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Treatise of Sexual Alchemy: The Living Lime of the Philosophers

The Living Lime of the Philosophers

1. The Moon's lime mixed with male and female Mercury produces the multiplication of the Mercury.

2. This crude matter is first black, then red, then white, and then various colors.

3. This is the living lime of Philosophers and the sulfuric quarry of secret philosophy.

4. The virile member in the state of erection causes the semen to be increased within the hormonal vessels.

5. This increasing of semen is known in alchemy as the multiplication of the Philosophical Mercury.

6. Thus, the semen transmuted into male and female Mercury rises through our two ganglionic cords of the spinal medulla.

7. This is the multiplication of the Mercury in the sulfuric quarry of secret philosophy.

8. This sulfuric quarry is the phallus and the uterus.

9. The living lime is converted into feminine Mercury, which is governed by the Moon.

10. When the lime is mixed with the female Mercury—that is to say, when the female Mercury is extracted from the lime—it is then reduced into a true Moon and into true Silver, by means of Sexual Magic.

11. This is how we lift the lunar serpent upon the reed.

12. This is how we lift the fallen serpent for the advent of the fire.

13. The two serpents that are entwined on the Caduceus of Mercury must be lifted in order to achieve the awakening of the Kundalini.

14. The masculine serpent is solar.

15. The feminine serpent is lunar.

16. We must lift the lunar serpent, because it is fallen.

17. This is how we prepare ourselves for the advent of the fire.

18. The multiplication of the Philosophical Mercury is a process of sexual transmutation.

19. It is necessary to fertilize the elemental water of the Mercury with our solar fires.

20. This is how we Christify ourselves.