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The Perfect Matrimony: The Abyss

The Abyss

Kabbalistic traditions state that Adam had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah.  Lilith is the mother of abortions, homosexuality, and in general, all kinds of crimes against Nature.  Nahemah is the mother of malignant beauty, passion, and adultery.

Thus, the Abyss is divided into two large regions: the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah.  Infrasexuality reigns sovereign in these two large regions.

The Sphere of Lilith

In the infrasexual sphere of Lilith abide those who hate sex, for example, monks, anchorites, preachers of pseudo-esoteric type sects, pseudo-yogis who abhor sex, nuns, etc.  All such infrasexual people (by the mere fact that they are infrasexual) often have an affinity with people of intermediate sexuality.  Thus, it is not difficult to find homosexuality within many convents, religions, sects and schools of a pseudo-esoteric type.  Infrasexual people consider themselves to be highly superior to those of normal sexuality.  They are disdainful of people of normal sexuality, considering them inferior.  All of the taboos, restrictions, and prejudices that currently condition the lives of people of normal sexuality were firmly established by infrasexual people.  

We heard about the case of an old anchorite who preached a certain pseudo-occult doctrine.  Everyone venerated this man considering him to be a saint.  Apparently he was a master and people worshipped him.  Finally, one poor woman discovered the truth, when he proposed a sexual union against Nature to her, supposedly in order to initiate her.  In reality, this anchorite was an infrasexual.  Nevertheless, this man had taken the vows of chastity.  This man mortally hated the Arcanum A. Z. F. (Sexual Magic).  He considered it to be dangerous.  However, he had no problem proposing extra-vaginal unions to his devotees because he was really an infrasexual.  Who would have doubted this man?  Apparently, he was a saint.  This is what the people believed.  His followers considered him a master.  He hated sex.  Yes, he mortally hated sex.

This is a characteristic of infrasexual, degenerated people. The worst of the matter is that they consider themselves superior to people of normal sexuality.  They feel they are super-transcendent, and they manage to seduce people of normal sexuality,  converting them into their followers. In our mission, which is to divulge Gnostic esotericism, we have had the opportunity to study infrasexual people.  We often hear them repeating the following phrases: “You Gnostics are selfish because all you ever think of is your Kundalini and Sexual Magic.”  “You are sexual fanatics.”  “Sexual Magic is purely animalistic.”  “Sex is something very vulgar; I am a spiritualist and I abhor all that is materialistic and vulgar.”  “Sex is filthy.”  “There are many paths to God.”  “I live only for God and am not interested in the rubbish of sexuality.”  “I follow the doctrine of chastity and abhor sex,” etc.  This is precisely the language of infrasexual people. They are always self-sufficient, always so proud in their feeling of superiority to people of normal sexuality.

An infrasexual woman who hated her husband said to us: “I would only practice Sexual Magic with my guru.”  She said this in the presence of her husband. This woman had no sexual relations with her husband because she supposedly hated sex.  Nevertheless, she was willing to practice Sexual Magic, but only with her guru.  She had an affinity with the guru because he too was an infrasexual.  This is the “saint” mentioned earlier in this chapter, the one who enjoyed suggesting to his female devotees to have sexual unions, against Nature, with him.

We heard about the case of the arch-hierophant who hated women and who often uttered phrases such as this: “Women! I kick them with my feet.”  He preached a doctrine, and his followers adored him as if he was a God.  He was always surrounded by adolescents. Thus, this is how he spent his time, until the police uncovered everything. He was a homosexual, a corrupter of minors; yet, he had the same pride of all infrasexual people, which is feeling super-transcendent, ineffable, and divine.

The sphere of Lilith is the sphere of great heresy.  These people no longer have the possibility of redemption because they hate the Holy Spirit. “All manner of sin shall be forgiven, except the sin against the Holy Ghost.”

Sexual energy is an emanation of the Divine Mother.  Whosoever renounces the Cosmic Mother, whosoever hates the Divine Mother, whosoever profanes the energy of the Divine Mother shall sink into the Abyss forever.  There they will have to pass through the Second Death.

The Psychology of the Sphere of Lilith

The sphere of Lilith is characterized by its cruelty.  The psychology of this sphere has various aspects: monks and nuns who hate sex, homosexuality in convents, homosexuality outside of monastic life, induced abortions, people who love masturbation, criminals of the brothel, people who enjoy torturing others, etc.  In this sphere we find the most horrible crimes reported in police records: horrible cases of bloody crimes of homosexual origin, terrifying acts of sadism, homosexuality in jails, lesbianism, terrifying psychotic criminals, those who enjoy making their loved one suffer, horrible infanticides, patricides, matricides, etc.  In this sphere we also find pseudo-occultists who would rather suffer from nocturnal pollution than get married, people who mortally hate the Arcanum A. Z. F. and the Perfect Matrimony, people who believe that they can reach God while hating sex, anchoritic people who abhor sex and who consider it vulgar and gross.

The Sphere of Nahemah

The sphere of Nahemah seduces with the enchantment of her malignant beauty.  In this infrasexual sphere we find the “Don Juans and femme fatales.”  The world of prostitution unfolds in this sphere.

The infrasexual men of Nahemah feel very manly.  Men who have many women live in this sphere.  They feel happy in adultery.  They believe themselves to be very manly; they are unaware that they are infrasexual.

In the sphere of Nahemah we also find millions of prostitutes. These poor women are victims of the fatal charm of Nahemah.  In the sphere of Nahemah we find elegant ladies of high social standing.  These people are very happy within adultery.  That is their world.

In the infrasexual region of Nahemah we find a sweetness that moves the soul: virgins that seduce with the charm of their tenderness, very beautiful seductive women, men who abandon their homes bewitched by the enchantment of these most precious beauties.  In this region we also find indescribable beauty, uncontrollable passions, beautiful salons, elegant cabarets, soft beds, delightful dances, orchestras of the abyss, unforgettable romantic words that cannot be forgotten, etc.

The infrasexual people of Nahemah sometimes accept the Arcanum A.Z.F. (Sexual Magic) but fail because they are unable to avoid the ejaculation of semen.  They almost always withdraw from the Perfect Matrimony uttering horrible things against it.  We have heard them saying:  “I practiced Sexual Magic and sometimes I was able to remain without spilling the semen. I was an animal enjoying the delicious passions of sex.” After withdrawing from the path of the razor’s edge, represented by the spinal medulla, they seek refuge in some seductive doctrine of Nahemah.  If they are lucky enough not to fall into the sphere of Lilith, they continue ejaculating the seminal liquor.  Such is their infrasexual world.

The Psychology of the Sphere of Nahemah

The infrasexual inhabitants of the sphere of Nahemah are very touchy.  They are the ones who utter phrases such as: “Offense is cleansed with blood.”  “I killed because I am a man of honor.”  “My honor was slighted.”  “I am a wronged husband,” etc.  The Nahemah type of man is the one who jeopardizes his life for any lady.  He is the passionate lover of luxury, a slave to social prejudice, the friend of drunkenness, banquets, parties, very elegant fashions, etc. These people consider the Perfect Matrimony to be something impossible, and when they accept it, they last for only a short time on the path because they fail.  This type of person enjoys sex in a bestial manner. When these people accept the Arcanum A.Z F., they utilize it to enjoy lust.  As soon as they find some seductive doctrine that offers them refuge, they then withdraw from the Perfect Matrimony.

The Mystique of Nahemah

Sometimes we find mystic types in the infrasexual sphere of Nahemah who neither drink, eat meat, nor smoke, or they are very religious, though not vegetarians.  The mystic type of Nahemah is only passionate in secret.  They violently enjoy sexual passions, even though later they pass terrible judgements against sexual passion. Sometimes they accept the Arcanum A.Z.F., but they withdraw in a short while when they find some consoling doctrine which provides them with phrases like this: “God said ‘grow and multiply.”  “The sexual act is a purely animal function and spirituality has nothing to do with it,” etc.  Then the infrasexual one from Nahemah, in finding justification for ejaculating the seminal liquor, leaves the path of the Perfect Matrimony.