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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Meditation


When the Gnostic doctor submerges himself into meditation, he does it because he looks for information. Meditation covers three facets:

  1. Concentration
  2. Meditation
  3. Adoration

Meditation awakens the internal powers and converts the student into a magician.

Concentration means to fix the mind only on one subject matter.

Meditation means to internally reflect upon the same subject matter.

Adoration means to converse with the same subject matter or object of our concentration, to live in it, in the subject matter upon which we have fixed the mind.

The mind must be placed apart from the world, then after, it has to penetrate into the Buddhic consciousness in order to meditate. The mind must be fixed upon the consciousness in order to be illuminated.

When the Gnostic medic meditates, focusing upon a tree, he is searching for information from the elemental of that tree. He wants to know what this tree is for, what properties it possesses, etc.

The Gnostic medic receives information during meditation. The best hour for meditation is the one in which we feel sleepy.

The Gnostic medic will have to practice internal meditation daily. We achieve the awakening of the consciousness and the actualization of all our occult powers with the technique of meditation, sexual magic, and the power of the verb. One hour of daily vocalization is worth more than reading a thousand books of oriental theosophy. True vocalization is intimately related with the technique of meditation.

The syllable IN is related with the Tattva Tejas (the principle of the fire).

The syllable EN is related with the cosmic mind, of which our Mental Body is only a fragment.

The syllable ON is related with Atman-Buddhi, the purely spiritual world, which is the homeland of the Innermost.

The syllable UN is related with the great universal womb, the Archaeus of the Greeks, the Astral Light of the Kabbalists, the Super-Soul of Emerson (Alaya).

The syllable AN is related with the Tattva Vayu (the principle of movement).

The syllable IN makes the hypophysis and epiphysis glands vibrate. Thus, the sixth sense called clairvoyance is acquired.

The syllable EN makes the thyroid gland and the atoms of the Mental Body vibrate. Thus, the human being acquires the occult ear and the clairvoyance of the Mental Body.

The syllable ON makes our Buddhic, mystic, or intuitive Buddhic consciousness vibrate.

We all have longings for liberation. We all possess that longing which in the far east is called “Bodhimanda,” the fundamental base of knowing. Every “Purusa” (Innermost) yearns for his soul to follow the path of liberation, or “Dharma.” The doctrine of the heart is Buddha, the Christic consciousness.

The vehicle of the Christic consciousness has its chakra in the heart. So, when internally vocalizing the syllable ON and meditating on its profound significance, the awakening of the mystic consciousness is produced. Then, independent from the physical body, the soul acquires the power of functioning in her superior vehicles.

The awakening of the consciousness, or Buddha, expresses itself as the Eye of Dangma, the intuition that allows us “to know” without the necessity of reasoning.

The syllable ON also makes the testicle’s hormones vibrate, thus transmuting the semen into Christic energy. This clearly shows that the awakening of the consciousness, Buddha, can only be achieved by practicing sexual magic, by internally vocalizing and becoming skillful in the Astral, since the consciousness, Buddha, is enclosed within our own Chrestos.

The Astral Body is the mediator between the soul and the Innermost. Thus, it is only in this astral mediator region where our Monad can be liberated. Here is where all of the Initiations are verified.

Buddha, the mystic consciousness, has to express itself through our Astral Body in order to perform “the Truth,” which is Buddhi, and which is truly the Innermost or Atman within ourselves.

This mystic consciousness, Buddha, cannot express itself through the physical body or Stulla Sarira, but only through the Astral Body, because the Astral Body is the mediator between the mystic consciousness and the physical body.

When the human being spills the semen (reaches the orgasm), he loses millions of solar atoms which are then replaced by millions of demonic atoms from the very infernos of the human being. This produces a tenebrous obscurity within the Astral Body.

When the human being accomplishes the following formula, which is to introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, and to withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm), then the solar atoms multiply in an extraordinary manner and return into the Astral Body. Hence, they fill the Astral Body with light and solar fire. Only in this way can the Buddha, the Christic consciousness, express itself through the Astral Body. Finally, the soul and the Innermost become united forever, thus bringing about the final liberation.

The human being becomes clairvoyant by meditating on the syllable IN and on the great universal fire.

The human being acquires mental clairvoyance and the occult ear by meditating on the syllable EN and the universal mind.

The awakening of the consciousness and the development of intuition are acquired by meditating daily upon our Innermost and on the syllable ON, and by practicing sexual magic daily.

The power of telepathy is acquired by meditating on the syllable UN and the solar plexus.

The power to remember our past lives is acquired by meditating on the syllable AN and on the birth and death of vegetables and of all things.

The clue of pranava, or the science of mantras, is found within the consciousness. The waves of the consciousness nourish the mind. The mantras must be felt, since all of their powers reside within the superlative functions of the consciousness. Therefore, before vocalizing the mantras we must live them within the mystic consciousness.

IN, EN, ON, UN, AN must be vocalized daily for one hour, like this:

IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinNnnnnnnnnnnn (pronounce the “I” as in bee)

Eeeeeeeeeee Nnnnnnnnn (pronounce the “E” as in end)

Ooooooooo Nnnnnnn

Uuuuuuuuu Nnnnnnnnnn

Aaaaaaaaaa Nnnnnnnn (the “A” is pronounced as in far)

The five vowels I, E, O, U, A make the chakras, discs or magnetic wheels of our Astral Body vibrate. Thus, with the vibration, the Tattvas are transmuted into hormones, since each chakra is a regulator of our endocrine glands. These glands are truly biogenetic laboratories, whose mission is to transmute the Tattvas into hormones.

The waves of the consciousness bring together all of the connected and harmonious thoughts in order to fortify them.

Everything exists by AUM, everything lives by AUM and everything comes into existence by AUM. Yet, in the beginning, only the divine Chaos existed.

The vowel “A” is the prime matter of the Great Work; it is the Tattva of everything that comes into existence.

The vowel “U” is the mystical consciousness, or the collective mystical consciousness.

The vowel “M” (the M in occultism is also a vowel) is the incessant transformation and existence that the Gods create with their mind.

Let us clarify this in order to have greater comprehension:

The Earth in its nebulous state was “A.” Then, in its processes of gestation or formation directed by the cosmic consciousness it was “U.” Finally, when populated by all types of living beings it was “M.”

The embryonic germ in its first days within the maternal womb is “A.” The fetus while in gestation is “U.” The very welcomed child coming into existence is “M.” “AUM” is lived by the animal; “AUM” is lived by the human being.

AUM is esoterically pronounced AUM (as described below). The power of all the Tattvas is enclosed within this mantra. The Kabbalistic number of AUM is 666 and not the number 10 as the black magician Cherenzi taught.

In order for AUM to completely manifest itself through ourselves we have to prepare all of our seven vehicles. AUM contains the seven notes of the musical scale which correspond to the seven cosmic planes and to our seven bodies. The seven words of Calvary (pronounced by Jesus) give us power over the seven cosmic planes.

In order for the mystic consciousness, Buddha, to express itself as intuition through us, we have to prepare our seven bodies by means of sexual magic.

Before Self-realizing the mantra “AUM,” we have to live the mantra I.A.O. Sexual magic is I.A.O. The Kundalini is I.A.O.

The formula in order to awaken the Kundalini lies exclusively in the sexual act: To introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is our axiomatic prescription for all Gnostic students. During these sexual trances the mantra I.A.O. must be vocalized, then meditation on the fire and on the Innermost must be performed.

AUM is pronounced by opening the mouth very well with the vowel aaaaaaa, rounding it with the uuuuuuuu and closing it with the mmmmmmmm.

The Gnostic medic needs to submit himself to these rules for the wise exercise of holy Gnostic medicine. The Gnostic medic must be a magician in order to command the elementals of vegetables.