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The Major Mysteries: Jinn States

Jinn States

Human beings can bring their physical body out of this chemical region—meaning, human beings can place their physical body within the internal worlds.

The law of gravity reigns in this chemical region, yet the law of cosmic levitation reigns within the internal worlds.

We can float with the physical body within the internal worlds.

Voluntary somnambulism is the clue in order to enter with our physical body into the internal worlds. Thus, while resting in his bed, the disciple will enter into a slumber state and will get up in the same way as the somnambulist does it. Somnambulists get up from their bed while maintaining their slumber state, thus while in their sleepy state somnambulists work and walk.

Therefore, the disciple that wants to enter into the internal worlds with his physical body has to imitate the somnambulists. After getting up from his bed, the disciple will give a small jump with the intention of floating; if the disciple floats and if he sees himself as being excessively fat, it is because he succeeded.

This is how our disciples will walk upon the waters of the seas in the same way as Christ did it. When Christ walked upon the waters, he was carrying his body in the Jinn State. Precisely, this is what is called the "Jinn State."

If Peter had not doubted, he could have also walked upon the waters in the Jinn State. What is necessary is to have faith and to be a little sleepy; that is all.

Thus, with an intense faith and a little bit of sleep, we can place our physical body into a Jinn State. Peter became an expert of the Jinn State with the help of an angel and a little bit of sleep; this is how Peter liberated himself from the chains in his prison, to be safe and sound.

If we invoke the God Harpocrates, he will come to our call. We can invoke this Angel with the mantra HAR PO CRAT IST. With the help of this Angel, we can place our physical body in the Jinn State. With the help of this Angel, we can also transport ourselves to any place of the world in few moments.

The egg has special powers that allow us to place the physical body in the Jinn State. Procedure: The disciple will slightly boil an egg in water; in other words, he will cook it for a very short time. Thereafter, he will make a hole in the egg on the narrow, conical side, then by means of a very thin device, he will extract the yoke and white. The shell of the egg possesses the powers of the God Harpocrates.

The forces of HAR PO CRAT IST are a variant of the Christic forces.

Sequentially, the disciple will place the eggshell on the bed next to his head; then the disciple will imagine himself inside that shell. The disciple will invoke HAR PO CRAT IST and will ask Harpocrates to transport him with his physical body to whatever place the disciple wishes to go. Thus, while keeping the slumber state as a somnambulist, the disciple must get up and hold the eggshell, and then he will leave his bedroom while saying: "Harpocrates, help me, because I am leaving with my physical body."

This is how the disciples of our Gnostic groups will place their physical body within the internal worlds. This is how they will go in bones and flesh to the Holy Gnostic Church. This is how they will receive the communion of bread and wine and attend the "Praetor." This is how disciples will know the great mysteries without the necessity of damaging their minds with the theories and sterile discussions of spiritualist schools.

There are enchanted lakes, Jinn lakes; likewise, there are mountains, temples, towns, and cities in the Jinn State. On the eastern prairies of Colombia, there is a city in Jinn State named "Manoa." There are many temples of the White Lodge in the Jinn State on all the mountains of the world.

Our Gnostic Sumum Supremum Sanctuarium on La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia will eventually enter into the Jinn State. Wherever an enchanted (Jinn State) temple, mountain, or lake is, the forces of HAR PO CRAT IST are there in intense activity.

Regarding Jinn states, Gnostic students must never get weary, since some will triumph immediately, yet for others it will take years in order to achieve success. Understand that tenacity and patience are the foundation of any progress.

With these practices of HAR PO CRAT IST, our disciples will accumulate within their vehicles that marvelous force of HAR PO CRAT IST.

Later in time, our disciples will organize those marvelous energies in order to place their physical bodies in Jinn State. Marvelous things can be performed with those forces.