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Logos Mantra Theurgy: The Bird of Minerva

The Bird of Minerva

The Quetzal

The bird of Minerva is the symbol of wisdom. A good deal has been said about the Quetzal; however, few are capable of understanding the mystery of this sacred bird.

The Quetzal is one of the most beautiful birds of the world. Its green feathered tail is long and very beautiful. Over its head it wears a crest of incomparable green and silky beauty. The entire appearance of this bird invites us to reflect.

The bird of Minerva, the miraculous Quetzal, is the outcome of the incessant transmutations of fire. When the sacred Pentecostal Fire ascends through the central canal of the spinal medulla, it has the miraculous power of transforming itself into a bird of fire. The Quetzal is the symbol of this bird of fire, which is the bird of Minerva.

The secret power of this bird allows any human to become a God! It grants metamorphosis into whatever shape one wishes to be. Likewise, the secret power of this bird has the capacity of opening the chakras, the wheels or magnetic discs of the Astral Body. This is the key to the priestly power.   

The “Arcanum A.Z.F.” and the Kundalini!

The theurgist can make use of that power when he is working with the “Arcanum A.Z.F.”

It has already been stated that in the union of the phallus and the uterus lies the key of all evident power.

Likewise, we have already warned the theurgist that during his life he must never ejaculate the entity of the semen. Thus, this is how by refraining from desire, the seminal liquid is transmuted into subtle magical vapors and in turn, such vapors will convert themselves into electromagnetic Christic energies.

The ascension of these Christic creative energies of the Third Logos is achieved through the ganglionic cords, known in the Orient by the names of Ida and Pingala. These are the two witnesses of Revelation. These two cords entwined around the spinal medulla form the Caduceus of Mercury. The igneous serpent of our magical powers, the sacred fire of Kundalini awakens when the solar and lunar atoms, (which ascend through these two ganglionic cords) make contact in the coccygeal bone near the Triveni. The ascension of the Kundalini is performed throughout the central canal of the spinal medulla. The Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses within the aura of the Solar Logos. The Kundalini ascends slowly according with the merits of the heart. The fires of the heart control the ascension of the Kundalini. Thus, the fire of Kundalini transforms into the bird of Minerva! What is important is to know the clue!

Mantra for “Sexual Magic”

Now, we no longer can deny humanity the key of the powers that deify. Thus, with gladness we deliver this miraculous clue to our disciples.

Very well, during the trance of Sexual Magic, vocalize the following mantra:

Jao Ri

The sound of each vowel is prolonged. The marvelous bird of fire must be commanded to open, to develop the chakra that is needed, to start the total development of the faculty that is needed the most. You can be sure that the bird of Minerva will work on the chakra, the magnetic disc or wheel (upon which it received the supreme orders).

It is evident and positive that those faculties are not developed instantly. Yet, the bird of Minerva will eventually awaken them! If one continues with the practice daily, that bird, the sacred Quetzal, will develop in an absolute manner the ordered and desired faculty. What is important is to persevere, without getting tired, and to practice daily with a fervent intensity.

Projection of the Fire to the Chakras

This miraculous bird of fire provides the clue in order to project the fire of Kundalini at a distance and thus to help the sick or to project the fire to any chakra of the Astral Body of the esotericist.

Some students will project the fire to their prostatic chakra with the goal of attaining the powers of consciously departing and traveling within the Astral Body. Others will do it with the goal of developing clairvoyance (through the frontal chakra). Others will do it in order to gain the power of hearing the ultra (through the chakra of the larynx); this chakra of the larynx enables the yogi to conserve his physical body alive and perfectly healthy, even during the Cosmic Nights. Others will project the bird of Minerva to the solar plexus, which grants the power of remaining within fire for hours without getting burnt. Some students will send the marvelous bird to the heart chakra, which will grant them power over hurricanes, winds, etc. Likewise, the bird of Minerva can be sent to the chakra of one thousand petals, which is located in the superior part of the skull. That chakra grants intuition, polyvoyance, intuitive vision, and the power to consciously leave the physical body within the Spirit, our Innermost, without vehicles of any kind.

The bird of Minerva can also be sent to the atoms of the physical body, and to command it to prepare the body for the “Jinn” State.

Thus, all of us must learn how to project the fire to any corner of the universe, and to any chakra of our organism! This is how everyone will awaken their internal powers, because in order to work in the Great Work it is not enough to light the fire, it is necessary to learn how to intelligently employ it.

Restoration, Transformation, and Invisibility

Agni is the God of fire. This great Master helps to restore the fire in each of the seven bodies: Physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic.

The theurgist can invoke Agni when he moves about in the Astral Plane. Agni will come to his call. When the theurgist invokes Agni, he will call him as follows:

In the name of the Christ,

By the majesty of Christ,

By the power of Christ.

If before the eyes of his friends, the invoker commands the bird of fire to transform his face or commands the bird to give him a bird’s appearance (or that of a tree, etc) the bird will perform the transformation and his friends will not recognize him.

Now then, if we project the bird of fire to the mind of someone who is waiting to harm us, and if we command that person’s mind not to see us, we will then become invisible.

But, in this case, we must also vocalize the mantras whose power will make us invisible. They are as follows:

Iod He Vau He Amoa He Vau He A Gta

Often, Jesus, the great Hierophant who taught us Gnosis, had to become invisible.

Innumerable marvels can be learned and executed with the power of the fire. We can transform ourselves radically with the power of the fire. We can become Gods with the power of the fire!