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The Major Mysteries: The 22 Major Arcana and Astral Projections

The 22 Major Arcana and Astral Projections

Arcanum 1: The Magician. The Man

Arcanum 2: The Woman. Occult Science

Arcanum 3: The Heavenly Mother. Material and spiritual production

Arcanum 4: The Emperor. Progress, success

Arcanum 5: The Law. Karma, the Hierophant

Arcanum 6: The Lover. Victory, good luck

Arcanum 7: The Chariot of War. Expiation, pain, bitterness

Arcanum 8: The number of Job. Ordeals and suffering

Arcanum 9: The Hermit. Initiation

Arcanum 10: The Wheel of Fortune spins. Retribution

Arcanum 11: The Tamed Lion. Persuasion

Arcanum 12: The Apostolate. Sacrifice

Arcanum 13: Death and Resurrection

Arcanum 14: Temperance. Matrimony, Association

Arcanum 15: Typhon Baphomet. Amorous failure

Arcanum 16: The Fulminated Tower. Punishment, terrible downfall

Arcanum 17: The Star of Hope.

Arcanum 18: Occult enemies. The twilight

Arcanum 19: Radiant Sun. Success

Arcanum 20: Resurrection

Arcanum 21: Insanity. Failure

Arcanum 22: The Crown of Life

All internal calculations, all internal additions, are interpreted with these 22 Major Arcana. The divine Master Jesus told a disciple of ours that she would have to remain incarnated working in the Great Work for 32 more years. When the numbers of this quantity (32) are added, we get the Arcanum 5 of the Tarot: the Law. This means that this sister will have to remain incarnated until her destiny is fulfilled in accordance with the Law.

The children of this perverse, luciferian humanity are begotten with the Arcanum 15, and die with the Arcanum 13.

Astral Projections

Astral Projections and Kabbalah are an integral whole. A state of transition exists between vigil and sleep; every human being is involuntarily projected out of the physical body in that moment. Yet, by paying attention, we can be voluntarily and consciously projected out of the physical body in that moment of transition that exist between vigil and sleep; to that effect, what is important is to watch our sleep. This is how we can astrally get up from our bed and leave towards the Gnostic Church.

Our Lord the Christ officiates in the Gnostic Church.

So, all our disciples have to do is watch their sleep and get up from their bed in the moment when they enter into a slumber state. This must be performed with actions. Do not assume that this is a mental exercise, and do not think that you must get up mentally: we repeat again that we must get up with action; we must get up naturally, as when we physically do it every morning.

This is how we can transport ourselves in the Astral Body to the White Lodge in order to study at the feet of the Master. This is not dangerous because everybody comes out in their Astral Body. This is better than stuffing our heads (as bookworms) with books and theories. Too many theories confuse; theories falsify the mind and damage the brain.

Occult science is studied in the internal worlds; therefore, the one who does not know how to be willingly projected in Astral Body does not know occultism.

It is necessary to study the 22 Major Arcana and to learn them by memory in order to understand the esoteric language of the initiates in the Astral Plane.