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Spiritual Power of Sound: Nature


The wretched intellectual animal falsely called “human being” can develop all of his hidden possibilities—if this is what he wants—nonetheless, the development of all those possibilities is not really a law. The law for the human machine is to be born, to grow, to reproduce, and to die within the vicious circle of the mechanical laws of Nature.

Jesus Christ, whose nativity we celebrate December 25th with rituals and festivity, said the following in Luke 13:24:

“Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.”

Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto the development of all the possibilities of the human being, and few are those who find that gate and that way.

In fact, the path that leads to the development of all the hidden possibilities of the human being goes against Nature, against the Cosmos, against the common and ordinary social life, against oneself, against everything and against everybody. This explains why this path is so difficult and exclusive. For good reason it has been called “the path of the razor’s edge.” This path is very bitter, more bitter than bile. It is the opposite of ordinary life, everyday life. It is based on another type of principle. It is submitted to other laws.

The wretched intellectual animal falsely called “human being” can develop all of his hidden possibilities—if this is what he wants—nonetheless, his possibilities can remain without any development whatsoever and can even be totally lost. Many pseudo-occultists and pseudo-esotericists wrongly suppose that those possibilities can be developed by means of the wise law of evolution, yet that concept is totally false, because no mechanicity can develop all of our latent possibilities. The realization of the Inner Self of the human being is never the outcome of any mechanicity, but the end result of a cognizant work made with extreme patience and pain, by ourself and within ourself. We can develop all our hidden possibilities only by means of successive and interrupted self- cognizant works within ourself.

The law of evolution and progress, and the law of devolution and retrogress, are two mechanical laws that work in a harmonious and coordinated manner in all of Nature. Everything evolves and devolves, advances and retrogrades. There is evolution in all the organisms that are born and develop. There is devolution in all the organisms that age and die.

In the everyday, routine life of all of those pseudo-esoteric, occultist, spiritualist, scientific, etc., schools, there is nothing that has all the possibilities of the path, thus sooner or later they can only lead us to death; they cannot take us to any other place. The path of the razor’s edge is filled with dangers within and without. The one who finds the path is very rare, yet it is even rarer to find somebody that does not leave the path and arrives at the goal.

In the world there are many pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools with very good intentions, and precious studies that do not harm anybody and benefit many, but they do not know the path. Indeed, the path is very hidden, narrow, and—what is even worse—frightfully difficult. Nobody likes the path, but only the few; the pseudo-esotericists, pseudo-occultists, and devotees of many very beautiful sects abhor the path and qualify it as black magic.

The mechanical evolution of the intellectual animal mistakenly call “human” is necessary for Nature until certain very well-defined point. Beyond this point, the mechanical evolution of the human biped becomes not only unnecessary but also detrimental for Nature.

The evolving and devolving processes of humanity correspond with the periods of evolution and devolution of planets in space. Essentially, we will state that in fact humanity does not evolve; many changes take place in the periphery of human consciousness, but not in the center of human consciousness.

The multitudes that acclaimed Nero and requested the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the multitudes that enjoyed stoning the prophets, are still the same. They have only changed their bodies and customs. Their essence remains the same; it did not progress.

Sometimes planets produce evolving changes, sometimes devolving changes in the periphery of the intellectual animal. New civilizations rise and fall, yet the Soul, the Essence, remains the same.

This miserable human anthill lives on the Earth’s surface in order to fulfill the purposes and necessities of Nature. The Earth does not waste anything, because it wants to live and to use equally the products of evolution as the products of degeneration, even when in each case the intentions are totally different.

Indeed, the intellectual animal can become human by means of the realization of the intimate Self. Nevertheless, the Self-realization of all the human masses is not only something impossible, but moreover something harmful for the planet upon which we live. Nature does not need the realization of the intimate Self of the human being, since this is even in opposition to its own interests. Thus, this is why certain very special forces exist—unfortunately black—that violently oppose the realization of the intimate Self of the human multitudes.

In the epoch of the famous Tikliamish civilization that existed many centuries before the birth of Babylon, the life of this humanity in general was divided in two currents. The Christian Gospels speak about two flocks—namely, the flock of the sheep and the flock of the goats. There is no doubt that the totality of human beings who populate the Earth belong in fact and by their own right to the kingdom of the goats.

Nature swallows its own children. Nature eats its goats, that are as numerous as the sands of the sea. Human life on the Earth flows in two currents: the current of sheep and the current of goats.

Indeed, the person who truly possesses the Being—the Innermost—follows the current of the river of life. Yet the person who does not possess the Being follows the current of the tenebrous river of death. The river of life is lost in the ocean of the Universal Spirit of Life. The river of death is lost between the gaps of the deepest regions of the Earth. The Earth needs nourishment and the river of death delivers it through its black waters.

The devolving processes that take place inside the planet Earth could not exist without the activity of the goat-skinned men and women who enter into the subterranean world. Behind all that vital mechanism of the world, behind all those chemical processes that structure the hard rock, is the collective psyche of the goat-skinned men and women. Those tenebrous ones give physical consistency to iron, flint, and granite. If by any procedure we extracted from the infernos (the Mineral Kingdom) all the tenebrous ones who inhabit it, then the hard rock would lose its consistency, its hardness, and would become elastic, plastic, and useless; then its end would be an inevitable fact.

The first liberation of man consists precisely in the possibility of passing from the tenebrous current that is predestined to disappear within the profundities of the Earth, to the luminous current that must end within the ocean of the Great Light.

To pass from the black current into the white current is not easy. For that to happen it is urgent to resign from everything that is pleasant to us and which seems a blessing, to resign from all of that which seems to us very romantic and precious, etc. It is necessary to die to the world, to dissolve the “I,” to abandon all of that which has a delightful and passional flavor, etc.

It is necessary to be born, and this is a work with the grain, with the seed: a sexual problem. It is indispensable to love our fellowmen and to totally sacrifice ourself for them. The path is more bitter than bile, and it is not convenient for Nature because it is contrary to its designs.

Humanity nourishes the Mineral Kingdom (inferno). Humanity is part of the organic life of the Earth; it is the nourishment of the Earth. Thus, if all of humanity were to become self-realized, this would be fatal for the Mineral Kingdom. This is why Nature is opposed to the realization of the inner Self of the human being, because this is contrary to its own interests. What is normal, what is natural, is for the Mineral Kingdom to swallow humanity.

Jesus Christ said, “Of a thousand that seek me, one finds me; of a thousand that find me, one follows me; of the thousand that follow me, one is mine.”