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The Major Mysteries: Negotiation


When the hour of death arrives, we abandon the physical body and enter into the internal worlds. After physical death, Souls continue to believe that they are flesh and bones. After physical death, the Souls do not accept even a little that they no longer belong to the world of the flesh; only little by little are those Souls of the dead awakening their consciousness, so that after a certain time those souls can enter into a new maternal womb in order to have the right to be born again in the world of the flesh. This is the law of metempsychosis through which all of us come to pay the evil deeds we performed in our former lives. Thus, if we performed good, we collect good, yet if performed evil, we collect evil.

"With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." [Matthew 7:2] The one who sows lightning will harvest tempests. Perform good deeds so that you can pay your debts.

By performing good deeds we can cancel our old debts from past incarnations. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, then the superior law washes away the inferior law.

The lion of the law is fought with the scale. The one who has capital can pay, and when he does, he is successful in his negotiation.

In the internal worlds, we can talk with the 42 Judges of Karma. The chief of those 42 Judges is Anubis. The Lords of Karma reward or punish us.

We can also request credit from the Judges of Karma, but every credit has to be paid either with good deeds or with pain.

Initiates must attend the palace of Anubis in order to arrange their negotiation. Our good deeds are symbolized in the internal worlds by exotic coins. When we request the divine hierarchies for certain services, we then have to pay them with those coins. If we want to replace those expended coins, we then have to perform good deeds.

The one who has capital in the internal worlds can perform marvelous things, because nothing is given to us for free: everything has its price. The true capital is made with good deeds. Thus, if we do not have capital, we then have to suffer the unutterable.

We must know the esoteric value of the coins. On a certain occasion we requested a service from the God of the Wind, Ehecatl, yet we had to pay him 25 esoteric cents for his service. Thus, if we add the numbers 2 + 5, we get 7. So, 7 is the Arcanum of expiation. We had suffered a lot, patiently, thus we had earned that coin and we paid him with it. This is how a certain person who was making us suffer was sent away from us; this is how that miracle was performed. Yet, if we did have that coin, then Ehecatl would not have done that work, because nothing is given to us for free: everything has its price.

By working on behalf of humanity we can cancel our old debts. The only one who can forgive sins is Christ.

Only the most remarkable remorse, supreme internal repentance, and solemn oath can leads us to forgiveness. Such a negotiation can only be arranged in the internal worlds with Christ.

In order to arrange their negotiation, initiates must know the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. The numbers are added together as we already explained in the former example of Ehecatl.

A certain Bodhisattva whose mental body was sick was told, "Within 500 years you will be healed." Thus, 5 + 0 + 0 equals 5. At that time, the Bodhisattva was recapitulating his First Initiation of Major Mysteries; so, when told that at 500 years he would be healed, he understood that he would be healed with the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries. Thus, when that Bodhisattva reached the Fifth Initiation, he was told: "You have already suffered much for three years; now, you will be better dressed." Three is our Triune Spirit.

That Bodhisattva had spiritually suffered very much because he was fallen. Thus, when he spiritually rose again, his purple tunic was returned to him, and spiritually he became better dressed.