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The Major Mysteries: The Thirty-three Chambers of the Temple

The Thirty-three Chambers of the Temple

In Egypt there was a certain subterranean passage that had thirty-three chambers. Each of these thirty-three chambers of the temple corresponds to one of our thirty-three spinal vertebrae. In the internal worlds, the vertebrae are called “canyons.” The fire of the Holy Spirit rises from canyon to canyon like a serpent through the spinal medullar canal, yet with a single ejaculation of semen this serpentine fire descends one or more canyons; it returns downward according to the magnitude of the fault. Thereafter, it is extremely difficult to re-conquer lost canyons. This is why our Lord the Christ told us:

“Disciples must not allow themselves to fall, because those who allow themselves to fall have to struggle very much in order to recover what they have lost.”


Sexual magic can only be practiced between husband and wife in an established home. The man who practices sexual magic with different women, and the woman who practices sexual magic with different men, commit adultery, and no adulterer achieves anything.

Yes, there are men and women who commit adultery by practicing sexual magic with many. As a pretext, they allege that they are helping others, yet they utilize these teachings in order to justify adultery, and this is a horrible crime against the Holy Spirit. The adulterer sinks into outer darkness where only crying and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

Sexual magic can only be practiced in homes that are properly constituted and organized. Woe to those who utilize sexual magic in order to justify adultery.

Jesus was born mystically in Bethlehem, because he lifted up his first serpent (the fire of the Holy Spirit in his physical body). Now, in Egypt, he began his work with the second serpent (the fire of the Holy Spirit in his Ethereal Body).

tree of life seven initiations

Thus, thanks to his priestess-wife, he worked with the second serpent, and as his serpentine fire ascended through the spinal medullar canal of his Ethereal Body, the Master Jesus passed from chamber to chamber through the subterranean passage. Each vertebra has its special conditions, namely virtues and tests, temptations and dangers. Thus, in each vertebra we are attacked by the tenebrous ones.

So, Jesus studied remarkable mysteries and received secret powers in every one of the thirty-three chambers of the temple.

When the serpent of the Ethereal Body reached the area between the eyebrows of Jesus of Nazareth, then the sun of the Father flashed in the rainy night, and the star of initiation with one eye in the middle suspended itself upon his head. The church of Philadelphia between his eyebrows became as resplendent as the sun shining in all its beauty. Then, Jesus dressed himself with a white linen garment and the initiates placed a cloak of immaculate whiteness over his head.

An ineffable cosmic festivity made the glory of the temple shine resplendently, and the starry heavens of the spirit were filled with the cosmic happiness of delightful symphonies.

This is how the bodhisattva Jesus finished the recapitulation of the Second Initiation of Major Mysteries. This is how Jesus received his second birth. Thus, his second serpent completely opened the seven churches in his Ethereal Body, making this marvelous vehicle shine resplendently with glory.

Yes, Jesus accomplished all of this with love and the woman. Blessed be the woman. Blessed be the man who knows how to love with wisdom.

“All of you will be as gods if you leave Egypt and pass over the Red Sea.” A human being enters Eden and becomes an inhabitant of Eden (the Promised Land) when the Ethereal Body is Christified. The Christified Ethereal Body is the wedding garment of the soul, the golden body.

The second serpent opens for us the powers of the Ethereal Body, and grants us the power to travel in the Ethereal Body.

The woman achieves all of this by suppressing the sexual impulse and thus avoiding the spilling of the semen [sexual energy]. Likewise, the man achieves all of this by knowing how to withdraw in time from the sexual act and thus avoiding seminal ejaculation. This is how the Kundalini develops, evolves, and progresses within the aura of the Solar Logos.

The Ethereal Body of Jesus was crucified and it received its five stigmata. We have to live the entire drama of Calvary in each great initiation.

When the seven churches of the Ethereal Body of Jesus shone resplendently with glory, the Ethereal Body of Jesus became a Christ.