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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: Aztlan


Aztlan, Avalon, mysterious magnetic mount, unusual residence of the children of the twilight: compassionate buddhas, dhyan-choans, serpents of wisdom, pitris or parent preceptors of humanity, angels of the stars, builders, vigilants, stars-yazathas of the Zoroastrians, etc.

Land of the dawn, eternal mansion, celestial paradise beyond the unknown seas of the North Pole.

Ineffable citadel of the Sun wrapped in multiple splendors, White Island, corner of love, land of Apollo...

The septentrion looks magnificent, that Eden of the fourth coordinate, firm continent in the midst of the great ocean.

Neither by land nor by sea is it possible to reach that sacred land; this is fiercely repeated in the Hellenic tradition.

"Only the flight of the Spirit can lead to it,” say the old sages of the Eastern world with great solemnity.

Unquestionably, “the resplendent ones with penetrating eyes,” followers of the wisdom-religion, have never lost touch with the land of our ancestors.

We reiterate the irrefutable statement that we can instantly pass through the barrier of the speed of light in order to travel with the physical body through the unknown dimension towards far Thule.

Aztlan, the solar Earth where the blessed Mexi-Tin or Medjins dwell, as well as the djinns, jinns, or extraordinary genii of the Arab, Aztec and Mexican peoples, whose road was blocked many years ago, and part of it — on this side — is “hidden by great brambles and thickets populated by invincible monsters, dunes, and bottomless lagoons, and very dense reed-beds and floodplains of reeds where the one so foolhardy as to attempt such an undertaking enterprise will lose his life.”

Very little can be said about this exotic and sacred land, except perhaps, according to an ancient poetic expression, that the polar star sets its watchful eye on it from dawn till the crepuscular termination of the day of the Great Breath.

Unquestionably, the holy island is the birthplace of the first human and the dwelling of the last divine mortal, chosen as a sishta [remnant] for the future seed of humanity.

The Aztecs, formerly led by the tutelar genii or jinns from the “Insula Avallones” arrived at the Mexican lagoons, an exact parallel to that of the biblical Hebrew Moses leading the people of Israel through the desert to the Promised Land.

A prototype of the wandering jew, the Jinn villages of the Tuath Dé in an eternal exodus are analogous to that of the Jews on one side and on the other to the Mexican. Unquestionably, the Tuath Dé returned to the green Éirinn in a Jinn state. It is said that they came from Avallon or from heaven and brought some sacred symbols to Ireland.

It is not irrelevant to remember the Philosophical Stone, the spear of Achilles, the flaming sword, and the cups of Hermes and Solomon.

The Aztec Aztlan, Avallon, is the love nest, the land of fire where the blissful brother John dwells. Unprofaned Word, Logos, voice, I.E.O.U.A.N.  John specifies not a man but IEOUAN, a whole solar dynasty.

The first human race that formerly lived in Asgard, the crystal island, the abode of the gods, the land of the Ases, unquestionably was semi-etheric, semi-physical.

The pregenetic, Orphic Protologos deposited precious faculties and powers within the terrestrial “kosmic human,” a wonderful product of incessant evolutions and transformations that were initiated from the primitive germinal state. The first race came from the superior dimensions, complete and perfect.

“All proceeds from Prabhavapyaya, the evolution of the creative and sentient principles in the gods.” - H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, vol.2

Unquestionably, the "first root race" never possessed rudimentary elements nor incipient fires.

For the good of the Great Cause, we emphatically launch the following statement:

Before the first human race emerged from the fourth coordinate in order to become visible and tangible in this three-dimensional region of Euclid, it had to be gestated completely within the Jagad-Yoni, the “womb of the world.”

Extraordinary primeval humanity, sublime androgynes, terrifically divine, ineffable beings beyond good and evil.

Prototypes of eternal perfection for all times, excellent people with indestructible elastic and ductile bodies.

Adam Kadmon, the "male-female" being of Genesis 1, was undoubtedly the same Host of the Elohim, whose presence were now coated with the superlative eurythmy of their bodies.

It is evident that all these prodigious creatures were the personified sacred fires of the most hidden powers of Nature.   

They, the "Self-born" were magisterial fulfilments, they possessed understanding, intelligence, and will.

Each one of those unsurpassed creatures had their individual spirit incarnated, and knew that they had it.

That was the Fissiparous Age; then, those delectable creatures reproduced themselves through fissiparous sex.

“As seen in the division of the homogeneous speck of protoplasm, known as Moneron or Amoeba, into two.
“As seen in the division of the nucleated cell, in which the cell-nucleus splits into two sub-nuclei, which either develop within the original cell-wall or burst it, and multiply outside as independent entities.” - H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine vol.2

Thus, similarly, those androgynous organisms divided into two to multiply outside as independent entities.

In the Fissiparous Era, each of these events of the original primeval reproduction was celebrated with rituals and festivities... At that time, the whole Earth shone gloriously with a beautiful, intense, blue color...

It is worth remembering that, due to the periodic revolution of the axis of the world, the crystal island, the land of Apollo, was situated in the equatorial zone in that ancient Golden Age.

…superlative divine race of "plus-perfect" androgynes… 

The "Hurricane" (Mayan voice which was then carried to South America) and which signifies to the Aztec hierophants Wind, Breath, Word, Verb, totally incarnated within those superb beings, established in the Crystal Island the civilization of the Aces.

“And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” —Genesis 1:27

…unparalleled paradisiacal loveliness, delectable androgynous beauties in the image and likeness of Tepeu K'okumatz (God)…

From the first race emanated the second, called the Hyperborean, subjects who reproduced by “budding,” enormous crowds that once inhabited multiple septentrional regions.

It is written with golden letters in the immortal pages of the book of life that from this second kind of divine androgyne proceeded in turn the third root race, the two-fold egg-born, giants, colossal, imposing hermaphrodites, whose reproductive system was through “eggs." The wonderful Lemurian civilization flourished on the continent Mu or Lemuria, a volcanic land in the Pacific Ocean.

After that, the hermaphrodite humanity split into two sexes, transformed by nature into creature-bearing machines. The fourth root race emerged over the geological Atlantean stage located in the ocean that bears his name.

ATLAS, the oldest of astrologers, was their king... The poetic minds of the sons of Hellas presented him as a giant sustaining the celestial machine on his back and not on his powerful mind.

His children, the Titans, tried to climb the sky... but God confused them, and one night the sea and thunder roared. Tremulously and shaking, Europe was awakened by the blast and lost sight of her brother world... Only the tides remained there to say to mankind,: “Here once was the famous Atlantis!”

Notwithstanding, our current fifth root race, the Aryan multitudes who inhabit the face of the Earth, separated from its parent stem (the Atlantean), has already more than a million years of existence and is on the verge of total annihilation.

Each root race has seven subraces. Each subrace has, in turn, seven ramifications that can be called "branches" or "family races,” the small tribes — shoots and buds of the latter are numerous and depend on the action of destiny.

The crystal island, the Aztec Aztlan is therefore the earthly paradise, the land of our forefathers. The ancestors of all races dwell there.

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