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Gazing at the mistery: New York’s Blackout

New York’s Blackout

My friends, this night, we are going to discuss a certain very fascinating article that I read in a magazine. This article is entitled, “Doubt about New York’s Blackout.” We will transcribe for you some paragraphs of the cited article:

“The greatest and most unexplainable electrical fault in history occurred exactly the 9 of November of 1965 at 5:28 P.M.

“On that date and time, twelve million New Yorkers suffered the consequences of a total interruption of the supply of their electrical energy. However, what the inhabitants of New York ignored was that in addition to their city, other cities were submerged in the darkness. ‘Just make the emergency lights function, otherwise we are vulnerable to thieves.’

Gazing at the mistery: Death


Question: Many years ago when my father died, other people and I were mourning him at his wake. I then fell asleep for a while amidst the people who attended the wake. Suddenly, as I slumbered, I saw my father entering the room were we where gathered. With his hands inside his pants’ pockets, he approached me and asked who was the person that had died among us, who did that cadaver, which was lying there, belong to. I perceived that the cadaver belonged to my recently dead father; however, there he was, unaware of it and speaking to me. Could you tell me, what is the cause of this phenomenon?

Gazing at the mistery: Goblins


goblin: early 14c., “a devil, incubus, fairy,” from Old French gobelin. Quoted from Online Etymology Dictionary

Question: In a region of the mountain range of Colombia, there was an isolated cattle ranch. Two workers accompanied with four big dogs went to the ranch. When the night hours were approaching, one of them went out in order to get water, but when he left the house he shouted several times. His co-worker told him not to shout because it was dangerous, since in that very mountain range lived the “Patasola,” and this goblin could answer his shouts; thus, it could come towards them. However, this man did not pay heed to him and he continued going to the current of water while shouting. Going back to the house, after he collected the water, he stopped and started to shout again, then someone answered him from the summit regions of the mountain range.

Gazing at the mistery: Witches


Question: At a ranch that was inhabited at the time of the Spanish conquistadors, noises were constantly heard at midnight. They heard a man riding a horse, who upon arriving dismounted his horse, entered the house and opened the doors. Finally, one day, the administrator of the ranch decided to go see what was making the noise. When doing so, he saw in the patio a man mounting a horse, to whom he asked, “In the name of the Almighty God, tell me, what do you want?” Then the man answered him, “Follow me.” The administrator followed him to the rivulet close to the ranch, where the horseman stopped and told him, “In this place, there is a buried treasure, which I beseech thee to take out.” Thus, the administrator took it out, and instantaneously, from that moment on, the noises ceased at that ranch. Could you tell me something about this narrative?

Gazing at the mistery: Psychic Narrations

Psychic Narrations

My friends, it is urgent to learn how to travel in the fourth dimension. Some people might think that this is difficult to learn. However, this indeed is not arduous; the only thing that one needs is to have the strength of willpower, an inexhaustible tenacity and infinite patience.