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Tarot and Kabbalah: Arcanum 20

Arcanum 20

The hieroglyphic of the Twentieth Arcanum is the resurrection of the dead. It is necessary that we concentrate well on this topic of resurrection, which has many aspects. First of all, in order for resurrection to happen, it is necessary for death to happen. Without death, there is no resurrection. It is necessary to comprehend that life is the outcome of death. Death is the crown of everyone. The path of life is formed by the hoofprints of the horse of death.

Everything that exists in life is submitted to death. Something of mortality and something of immortality exists within everything. I want to tell unto you that mortality and immortality are very relative. Even God Himself, who is immortal, in the long run is mortal.

It is necessary to analyze that which is understood as God. God is “the Army of the Voice,” God is “the Great Word.” Certainly, the Gospel of John states, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” [John 1:1]

God is the voice of the Elohim, the chorus of the masters who initiate the mahamanvantara (cosmic day); this is what God is. When the night of pralaya (cosmic night) arrives, these gods cease to exist in the universe and they are born in the Absolute. This is why it can be stated that God also dies. Yet, after the cosmic night, the gods re-emerge from the Absolute; they are reborn in the new aurora of the cosmic day.

Let us now concentrate on the constitution of the human being. In order to be a human being in the most complete sense of the word, first of all it is necessary to have or possess solar bodies. We have been talking a lot about the Egyptian Sahu, which is the same wedding garment from that parable in which one man came to be seated at the table of the Lord without the wedding garment. Then the Master commanded that he be cast into the darkness. So then, without a wedding garment or solar bodies we also cannot enter into the kingdom of the heavens. It is logical that whosoever does not possess the solar bodies is dressed with the lunar bodies, which are cold, spectral, diabolic, and tenebrous bodies.

An anima (Latin for “soul”) dressed with lunar bodies is not a human being, but is an intellectual animal, which is a superior animal (anima). The mistake of humanity is to believe that they are already human beings, but they are not. Let us remember the story of Diogenes and his lantern; he was looking for a man (human being) and he did not find one. Only Kout Humi, the Master Morya, Saint Germain, etc. are human beings; what we have abundantly in this present time are intellectual animals.

The first body which must be built in the forge of the Cyclops is the astral body. Thus, we become immortals in the world of 24 laws. Afterwards, we need to build the mental body, which is ruled by 12 laws. Whosoever builds the mental body is immortal in the world of 12 laws. Afterwards, one must build the body of conscious will, and become immortal in the world of 6 laws.

Whosoever builds the solar bodies has to pass through many deaths. We need the Solar Adam, the Abel to which the Bible refers, to be born within ourselves. In order to become immortal, the possession of the solar bodies is necessary.

If we want to emancipate ourselves or enter onto the path of the razor’s edge, the path of the revolution for the consciousness, we must descend into the Ninth Sphere of Nature. To descend into the Ninth Sphere is to enter into a revolution, a revolution against ourselves, against Nature, against everything. Thus, we build the solar bodies and we incarnate the real Being and convert ourselves into a Twice-born.

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. - John 3:3

The celestial Adam, who dresses with the solar bodies, has to pass through many deaths. This Adam must kill the “I.”

We carry from the past this multiplicity of “I’s.” There is no true individuality within the human being, and those “I’s” personify laziness, gluttony, lust, anger, etc., etc. That ego which is dressed with the lunar bodies is the lunar Adam, the sinful Adam. We need the birth of the solar Adam within each one of us.

The Twice-born is found between two paths: the path of the right, and the path of the left. Whosoever decides to dissolve the ego takes the path of the right in order to be converted into an ineffable being. Those who do not decide to dissolve the ego take the path of the left, and they convert themselves into diabolical beings (a Hasnamuss is an abortion of the Cosmic Mother). Yet, this is not all: one must destroy the seeds of these “I’s,” be bathed within the waters of Lethe in order to forget all of the malignities of the ego, and afterwards be bathed in the waters of Eunoe in order to fortify the virtues and to be confirmed in the Light.

Up until this point, all of the work corresponds to the planet Earth; innocence has been attained here. But the shells of the lunar bodies remain, and these must be destroyed within the lunar infernos. One must destroy the demon Apopi or “body of desires,” which retains the sexual desire, and desires of any type. This Apopi is a terribly perverse demon and is destroyed within the lunar infernos before one rises into the lunar heavens.

Later on, the work is continued in the planet Mercury, where the animal mind, or demon Hai, which is the diabolic and animal mind, must be destroyed. Such a vehicle is nothing but a demon, and one has to go and destroy it in the atomic infernos of Mercury.

The death of the demon Apopi, the terrible monster of desires, signifies tremendous super-efforts, super-works. Only like this can the destruction of the demon Apopi and demon Hai be achieved.

The sinful Adam must die. It is necessary that all we have that is terrestrial or animal dies in order to resurrect in the heart of Osiris. Whosoever builds the solar bodies no longer needs to carry these bodies of desires and cravings. One has to kill these bodies through tremendous purifications.

Osiris signifies that which is beyond all profundities, beyond all desires and the mind. When we return to the Father Osiris, the Mother Isis, and the Son Horus, the triad becomes complete, perfect. The triad becomes Self-realized. This is the resurrection of the dead, because in this way, we have death and resurrection.

I was reincarnated in the sacred land of the Pharaohs, during Pharaoh Kephren’s dynasty. I knew the ancient mysteries of secret Egypt in depth, and truly I tell you I could not have forgotten them.

There are two types of mummies: one of these mummies corresponds to the deceased whose corpse was submitted to the processes of mummification. The other type corresponds to the deceased who are in a state of “catalepsy.”

There was a very special secret concerning mummification: the brain, heart, and visceras had to be taken out. These organs were preserved in sacred vessels, and the sacred cow of gold and the attributes of Athor were placed in the hollow cavity where the heart was. The bodies were preserved thanks to the fact that the Egyptians also knew how to preserve the ethereal body (vital body). They utilized very wise bandages over the palm of the hands and on the curvature of the feet. The honey of the bee helped to preserve the mummy, and on top of all this an elemental genii was placed there to guard the mummy. These elementals were placed under the protection of Keb, the genie of the Earth.

Even though my words might appear enigmatic and strange, truly I tell you that my physical body did not die; nonetheless, I went into the sepulcher. This is another type of mummy, a mummy of catalepsy. My case was certainly not an exception; many other hierophants passed into their sepulchers into this cataleptic state.

The fact that this type of mummy can continue alive and without any nourishment, with all of its’ natural faculties in suspension, is something that in no way must surprise us. You must remember that toads during winter, while buried in the mud, remain like corpses without any nourishment. Nonetheless, in spring they become alive again. Did you ever hear about hibernation? Egyptian catalepsy goes much further, and likewise, this catalepsy is wisely combined with magic and occult chemistry.

It is obvious that my soul escaped from my body. It is unquestionable that this type of mummification was not an obstacle in order to continue with my cycle of reincarnations.

After the death of my present physical body, my Soul could definitely reincorporate within that mummy if Tum (the Father) wanted it. Then, that body would definitely come out of the state of catalepsy, and my soul dressed with that flesh could live travelling from country to country, just as any person. This mummy could live, eat, drink, etc., under the sunlight again. Such a mummy could definitely be taken out from within its sepulcher through the fourth dimension.

Aztec and Egyptian wisdom was Atlantean and likewise Lemurian. The Lemurians and Atlanteans were giants. They built the great pyramids of Egypt and those of San Juan in Teotihuacan.


- The Potable Gold is the same fire of Kundalini. The universal medicine is within the Potable Gold.

- We must end all types of human weakness.

- The serpents of the abyss are intent on stealing the Potable Gold from the disciple.

- The disciple that allows himself to fall has to fight a lot in order to recuperate what he has lost.