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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Final Note

Final Note

Magnificat anima mea!

Your destiny, dear reader, would never be like other mortals if, after having thoroughly studied this book, you would practice the methods or systems taught here for the awakening of the consciousness.

I could go, in effect — in order to enhance the value of what I have written in these pages — to the well known medieval writings, which are found here, there and everywhere according to those old literary records.

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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel

We will start the last chapter of the present book with the following phrase: The first educator of any great initiate is in fact and by its own right the fundamental cause of all his spiritualized parts of his genuine common presence.

Any grateful guru humbly prostrates before the first creator of his genuine Being.

After many conscious works and voluntary sufferings, the absolute perfection achieved in the functioning of all the spiritualized, isolated parts of our common presence is revealed before our tearful eyes. Then, the Being’s impulse of gratitude towards the first educator emerges from within us.

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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: The Four Blessings

The Four Blessings

In the last chapter, we referred extensively to the initiator element of dreams. Obviously, we only lack the ability to use it.

When the Gnostic has kept a record of his dreams, he unquestionably discovers a dream that recurs. This, among other reasons, certainly justifies writing all dreams in his notebook or pad.

Undoubtedly, that recurring dream experience is the initiator element which, wisely used, leads us to the awakening of the consciousness.

Every time the mystic lies on the bed, goes to sleep and meditates at will on the initiator element, the result is immediate.

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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: The Return Practice

The Return Practice

When the aspirant has successfully performed all of the Gnostic exercises related with the esotericism of dreams, then it is evident that he is found intimately prepared for the “return practice.”

In the previous chapter, we mentioned the initiator element that comes forth as if by enchantment from amongst the changing and formless expressions of dreams.

Certain people, who are highly psychic, refined or susceptible to impressions, have always possessed in themselves the initiator element. These people are characterized by the continuous repetition of the same dream. These psychics periodically re-live various scenes, or constantly see in their dream experience a creature or a symbol...

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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Tantric Dream

Tantric Dream

Undoubtedly, to review our pad or notebook every month in order to verify the gradual progression of our dream memory is appropriate.  

Any possibility of forgetting a dream must be eliminated. We cannot continue further with practices unless we have achieved perfect memory.

Of particular interest are those dreams which seem to come from past centuries, or that unfold in environments totally unrelated to the vigil existence of the dreamer.

One must be in a “watchful, perceptive” or “alert, anew” state and pay attention to the study of details which includes specific matters, conversations, meetings, temples, or unusual activities which relate to other people.

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