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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

Matrimonial Future

Single Gnostic women can explore their future in order to learn about their matrimonial possibilities. This is not a crime.

Magical Procedure

Inside of your own bedroom, establish two identical mirrors according to the binary man and woman. A lit candle must be placed in front of each mirror.

The two mirrors must remain positioned face to face. Each one will have its own lit candle, yet placed in such a way that the lit flame is reflected within the glass. The candles must be made out of wax.

Then, the woman must sit and with a loud voice sing the following magical words three times:

Kto, Enoy, Sonnjoy, Kto, Moy, Viajnoy, Tot, Pokajetsia Ninie

After pronouncing these mantras, dharani, or words of power, the woman must direct her sight with fixed intensity towards either of the two mirrors, intelligently choosing the most distant and obscure space where the magical apparition will appear.

It is advisable to pray the “Pater Noster,” which is “The Lord’s Prayer” before performing the experiment. Thus, in this way, by asking permission of our Father, who is in secret, is how the help of the Father will be received and the future husband will appear within the mirror.

The magical words “Lucia, Stof, Lub, Salem, Sadil” can and must also be recited during this magic experiment. This experiment must be performed at twelve midnight.

The Magic Mirror

The mirror of High Magic is esoterically prepared in forty-eight days. The esoteric work is begun during the new moon and is concluded during the following full moon.

Success is attained with permission of the Father who is in secret. Truly, the Father of all the lights is the one who commands. If we want to work uprightly and with true dignity in White Magic, then we must start any esoteric work by begging the Father, asking permission of the Father who is in secret. This is how we will not fall into mistakes.

All things which are interesting to us can be seen within the Magic Mirror if the Father gives permission, if He helps, if He wants.

If the proper preparation of the Magic Mirror is what is wanted, then one must live in sanctity and total chastity during the time of its preparation.

It is necessary to dedicate oneself to performing charitable works during the whole of that time.

Acquire a very gleaming sheet of steel, very well polished. Write upon this sheet, near its four edges, the following magical words in a successive order: Jehovah, Elohim, Metatron, Adonai.

Each word must be written on the endmost part of each side. Thus, the four words will be distributed upon the furthermost parts of the four sides.

Devoutly place the steel sheet on top of a white and very beautiful cloth. In this way, you will present the gleaming sheet of steel before the rays of the moon while reciting the following prayer:

O Father of mine, O Isis, Divine Mother, Saidic Mother, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton. Prepare for me this mirror. Grant me the power to look into it, and ask the resplendent Angel Azrael to have the kindness of appearing within this mirror.

Azrael, Azrael, Azrael, I adore Thee and I invoke Thee. Come in the name of the Tetragrammaton, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Once this magic invocation is performed, branches of Laurel must be burned in order to impregnate the Magic Mirror with the smoke of the branches.

After, the mirror will be perfumed with Roses and Violets, which will be thrown over the Magic Mirror.

Finally, and in order to conclude with this work, the following invocation must be recited with a lot of faith.


In this, by this and with this Mirror of the Tetragrammaton, by the Tetragrammaton and in the Tetragrammaton, I implore the mysterious help of the Angel Azrael.

Once this invocation is completed, the Mirror must be perfumed with the smoke of Frankincense and Myrrh. Then, one will blow on the mirror three times and with intense faith one must recite the following words:

Do not abandon me Azrael, I know that I am a miserable slug from the mud of the world.

I know that I am a poor sinner. I know that I am walking on the path of evil. All of this I know, yet I love Thee, Azrael. I ask Thee so that Thou can help me. Azrael, I implore help from Thee. Azrael, come to me in the magic and esoteric name of Falma, by Falma, in Falma. Come to this mirror Azrael, come, come, come.

To conclude, one has to place the right hand over the mirror while beseeching the Father to send Azrael.

This has to be performed for forty-eight nights, until the Angel Azrael appears in the mirror. The Angel Azrael will appear in the shape of a beautiful child.

When the Angel appears, then one has to beg him, so that he can always assist us when we work with the mirror.

Indications about the Magic Mirror

When the Angel Azrael appears in the mirror, then it is the sign that the mirror is already prepared. If in spite of all this the Angel Azrael does not appear, then you must be resigned that you cannot work with the mirror.

The Angel Azrael will not appear if we are unworthy. All the doors are closed for the unworthy, but one: the door of repentance.

Whosoever attains triumph with the Angel Azrael must only work in secret, without saying anything to anybody. The sacred, blessed mirror, which was blessed by the Angel Azrael must remain in secrecy.

Whosoever divulges their works with the Magic Mirror, whosoever utilizes the Magic Mirror in order to spy on private lives will lose the granted grace of the Angel Azrael.

The Mirror must be utilized in order to consult about sacred matters. Each time that one works with the Angel Azrael, one must invoke the Angel with much respect and faith.

The Angel Azrael is a perfect creature. The Angel Azrael is the one who has the power of making us see the longed for answers within the mirror.

Therefore, this is why we must always ask for the help of the Angel Azrael during the works with the Magic Mirror.