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The Mystery of the Golden Blossom: The Golden Embryo

The Golden Embryo

The Mystery of the Golden Blossom says:

“Purify your heart, clean your thoughts, curtail your appetite, and conserve the semen.

“If thoughts are durable, so too will be the semen; if the semen is durable, so also will be the power; if the power is lasting, the Spirit will be as well.

“The power of the kidneys is located under the symbol of Water.  When the impulses are roused, it flows downwards, goes outward, and produces offspring.  When it is directed back by the power of thought, filtering upward to the crucible of the creator, it refreshes and nourishes heart and body; it is the reflux method.” (These are words from the cited Taoist text.)

Let us now transcribe another Tantric asana by the princely author of the Ananga-ranga.  This is the posture Utthita:

“This physical act is carried out standing up.  Only men who are physically very strong use this posture:

“First of all the two stand facing each other, then the man takes the woman between his knees; he lifts her, supporting her in the crook of his arms and performs intercourse while she embraces his neck.

“The man raises one of the woman’s legs while she keeps the other firmly on the floor.  Young women find this position especially pleasing.

“While the man stands with his legs spread apart, the woman holds him in her arms with her legs round his hips; he supports her with his hands in such a way that she is completely suspended from him.”

It is vital, fundamental, and unequivocal never to ejaculate the seminal fluid in one’s entire life.

We must make the sexual energy return inward and upwards without ever spilling the “Cup of Hermes.”

“This method of reflux, or return, creates that rotatory movement of light through which the forces of the sky and the earth are crystallized in a Golden Flower within the body.

“Seminal energy that is directed outward (flowing downwards) produces a dissipation and diminishing of spiritual consciousness.”

Through the sublimation of life and the procreative forces, the phenomenon of rebirth can be reached: the “point of the Vital Elixir,” the “Seminal Pearl,” is born, thus forming the Golden Embryo or puer aeternus which develops and transforms our immortal, spiritual principles.

The wise author of Ananga-ranga teaches us another very interesting Tantric asana that I shall now transcribe:

“The Elephant Position: The woman lies down so that her face, breasts and belly touch the bed or rug.  The man then approaches her from behind and introduces his virile member very gently into the vulva, withdrawing before the spasm to avoid ejaculating the semen.”

The Purushayita-bandha makes the woman the active element while the man remains passive lying on his back.  She positions herself on top of the man grasping the phallus in her right hand and introducing it into her vulva, she then initiates a very slow, delightful, erotic movement while invoking Kamadeva to help her in the Maithuna.

The consecrated woman, the Suvani, knows how to utilize her will to squeeze all the sphincters controlling the yoni to the greatest extent possible so as to avoid orgasm and the loss of sexual fluid (Tantric Initiation teaches this way.)

It is appropriate at this stage to add the following: In the event that a spasm does occur unexpectedly, the man must prevent seminal ejaculation by instantly withdrawing and lying on the floor on his back.

During those moments, close the right and left nostrils by sealing them with the forefinger and thumb of the right hand.  Try holding your breath in this way for as long as possible.  Send the nervous current towards the sexual sphincters, or escape valves, with the aim of preventing the spilling of the Cup of Hermes.  Imagine that the seminal energy ascends through Ida and Pingala up to the brain.

The Tantric asanas taught by the great Initiates in the sacred land of the Ganges are marvelous for the Sahaja Maithuna.

Chemical intercourse, metaphysical copulation of the Tantric Initiation, is truly transcendental.

In those moments of unquestionable heavenly delight, we must entreat our personal Divine Mother Kundalini, since every person has their own igneous serpent, to eliminate from within us any defect which we have totally understood in all the nooks and crannies of the mind.

She, the adorable one, grasps the lance of Eros and reduces that diabolic ego which personifies the comprehended defect to ashes.

Thus the Essence will be progressively liberated at the rate at which we destroy our egos.

In this way and through this method the “Seminal Pearl” will develop by the increase in various percentages of Essence until it transforms into the “Golden Embryo.”

Unquestionably, the awakening of the consciousness becomes marvelous in the mystery of the Golden Blossom.

The Aureous Embryo bestows upon us self-awareness and objective transcendental knowledge.

The Aureous Embryo transforms us into conscious citizens of the superior worlds.