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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: The Seven Celestial Caves

The Seven Celestial Caves


For the benefit of the Great Cause, it is not irrelevant to begin this treatise by transcribing something marvelous. I want to emphatically address a certain narration of an account by Friar Diego Durán’s remarkable work on the history of Mexico, quoted in “The Book that Kills Death” (pages 126 to 134) by Don Mario Roso de Luna. Since I do not want to “adorn my head with other people’s feathers,” we will write these paragraphs in quotes.      

Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Nahuatl Lucifer

Nahuatl Lucifer



Now let us say a little and touch upon facts regarding the divine Daemon of Socrates, the famous Lucifer of the Notre Dame de Paris, the very same Nahuatl Xolotl, who faster than the wind answered the bewitching invocation of the sixty elders on the magical hill of Coatepec that is said to be in Tulla.

Extraordinary, charming Tulla is indeed nothing more than the Scandinavian Thule, about which the golden verses of the great Seneca speak, beyond the confines of this world...

Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Mystical Levitations

Mystical Levitations

Undoubtedly, the fourth coordinate is the same hyperspace of hypergeometry, by means of which it is possible to perform supernatural acts, like the disappearance or appearance of a body in the three dimensional space of Euclid, or the removal of any given object from the interior of an hermetically sealed box.

Clearly, it has been demonstrated that when an electron and a positron annihilate each other in order to liberate energy, two photons of light appear, or more exactly, two gamma rays.

The experiences that have verified the crude reality of this phenomenon sequentially come to prove the existence of the fourth dimension.

Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus

The true Lucifer of the archaic doctrine is, by antithesis, edifying and essentially dignifying, just the contrary of what the theologians like Des Mousseaux and the Marquis de Mirville assume, since the Christus-Lucifer of the Gnostics — and the god of wisdom under countless names — is certainly the allegory of righteousness, the highest extraordinary and marvelous symbol of sacrifice.

Being one with the Platonic Logos, Xolotl-Lucifer-Prometheus is the minister of the Demiurge Creator and the resplendent lord of the seven mansions of Hades, of Sabbath, and of the manifested world, to whom are entrusted the sword and the scale of cosmic justice, because he is undoubtedly the standard of weight, measure, and number. He is the always ineffable Horus, Brahma, Ahura Mazda, etc...

Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Jinn Procedures

Jinn Procedures

To initiate this chapter we want to emphasize the following postulate: 

“Physics remains stagnant so long as the human mind remains bottled up in the three-dimensional dogma of Euclid.”

Unquestionably, contemporary physics is certainly regressive, retrogressive, reactionary.

It is urgently necessary, crucial, to outline the fourth vertical, but this is not possible as long as there is materialistic skepticism.