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Treatise of Sexual Alchemy: The Divine Fohat

The Divine Fohat

1. The invisible stars that palpitate within the profundities of the infinite are ineffable flames.

2. We are detached sparks from these eternal flames.

3. Before the spark is unfastened from the flame, it is the very flame itself.

4. We were those flames.

5. We were those ineffable Logoi, who in the dawn of life fecundated the Chaos with our sacred fire, so that the seed plot of the cosmos could sprout from within the waters of life.

6. These supra-celestial waters are pure semen.

7. Such waters are enclosed within our sexual glands.

8. The air and the fire of these waters are the ineffable Eden, which resides within us, in the depths of our consciousness.

9. The Holy Bible reveals these waters in the first chapter of the book of Genesis.

10. The book of Daniel, chapter 3, verse 6 also reveals these waters. Psalm 104:3 narrates to us about the supra-celestial waters from the universal Chaos.

11. This Chaos is our Christonic semen.

12. Such a flexible and malleable liquid is an inflamed substance that constitutes the abode of the Angels, Seraphim, Thrones, Virtues, Potencies, etc.

13. This Christic substance is the Chaos, and life sprouts from within it.

14. This Chaos is Christ in substance, the liquid Christ who abides within our sexual glands.

15. The supra-celestial waters are interpenetrated by the supra-celestial air and by the divine fire, where the divine gods of the unalterable infinite abide.

16. If we spill those waters during the trance of Sexual Magic, then we also spill the supra-celestial air and the divine fire that lives within those waters.

17. This is how we sank into our own atomic infernos and into worlds of darkness, where nothing but the weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard.

18. The fire and the air are superior elements.

19. The fire in its absolute simplicity is the summum of all perfections.

20. The air cannot enter into the very essence of the fire, neither can it be fused with it, because of being less pure. However, when it has been purified in an absolute way, the air can do it.

21. Elemental fire is concentrated within the luminaries of Heaven.

22. Those luminaries are the ineffable stars, the planetary Logoi, who send their rays in order to help us in our cosmic evolution.

23. The fire purifies all things by transmuting them into ineffable perfections.

24. The fire acts in the center of each planet and within the heart of all life.

25. The fire has its habitat within the water. Thus, if we spill the water, then we also spill the fire. Consequently, we remain in darkness.

26. Sexual movement provokes emotion. Emotion puts respiration or air into motion. Then, the air insufflates life upon the fire when the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the coccyx.

27. This is how the Kundalini is awakened, and this is how we achieve fusion with the Innermost.

28. The fire cannot tolerate the crude water, but it must transmute it into subtle steam by means of heat.

29. When the steam is transmuted into solar and lunar currents, the water is then sufficiently transmuted and purified in order to be eternally fused with the fire of the Kundalini.

30. This work is sexual alchemy.

31. The fire purifies the air, the air purifies the water, and the water purifies the earth with the continuous movement of the fire.

32. This is how the elements, one with the other, are being purified.

33. The water—semen—acts upon the fire by confining it in our sexual organs, in order to elevate it upwards through our spinal column.

34. The fire works upon our four bodies of sin, in order to elevate them towards their own degree of perfection.

35. By means of the fire we extract the pure oil of the Spirit from our four bodies of sin.

36. This oil is lit when it is deprived of its impurities. Then, it burns as an ineffable flame.

37. This is how it acts in the planet human being, by removing the unevenness of the elements and carrying all of them to perfection, in order to convert them into living fire.

38. This is how the fire purifies the elements before totally assimilating them.

39. In Nature, we see the earth reduced to water, the water transmuted into air—such as into clouds—and finally into fire, such as thunder and flashes of lightning.

40. This fire of Heaven provokes rain, and the rain gives life to the wombs of the seeds in order for life to sprout.

41. These repeated irrigations work on the seeds of the earth, where the fire of strong and active life is enclosed.

42. When the waters of Heaven act upon the seeds in order to make the fire of life sprout from them, it is pure sexual alchemy.

43. When the fire of Kundalini acts upon our seminal seeds, it makes an interior atomic universe sprout from within our interior life. This universe is filled with ineffable perfections.

44. This is how the planet human being, clean of impurities, consubstantiates himself with the fire of the Spirit. Thus, he becomes an eternal flame.

45. Within its rebel eagle's nest, the ancient phoenix nourishes itself with the sacred fire, and its fledglings pull out its eyes. This produces the immaculate whiteness of the ineffable Spirit, who shines in all the corners of the universe.

46. This is how we transmute all of our metals into the pure gold of the Spirit.

47. This is the Great Arcanum.

48. All the initiates who wanted to spread the Great Arcanum prior to me have died.

49. In the Middle Ages, all the initiates who tried to divulge the Great Arcanum were killed. Some were killed by means of the shirts of Nessus, some were poisoned by perfumed bouquets, some died by the dagger, or by the scaffold.

50. In the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, those who intended to divulge the Great Arcanum were sentenced to the death penalty.

51. Their heads were cut off, their heart was torn out and their ashes were thrown into the four winds.

52. There exists only one man in life who divulged the Great Arcanum and who did not die.

53. I am that man. I am Samael Aun Weor.