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The Elimination of Satans Tail: The Kundabuffer Organ

The Kundabuffer Organ

Many millions of years have passed since the terrifying night of the past in which we began slowly evolving and devolving. Yet, the human being still does not know who he is, where he comes from, nor where is he going.

A lethargy of many centuries weighs over the ancient mysteries, yet the Verb still awaits at the bottom of the Ark for the instant of its realization.

Behind the Edenic tradition, there is a terrible cosmic desideratum and sacred errors which frighten and horrify.

The Gods also make mistakes.

The Elimination of Satans Tail: The Ens Seminis

The Ens Seminis

Beloved Gnostic brothers and sisters,

This Christmas it is necessary for you to deeply comprehend the evolutionary and devolutionary processes that the Ens Seminis [semen] undergoes, because with infinite patience you can find the whole Ens Virtutis of the fire element within it.

Esoteric traditions state that after the disappearance of the Atlantean continent, certain knowledge related to the origin and significance of the Ens Seminis survived.

Ancient traditions also state that this knowledge related with the Ens Seminis could survive the submerging of Atlantis. Yet, after thirty-five centuries of incessant wars, all of that knowledge was lost.

The Elimination of Satans Tail: The Seven Cosmoses

The Seven Cosmoses

Kabbalah states that two cosmos exist: The Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

The first one represents the infinitely large. The second one represents the infinitely small.

This Kabbalistic teaching about the two cosmos is incomplete, because it is only a fragmentary teaching.

Seven cosmos exist, not two, as some mistaken Kabbalists assume.

The Absolute in Itself, as explained by the Kabbalah, has three aspects, which are:

The Elimination of Satans Tail: The Psychological I

The Psychological I

The pseudo-occultists and pseudo-esotericists divide the ego into two “I’s”: The superior “I” and the inferior “I.”

Superior and inferior are a division of one organism itself.

The superior “I” and the inferior “I” are both the “I”; they are the whole ego.

The Innermost, the Real Being, is not the “I.” The Innermost transcends any type of “I.” He is beyond any type of “I.”

The Innermost is the Being. The Being is the reality. He is what is not temporal; He is the Divine.

The Elimination of Satans Tail: Return and Reincarnation

Return and Reincarnation

Return and Reincarnation are two different laws.  Severe analysis brings us to the conclusion that a difference exists between returning and reincarnating.

The “I” is not an individual, since it is constituted by many “I’s.”  Thus, every “I,” even when having something from our own subconsciousness, enjoys a certain self-independence.

The “I” is a legion of devils; thus, to affirm that this legion reincarnates is an absurdity.   

To affirm that an individual reincarnates is exact, yet it is not exact to affirm that the legion of “I’s” reincarnate.