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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Koan


What is a Koan exercise? This is something that we, the Gnostics, must profoundly study.

Koan is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese phrase Kung-an, whose original meaning is, “Document of an official agreement on the desk.”

It is obvious that Zen Buddhists give the term Koan a totally different meaning.

It is obvious that they designate as Koan a certain mystical dialogue between Master and disciple.

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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Negative Confession 1

The Negative Confession 1

(From the Papyrus of Nu)

Let us now utter from the profound depth of all ages. Listen to me, humans and Gods!

The negative confession from the Papyrus of Nu is for those human beings who have achieved radical and absolute death.

After the definitive annihilation of the ego and of the three traitors of Hiram Abiff, we can certainly give unto ourselves the luxury of penetrating into the double hall of the Truth and Justice, dressed with the glorious bodies of Kam-ur.

To intend to victoriously enter into the double hall of Maat without previously having passed through the supreme death would be useless… (We are not referring to the death of the physical body).

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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Thymus Gland

The Thymus Gland

The thymus is a very important gland of internal secretion and we must profoundly study it.

Men of science know very well that such a gland is found situated underneath the thyroid gland, in that forward superior mediastinal cavity (behind the upper thorax bones).

Any biologist knows by observation and direct experience that the thymus gland usually consists of two longitudinal lobes, united throughout a central plane.

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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Twelve Nidanas

The Twelve Nidanas

Ancient wisdom emphasises the idea of seven “pathways” towards the ineffable joy of Non-existence, which is the Absolute Being and real Existence.

In its depth, such a luminous idea is unitary, since there is only one pathway with seven journeys.

Let us think of the astrological formula of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. It is unquestionable that each one of the seven worlds is intimately related with one of the seven journeys…

Did you ever hear about the twelve causes of the Being? What do you know about the Four Noble Truths?

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