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Logos Mantra Theurgy: The Logos

The Logos

Invocation: The Holy Spirit

We knew a man named John. He was an excellent theurgist! He knew how to consciously travel in his “Astral Body.”

One night, a most peaceful, silent night, John left his physical body, and invoked the Holy Spirit... Suddenly a marvelous bird, a white dove of ineffable whiteness, with the head of a venerable elder and a long white beard, deliciously floated above the head of the theurgist. This big and beautiful, pure dove, with the head of a venerable elder, was something to see and admire! The white dove settled upon the shoulders of John’s friend, and chanted wise counsel in his ear. Later, the dove of ineffable whiteness, with the head of a venerable elder, stood before John. Enraptured in ecstasy, John as a good disciple, questioned the Holy Spirit: “Oh my Lord, my God, tell me… how am I doing? ... Am I doing well?”

Logos Mantra Theurgy: Mantra


The Universal Sound

Any motion is coessential to sound. Wherever there is motion, there is sound, too. The human ear is only capable of perceiving a limited number of sound vibrations. Nonetheless, above and below the sound vibrations that the human ear can perceive, there are multiple sound waves that the human ear is not capable of perceiving (i.e. the fish of the sea produce their own peculiar sounds). The ants communicate among themselves by means of sounds that are inaudible to our range of physical perception. Sounding waves, acting upon the water produce the motion of elevation and the pressure of the waters. Sounding waves, acting upon the air, produce concentric movements. The atoms spinning around their nuclear centers produce certain sounds that are imperceptible to humans. Fire, air, water, and earth have their own particular sounding notes.

Logos Mantra Theurgy: Theurgy


The Priesthood of Theurgy

Theurgy allows us to work in the Superior Worlds.

For instance: Iamblichus was a great theurgist. He knew how to invoke the planetary Gods in order to converse with them.

Theurgy is divine. One cannot become a theurgist without the knowledge of one’s Self. The Internal God of every human being is, indeed, the legitimate and authentic theurgist.

Logos Mantra Theurgy: The Angel Aroch

The Angel Aroch

Invocation of Aroch

One night John projected himself out from within his physical body. Undoubtedly, he was skillful in “Astral projection.” He knew how to “consciously travel” in his Astral Body… he was a competent investigator of the Superior Worlds. Once out of the physical body, John felt himself invaded by an unutterable spiritual voluptuousness. There is no greater pleasure than to feel the Soul “detached” within the Internal Worlds. There, the past and the future merge within an eternal now! There, time does not exist! Hence, John feeling enraptured and following his own mystical inspiration entered through the doors of a temple.

Logos Mantra Theurgy: The Jinn State

The Jinn State

Mantra and “Jinn”

One day, a great friend of ours, who is dedicated to scientific astrology, was commenting to us about the case of a man, who whenever he was placed into prison, mysteriously disappeared, frustrating the vigilance of his guards! It was useless to chain him down, because he was always able to free himself from any chain and disappear!

This man established a friendship with the astrologer and, finally, did not have any problem in revealing the respective clue, the valuable secret to the astrologer.

Let us look at the clue:

The following mantras must be written on a large loaf of bread:

Senosan Gorora Gober Don