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The K-H

I have to declare before the solemn verdict of public opinion that the fundamental aim of every Gnostic student is to become a K-H: a Kosmos Human.

All of us human beings live in a Kosmos. We must never forget that the word kosmos means “order.”

The Kosmos Human is a being who has perfect order in his five centers, in his mind, and in his Essence.

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With the practice, the experience or the direct living of any of the works that I have delivered to humanity, the practitioner will obviously achieve psychological emancipation.

There exist people who speak marvels about reincarnation, Atlantis, alchemy, the ego, astral projection, etc. However, they are experts on these matters only in the external world because they are only being informed intellectually. Deep down, these people do not know anything, and at the hour of death these expositors remain with nothing but knowledge stored in their memory. In the beyond, this does not serve any purpose because they continue with their consciousness asleep.

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The Requisite

The crude reality of facts demonstrates to us that many are those who have not comprehended the transcendence of the Gnostic esoteric work, and that great majorities are not good heads of households.

When one is not a good head of household, it is clear that one is not prepared to enter onto the path of the razor’s edge. In order to work on the revolution of the dialectic, one needs to have reached the level of being a good head of household.

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The intellectual animal, falsely called a human being, has the fixed idea that the total annihilation of the ego, the absolute dominion of sex and the inner Self-realization of the Being is something fantastic and impossible. However, he does not realize that this very subjective way of thinking is the fruit of defeatist psychological elements that manipulate the mind and the body of those people who have not awakened consciousness.

The people of this decrepit and degenerated era carry within their interior a psychic aggregate that is a great obstacle on the path of the annihilation of the ego: defeatism!

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It is written with fiery embers in the book of life that everyone who achieves the total elimination of the ego can change his astrological sign and its influences at will.

In the name of truth, I have to declare that the One who is within me has changed astrological signs at will.

The sign of my ex-personality was Pisces, but now I am Aquarius, a terrifically revolutionary sign!

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