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Mysteries of Fire: Internal Meditation

Internal Meditation

1.     Internal meditation is a scientific system to receive information.

2.     When the wise submerges into meditation, he searches for information.

3.      Meditation is the daily bread of the wise.

4.      Meditation has different steps.

  • a. Asana (posture of the body)
  • b. Pratyahara (serene mind)
  • c. Dharana (internal concentration)
  • d. Dhyana (internal meditation)
  • e. Samadhi (ecstasy)

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Mysteries of Fire: The Seven Seals

The Seven Seals

1.     When we have formed our inner Christ, He then enters into all of our vehicles through the pineal gland.

2.     The inner Christ has the shape of a small child. He comes out from within his Ethereal womb to enter into our physical body through the pineal gland.

3.     This is the descent of Christ into the atomic infernos of the human being.

4.     This is the Nativity of the heart.

5.     It is how we transform ourselves into Christs.

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Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Sahasrara

The Chakra Sahasrara

1.     The chakra Sahasrara is the Crown of Saints. It is the abode of Lord Shiva and corresponds to the pineal gland.

2.     The Crown of Saints is attained when Devi Kundalini reaches this chakra.

3.     The Crown of Saints has twelve stars.

4.     These twelve stars are twelve faculties in the true human being.

5.     Twenty-four angelic atoms exist in the brain; these atoms represent the twenty-four Elders of the Zodiac.

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Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Ajna

The Chakra Ajna

1.     This chakra is found connected to its marvelous center located between the eyebrows.

2.     The Master who directs this center is Paramashiva.

3.     The mantra that makes this chakra vibrate is Om: Oooooooommmmmmmmm.

4.     This chakra has two petals.

5.     This marvelous chakra has a very pure white color. The cavernous plexus is the one that corresponds to this chakra.

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Mysteries of Fire: The Chakra Vishuddha

The Chakra Vishuddha

1.     The chakra Vishuddha of our spinal medulla is situated at the base of our creative larynx.

2.     This marvelous chakra is intimately related with the Tattva Akash (Ethereal element).

3.     The color of this chakra is of an intense blue.

4.     The laryngeal chakra belongs to the Tattva Manas.

5.     The divine deity that protects this marvelous chakra is Sadashiva.

6.     This marvelous chakra has sixteen beautiful petals.

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