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The Elimination of Satans Tail: Return and Reincarnation

Return and Reincarnation

Return and Reincarnation are two different laws.  Severe analysis brings us to the conclusion that a difference exists between returning and reincarnating.

The “I” is not an individual, since it is constituted by many “I’s.”  Thus, every “I,” even when having something from our own subconsciousness, enjoys a certain self-independence.

The “I” is a legion of devils; thus, to affirm that this legion reincarnates is an absurdity.   

To affirm that an individual reincarnates is exact, yet it is not exact to affirm that the legion of “I’s” reincarnate.

Millions of people exist in this world, yet it is very difficult to find an individual.

We become individuals only by creating our Superior existential bodies of the Being, by dissolving the “I,” and by incarnating the Being.

The sacred individuals reincarnate, yet the “I” only returns into a new womb in order to dress, or better if we say, re-dress himself with a new suit of flesh.

The “I” continues in our mediate or immediate descendants.  The “I” is the race, the error and the pain which continues.

Some pseudo-occultist ignoramuses mistakenly suppose that the personality reincarnates, thus they frequently confuse the personality with the “I.”

The personality is not the “I”; the personality does not reincarnate.  The personality is a daughter of its time, thus it dies in its time.

The personality is not the physical body.  The personality is not the Vital Body.  The personality is not the “I.”  The personality is not the soul.  The personality is not the Spirit.

The personality is energetic, subtle, atomic, and it is formed during the first seven years in our childhood, based on heritage, customs, examples, etc. It strengthens itself with time and experiences.

Three things go into the tomb or cemetery:

  1. The Physical Body
  2. The Vital Body
  3. The personality

The Physical and Vital Bodies disintegrate themselves little by little, in a simultaneous way.  Yet, the personality wanders around the cemetery or pantheon, and only through various centuries does it become disintegrated.

The pluralized “I” is that which continues, that which is not disintegrated in the cemetery.  Thus, the legion of “I’s” continues with a common body.  Such a body is not the Astral Body, as many people suppose.

The body that the legion of “I’s” utilizes is the lunar body or Molecular Body.  It is necessary for the Gnostic students not to confuse this lunar body with the Solar Body.

The Solar Body is the Astral Body.

Really, only those who have worked with the Maithuna for many years can possess the Astral Body.

The little “I’s” which abide within the lunar body project themselves throughout all of the regions of the Cosmic Mind.  Then, they return into their common body (the lunar body).

Thus, the “I’s” dressed with the lunar body return into a new womb in order to re-dress with the suit of flesh, and to repeat the same tragedies and bitterness in this valley of tears.

Therefore, only those who possess the Being can reincarnate.  Those who do not possess the Being only return.

To possess the Being is necessary in order to reincarnate.  Not to possess the Being is what is necessary in order to return.

To reincarnate is a sacrifice; to return is a failure.  Thus, the Sacred Individuals reincarnate in order to save the world.  Yet, the imbeciles return in order to torment the world.

Sacred reincarnations were always celebrated with great religious festivities in Tibet.

Jesus of Nazareth was a reincarnation.  The birth of Jesus was the greatest event of this world.