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The Great Rebellion: The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail shines in the deep night of all the ages.  During the Crusades, the Medieval knights searched fruitlessly for the Holy Grail in the Holy Land, but they never found it.

When the prophet Abraham returned from war against the kings of Sodom and Gomorra, it is said that he encountered Melchizedek, the Genie of the Earth.  Certainly, this great Being dwelled in a fortress situated exactly in the place where, much later, Jerusalem, the city beloved by the Prophets was built.

Centuries of legend have it that Abraham celebrated the Gnostic Unction with the sharing of bread and wine in the presence of Melchizedek.  This is known to both divine and humans alike.

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The Great Rebellion: The Superman

The Superman

One codex of Anahuac states that, “The Gods created humans of wood, and after having created them, fused them with divinity.” But later adds, “Not all humans achieve integration with divinity.”

Unquestionably, before integrating the human being with that which is the reality, what is first of all necessary is to create the Human Being.

The intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being) is in no manner a Human Being.

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The Great Rebellion: The Causal I’s

The Causal I’s

The multiple subjective elements that form the ego have causal roots.

The Causal “I’s” are linked to the laws of cause and effect.  Obviously, there can be no cause without an effect, and no effect without a cause.  This is unquestionable, indubitable.

Elimination of the diverse inhuman elements which we carry within would be inconceivable without the radical elimination of the intrinsic causes of our psychological defects.

Obviously, the Causal “I’s” are closely related to specific karmic debts.

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The Great Rebellion: The Three Traitors

The Three Traitors

In the profound inner work, within the sphere of the strictest psychological self-observation, we are to directly experience all of the cosmic drama.

The Intimate Christ has to eliminate all of the undesirable elements which we carry within.

The multiple psychic aggregates within our psychological depths scream for the crucifixion of the Innermost Lord.

Without a question, each of us carries three traitors within our psyches: Judas, the demon of desire; Pilate, the demon of the mind; and Caiaphas, the demon of evil will.

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The Great Rebellion: The Difficult Path

The Difficult Path

Unquestionably, a dark side exists within us which we neither know nor accept.  We must carry the light of consciousness to this sinister side of ourselves.

The whole purpose of our Gnostic studies is to make the knowledge of ourselves more conscious.

When we have many things within ourselves which we do not know or accept, they complicate our lives dreadfully and, in fact, provoke all sorts of situations which could be avoided through knowledge of ourselves.

Worst of all is that we project this unknown and unconscious side of ourselves onto other people, and then we see it in them.

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