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The Perfect Matrimony: Normal Sexuality

Normal Sexuality

We understand people of normal sexuality to be those who have no sexual conflicts of any kind.  Sexual energy is divided into three distinct types.  First: the energy having to do with the reproduction of the race and the health of the physical body in general. Second: the energy having to do with the spheres of thought, feeling and will.  Third: the energy that is found related with the Divine Spirit of man.

Indeed, sexual energy is without a doubt the most subtle and powerful energy normally produced and transported through the human organism.  Everything that a human being is, including the three spheres of thought, feeling and will, is none other than the exact outcome of distinct modifications of sexual energy.

The control and storage of sexual energy is certainly difficult due to the tremendously subtle and powerful nature of this energy.  In addition, its presence represents a source of immense power that can result in a true catastrophe if one does not know how to handle it.

Within the organism, there are certain canals through which this powerful energy must normally circulate.  When this energy infiltrates the delicate mechanism of other functions, failure is the violent outcome.  In this case, extremely delicate centers in the human organism are damaged, and in fact, the individual becomes an infrasexual.

All negative mental attitudes can lead directly or indirectly to these violent and destructive catastrophes of sexual energy.  Hatred of sex, hatred of the Arcanum A.Z.F., disgust or repugnance towards sex, disdain for sex, an underestimation of sex, fear of sex, passional jealousy, sexual cynicism, sexual sadism, obscenity, pornography, sexual brutality, etc., turn the human being into an infrasexual.

Sex is the creative function through which the human being is a true God. Normal sexuality results from total harmony and concordance with all the other functions. Normal sexuality bestows upon us the power to create healthy children, to create in the world of art or the sciences.  Any negative mental attitude towards sex produces infiltration of this powerful energy into other functions, which provokes frightening catastrophes, fatally resulting in infrasexuality.

All negative mental attitudes compel the sexual energy, forcing it to circulate through canals and systems fit for mental, volitive, or any other type of energy less powerful than sexual energy.  The result is fatal because that type of canal and system, unable to endure the tremendous voltage of the very powerful sexual energy, gets heated and blows out, as does a wire that is too thin and fine when a high power electrical current passes through it.

When man and woman unite sexually in the Perfect Matrimony, they are truly ineffable Gods in those voluptuous moments.  Man and woman united sexually form a divine androgynous being, a male-female Elohim, a terrifically divine Divinity.  The two halves, separated since the dawn of life, are united for one instant in order to create.  This is ineffable, sublime; this is a thing of paradise...

Sexual energy is dangerously volatile and potentially explosive.  During the secret act, during sexual ecstasy, the pair is surrounded by a tremendous, terrifically divine energy.  In these moments of utmost joy and ardent kisses, which ignite the depths of the soul, we are able to retain that marvelous light to purify and totally transform ourselves.  When we spill the glass of Hermes, when the loss occurs, the light of the Gods withdraws, leaving an open door for the red and sanguinary light of Lucifer to enter the home.  Then the enchantment disappears and disillusion and disenchantment take its place.  After a short time, the man and woman start out on the path of adultery because their home has become an inferno.

It is characteristic of Nature to mobilize enormous reserves of creative energy in order to create any cosmos.  Yet Nature only employs an infinitesimal quantity of its enormous reserves in order to carry out its creations.  Man loses six or seven million spermatozoa in one seminal ejaculation; however, only one infinitesimal spermatozoon is needed to engender a child.

In Lemuria, no human being ejaculated the semen.  Then, couples united sexually in the temples to create.  During those moments, the lunar hierarchies knew how to utilize one spermatozoon and one egg in order to create without the necessity of the couple reaching the orgasm and seminal ejaculation.  No one spilled the semen.  The sexual act was a sacrament which was only performed within the temple.  Women in those times gave birth to children without any pain, and the serpent was raised victoriously through the medullar canal.  In that epoch, human beings had not yet left Eden. All of Nature obeyed them, and they knew neither pain nor sin.  The tenebrous Lucifers were the ones who showed humans how to spill the semen.  The original sin of our first parents was the crime of spilling the semen.  That is fornication.  When the paradisiacal human being fornicated, he then penetrated the kingdom of the Lucifers.  The human being of this day and age is luciferic.

It is absurd to spill six or seven million spermatozoa when only one is needed in order to create.  One sole spermatozoon escapes easily from the sexual glands without the necessity of spilling the semen.  When the human being returns to the starting point, when he re-establishes the sexual system of Eden, the sacred serpent Kundalini will again rise victoriously in order to convert us into Gods.  The sexual system of Eden is normal sexuality; the sexual system of the luciferic human is absolutely abnormal.

Not only does one fornicate physically, but fornication also exists in the Mental and astral worlds.  Those who engage in lustful conversations, those who read pornographic magazines, those who attend movie houses where passionate, erotic films are shown waste enormous reserves of energy.  Those poor people utilize the finest and most delicate substance of sex, wasting it miserably in the satisfaction of their brutal mental passions.

Sexual fantasy produces psycho-sexual impotence.  These types of sick men have normal erections. They are apparently normal men, but the instant they try to connect the male member with the vulva, the erection diminishes and the phallus falls, leaving them in the most horrible state of despair. They have lived in sexual fantasy, and when they actually find themselves facing the harsh reality of sex, which has nothing to do with fantasy, they become confused and are unable to respond to that reality as they should.

The sexual sense is tremendously rapid and formidably subtle, thanks to its very fine and imponderable energy.  The molecular level where the sexual sense acts is millions of times faster than thought waves.  The logical mind and fantasy are stumbling blocks for the sexual sense.  When the logical mind with all of its reasoning, or when sexual fantasy with all of its erotic illusions wants to control the sexual sense or direct it within its illusions, then it is fatally destroyed.  The logical mind and sexual fantasy destroy the sexual sense when they try to place it at their service.  Psycho-sexual impotence is the most dreadful tragedy that can afflict extravagantly fanciful men and women or purely rational people.

The struggle of many monks, nuns, anchorites, pseudo-yogis, etc., to bottle up sex within their religious fanaticism, to confine it to the prison of their penitence, to muzzle it or sterilize it, to prohibit all creative manifestation, etc., converts the fanatics into slaves of their own passions.  They become slaves of sex, incapable of thinking about anything other than sex.  These are the ones who are fanatical about sex.  These are the degenerated ones of infrasexuality.  These people discharge their energy every night with disgusting nocturnal emissions or acquire homosexual vices or masturbate miserably.  Wanting to confine sex is like wanting to bottle up the sun.  A man like this is the most abject slave of sex without any benefit or true pleasure.  A man like this is an unhappy sinner.  A woman like this is a sterile mule, a vile slave of that which she wants to enslave (sex).  The enemies of the Holy Spirit are people of the Abyss.  It would have been better for these people if they had never been born or if they tied a millstone around their necks and hurled themselves to the bottom of the sea.

The human being must learn to live sexually.  The age of sex, the new Aquarian Age, is at hand.  The sexual glands are controlled by the planet Uranus which is the ruling planet of the constellation of Aquarius.  Thus, sexual alchemy is in fact the science of the new Aquarian Age.  Sexual Magic will be officially accepted in the universities of the new Aquarian Age.  Those who presume to be messengers of the new Aquarian Age, but nevertheless hate the Arcanum A.Z.F., provide more than enough evidence that they are truly impostors, this is because the new Aquarian Age is governed by the regent of sex.  This regent is the planet Uranus.

Sexual energy is the finest energy of the infinite cosmos.  Sexual energy can convert us into Angels or demons.  The image of truth is found deposited in sexual energy.  The cosmic design of Adam Christ is found deposited in sexual energy.

The Son of Man, the Super-Man, is born out of normal sexuality.  The Super-Man could never be born of infrasexual people.  The realm of infrasexual people is the Abyss.  The Greek poet Homer said: “It is better to be a beggar on Earth than a king in the empire of shadows.”  This empire is the tenebrous world of the infrasexual ones.