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Tarot and Kabbalah: Arcanum 21

Arcanum 21

The Twenty-first Arcanum is the “Fool of the Tarot” or “Transmutation.” It has been confused with the Twenty-second Arcanum which is “The Crown of Life.”

The Twenty-first Arcanum can be represented with the inverted pentagonal star, which represents black magic.

It is emphatically established within esoteric schools that we have a luminous astral body. This is very arguable, because the astral body must be built in the Ninth Sphere by means of the transmutation of the Hydrogen SI-12. What the current and common people possess is the body of desires [kama rupa], which is confused with the astral body. So, to assert that we have an astral body is a severe error, a tremendous mistake, because the body of desires is not the astral body.

In the Egyptian mysteries, this body of desires is known as Apopi, which is the demon of desire. Such a demon is frightfully malignant. Woe unto us, because everybody has this demon! All of the people in this world are malignant, and in order to stop being demons, efforts and super-efforts on this path are required in order to achieve this.

Mr. Leadbeater describes the mental body as a marvellous yellow body with a resplendent aura. Everybody mentions the mental body and says it is sublime, but when it is studied it is discovered that it is not the authentic mental body. The authentic mental body must be built with the transmutations of the Hydrogen SI-12. The real mental body is a precious body that does not come from Adam. Thus, the mental body that the people have is another demon, which is known in the Egyptian mysteries as the demon Hai. This demon is terribly perverse and must be killed with the Egyptian mysteries and decapitated in the sphere of Mercury.

Theosophy speaks to us about the causal body; however, people do not have the causal body, but the demon of evil will. Within the Egyptian mysteries, this demon of evil will is known as Nebt.

The demon of desire, the demon of the mind, and the demon of evil will are the Three Furies to which classical mythology refers. These three demons are the three assassins of Hiram Abiff, the three traitors who crucified the Christ: Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas. They are the same three traitors that Dante found in the Ninth Circle: Judas, Brutus, and Cassius.

In order to incarnate the real Being, one must build the solar bodies by means of the transmutation of the Hydrogen SI-12. Thus we convert ourselves into true human beings. However, when reaching this state, one must dissolve the ego in order to not be converted into a Hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, like for example, Andrameleck.

A Hasnamuss is a master of the Black Lodge and of the White Lodge. In the East, some sects give the name of Marut to these beings, and some Mohammedan sects worship them. Hasnamussen did work in the forge of the Cyclops, but they did not dissolve the ego. They are abortions of the Cosmic Mother.

The Twenty-first Arcanum is the Failure, or Fool of the Tarot, and also Transmutation, indicating that we have to transmute. Whosoever works for realization of the Self risks commiting insanities; therefore, one must work with the Three Factors for the revolution of the consciousness:

1. To die.

2. To be born.

3. To sacrifice for humanity.

The dissolution of the ego is necessary because the ego is nothing but an addition of tenebrous entities. We have arrived at the conclusion that every human being must dissolve the ego, burn the seeds of the ego, and be bathed in the waters of Lethe in order to be finished with the memories of the past. Then after the confirmation in the Light, one is welcomed into the White Brotherhood; there one signs papers and is warned that one must be careful. From this instant, one must tear the veil of Isis, which is in sex.

If the wife disagrees with the Maithuna, let her not work with it; then while in copulation the husband must work in silence, and vice-versa. If the husband disagrees to work with the Maithuna, let the wife work with it in silence.

The destruction of the lunar bodies is most difficult. Whosoever dissolves the ego has a very fertilized field. So the man or the woman who are already old must take advantage of their time by dissolving their ego to awaken consciousness, to acquire illumination. But the young man and woman who are married must work in the Ninth Sphere.

One is not alone; one is assisted by the Father-Mother. The Mother assists as the mother who cares for her child, and the Father as well. If one violates the oath of chastity, then the downfall is produced and one is abandoned by the Mother; one is then submitted to pain and bitterness.

In the Twenty-first Arcanum the danger is precisely indicated by the crocodile. It is madness and a mistake to go astray from the path.


1. Our single disciples of both sexes can practice the transmutation of their sexual energy with the practice of the Rune Olin: while standing with a rigid position, the disciple will make various rhythmic inhalations and exhalations.

2. While air is inhaled, disciples must unite their imagination and willpower in vibrating harmony in order to make the sexual energy rise up through the two ganglionic cords of the medulla into the brain, midbrow, neck, and heart. This is done in a successive order.

3. Afterwards, the disciples exhale the air by firmly imagining that the sexual energy is established within their hearts.

4. While exhaling the air, disciples will vocalize the mantra Thorn, as follows: Thooooooooorrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn.

5. We must perform various movements of the arms while working with the Rune Olin.

6. To begin, the disciples must place both hands on their waist as in the Rune Dorn or Thorn and profoundly and rhythmically inhaling.

7. Secondly, the disciples will extend both hands downward towards their left side, the left hand a little bit more elevated than the right. The arms must be straight and must form an acute angle with the trunk. In the same way that the Rune Fa has its two arms upwards, the second diagram of the Rune Olin has them downwards, and this is profoundly significant. When performing the second movement, exhale the air by firmly imagining that the sexual energy is established within your heart. While exhaling the air vocalize the mantra Thorn, as follows: Thooooooooorrrrrrrrnnnnnnn.

8. Place both hands on the waist and repeat the exercise. Observe very carefully the two diagrams of the Rune Olin in order to understand the correct postures.

- This is how our single disciples of both sexes can transmute their sexual energy.

- The sexual energies can also be transmuted with the aesthetic sense, with love towards classical music, towards sculpture, and with long walks, etc.

- Single disciples who do not want to have any sexual problems must be absolutely pure in thoughts, words, and actions.