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The Major Mysteries: The Third Serpent

The Third Serpent

After having finished his work with the second serpent, Master Jesus began his work with the third serpent of fire. The third serpent belongs to the Astral Body. The labor with each one of these serpents is very long and difficult. The Kundalini rises slowly through the central canal of the spinal medulla; this is a laborious work of great patience.

The conditions and moral requirements of sanctification that each one of the thirty-three vertebrae demands are plentiful; this is the terror of love and law. Consequently, the ascension of each serpent means entire years of work and sanctification. Thus, to gain access to a single vertebra is a heroic realization.

The third serpent opens the chakras of the Astral Body. The Astral Body of Master Jesus was totally transfigured when this serpent of fire ascended and sequentially opened the seven churches of the central canal of the spinal medulla of his Astral Body. This third serpent descends from between the eyebrows into the heart by following a secret path that ends in the third holy center of the heart. The heart has seven centers. Likewise, there are seven remarkable chambers in this secret path located between the eyebrows and the heart. All of this is the terror of love and law.

When the third serpent opens the Church of Thyatira in his Astral Body, the initiate is endowed with two small, igneous wings. These igneous wings grant us the power to instantaneously enter into any plane of cosmic consciousness. The Spirit of Movement teach us how to maneuver the Astral Body and also about the laws of cosmic movement.

When the third serpent reached the heart of Master Jesus, he then entered into a great luminous room of the temple, and while moving around the room, his Astral Body, filled with divinity, sparkled; thus filled with glory, filled with majesty and power, Master Jesus shone most exceedingly. Thereafter Master Jesus passed, within his Astral Body, through the initiatic process of death, resurrection, and ascension.

By means of fire, we extract from the Astral Body a psychic extract, which is the conscious soul (the cognizant or Sephirothic values of the Astral Body), which resembles a beautiful child. For three days this beautiful child remains within his holy sepulcher. On the third day this child resurrects and fuses with the Innermost, the Inner Being.

After this esoteric resurrection, Jesus descended into the atomic infernos of nature, since we have to recapitulate within the abyss all the evils of our past reincarnations; this is why Master Jesus remained in the abyss for forty days. Before the ascension, the door of the abyss that is located in the lower abdomen opens up and we are examined by fire; here we are educated about the internal zodiac. Our evolution began in the constellation of Leo and ends in Leo.

During these forty days, within a closed temple the masters sing in a sacred language. They do this in order to help us to become detached from the abyss. The power of the word is terrifically divine. This is how, in the abyss, we bid our last farewell to the darkness.

During these forty days, the initiate abstains from the practice of sexual magic, and only after those forty days can he/she resume the performance of their rites of sexual magic.

When we exited Eden, all human beings sank into the abyss. However, we do not realize that we dwell in the abyss until we are ready to come out of it. So, all religious and spiritual organizations, namely Theosophism, Spiritualism, Aquarianism, etc. are from the abyss. It is distressing to state this, yet it is the truth.

The ascension of Master Jesus happened when the forty days ended. Then Jesus ascended unto the Father and received the Holy Spirit.

In the temple, four angels blow their trumpets, announcing the ascension of the initiate. The white dove of the Holy Spirit—with its majestic head of an elder—awaits us; we then enter into the temple full of glory and happiness. The Holy Spirit fills us with powers, wisdom, and majesty.

When Jesus received the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries, he entered the temple, whose altar was adorned with all types of flowers. The masters attended dressed with their white linen garments and covered their heads with long cloaks of immaculate whiteness, whose ends touched their feet. The cosmic music resounded majestically within the sacred environment of the temple. Indeed, this initiatic ceremony was majestic. So, this is how Jesus finished the recapitulation of the Third Great Initiation of Major Mysteries.

In very ancient ages and within worlds of yore that disappeared eternities ago, Jesus Christ passed through nine great Initiations of Major Mysteries. Nevertheless, he had to recapitulate all of them. The bodhisattva had fallen in past reincarnations, thus he had to re-conquer what he had lost. These great initiations are granted within the internal worlds.

Lo and behold, oh brothers and sisters, how many things are accomplished with love!

Women, behold the ineffable things of love! Jesus attained his third great mystical birth thanks to the priestess of the temple. The Seven Words are received in the third initiation.

Sexual magic is the Great Arcanum, the arcanum of love. Therefore, do not let retarded people confuse you, nor fearmongers to hinder your path. Understand that you will not attain anything by reading theories from those theoretical, fearful spirituals who crowd all spiritual schools. Do not let yourself be convinced by them; flee from them, they are dangerous.

Practice sexual magic and you will become as gods. This is the doctrine of the Aquarian Age. This is Gnosticism. This is the Fifth Truth. This is the doctrine that Jesus taught in secrecy to his seventy disciples.

The secret of all secrets is hidden within the Shem Ham-mephorash stone. This is the cubic stone of Yesod. This is the philosophical stone. This stone is sex. This is sexual magic, love. Blessed be love.

The Bible tells us in Genesis 28:16,18:

“And Jacob awaked out of his sleep and he said, surely Iod-Havah is in this place; and I knew it not. And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it.”

Indeed, it was from that moment that Jacob began to practice sexual magic. Later on, he incarnated his Inner Master, his Real Being. Jacob is the bodhisattva of the Angel Israel.

Jesus became almighty with the Shem Ham-mephorash stone.