it seemed a different person altogether.

Such an ego had in fact been formed in her lower abdomen before the unusual projection.

“The Magic Eye of the abdomen,” charged with sexual substance, is a formidable plastic intermediator.

It is there that all repressed sexual desires (all unsatisfied desires) take shape.