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The Great Rebellion: Creative Comprehension

Creative Comprehension

Being and knowing must be balanced to establish a sudden blaze of comprehension within our psyche.

When knowing is greater than being, it causes all kinds of intellectual confusion.

If being is greater than knowing, it can produce cases as serious as that of a stupid saint.

In everyday life, it is advisable to observe oneself with the purpose of self-discovery.

It is precisely everyday life, the psychological gymnasium, through which we can discover our defects.

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The Great Rebellion: Work Memory

Work Memory

Without a question, each person has his own particular psychology.  This is indubitable, indisputable, and irrefutable.

Unfortunately, people never think about this, and many never accept it. This is because they are trapped within the sensorial mind.

Anyone would admit to the reality of the physical body since it can be seen and touched.  Our psychology, however, is a different matter.  It cannot be perceived by the five senses.  For this reason we have a general tendency to reject or simply underestimate and scorn it, qualifying it as something of no importance.

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The Great Rebellion: The Three Minds

The Three Minds

Everywhere there are many scoundrels of the intellect lacking positive direction and who are poisoned with loathsome skepticism.

Certainly, the repugnant poison of skepticism has infected human minds alarmingly since the eighteenth century.

Before that time, the famous Nontrabada, or Encubierta island, located off the Spanish coast, was constantly visible and tangible.

There is no doubt that such an island is situated in the fourth dimension.  Many are the anecdotes related to this mysterious island.

After the eighteenth century, the aforementioned island was lost in eternity; no one knows anything at all about it.

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The Great Rebellion: Darkness


Certainly, one of the most difficult problems of our epoch stems from the intricate labyrinth of theories.

Undoubtedly, in these times there is an exorbitant multiplicity of pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools here, there, and everywhere.

The marketing of souls, books, and theories is frightening.  Rare are those who really manage to find the secret path among the many cobwebs of contradictory ideas.

Gravest of all is intellectual fascination. There is a tendency to nourish ourselves only intellectually with all that reaches the mind.

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The Great Rebellion: The Psychological I

The Psychological I

This question of the me, myself, of what I am, of that which thinks, feels, and acts, is something that we must explore within ourselves in order for us to gain profound knowledge.

Everywhere there are lovely theories which attract and fascinate us.  However, they are of no use at all if we do not know ourselves.

It is fascinating to study astronomy or to amuse ourselves somewhat reading serious works.  Nevertheless, it is ironic to become erudite and not know anything about the me, myself, about the “I,” about the human personality we possess.

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