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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Magic Invocations

Magic Invocations

Invocation to Extinguish Blazing Fires

Hue Hueteotl, Hue Hueteotl, Hue Hueteotl, Take the fire away. Extinguish this conflagration. Amen.

Invocation to Unleash the Air with the Purpose of Taking the Fire Away or for Other Useful Goals - Barbas de Oro (Goldenbeard)


Barbas de Oro, Barbas de Oro, Barbas de Oro, blow. We need air. Amen.

After reciting these words, you must whistle, so that Barbas de Oro (Goldenbeard), who is a Sylph from the air, will make the wind to blow.

Invocation to Call the Undines from the Water

Veya, Vallala, Veyala, Helaya, Veya

Sing these words when at the shore of rivers or seas and the Undines of the waters will come to your call.

Invocation to Make Rain

If there is a lack of rain and water is necessary, then pray the following:

Tlaloc, Tlaloc, Tlaloc, God of waters, bring the rain. We need water. We invoke thee in the name of our Lord Quetzalcoatl. Amen.

Invocation to Invoke the Angels

Trace a circle on the ground over any place where two roads cross. Then, pronounce the Clavicle of Solomon and the name of the Angel whom you want to call.

You must place yourself in the center of the circle. I advise you to perform this work on Good Friday at twelve midnight.

I suggest to you the idea of calling the Angel Adonai. That Angel can become visible and tangible to your senses.

Do not be afraid. Speak with the invoked Angel in tranquility.

Clavicle of Solomon

Per Adonai Elohim, Adonai Jehovah, Adonai Sabaoth, Metatron. On Agla, Adonai Mathom, Verbum Pitonicum Misterium Salamandrae, Conventum Silphorum, Antragnomorum Demonia Celi, Gad Almousin Gibor, Jeshua Evam Sariatniamic, Veni, Veni, Veni.

Indication: The Angels must be invoked with this Clavicle.

Procedures for Magic Invocations

Since the air of the place where the Angels are invoked must be prepared so that the invoked Angels can become visible and tangible, it is convenient to know the names of the Angels who govern the air during the distinct days of the week. Thus, we will prepare the magic air by invoking such Genii.

Regents of the Air
  • Archan commands on Monday.
  • Samax commands on Tuesday.
  • Madiat, Vel and Modiat command on Wednesday.
  • Guth commands on Thursday.
  • Sarabotes commands on Friday.
  • Maimon commands on Saturday.
  • Varcan commands on Sunday.
  1. First: The sacred invocations must always be performed during the night.
  2. Second: It is allowed or sanctioned to perform the Angelic invocations only in order to ask for the healing of some gravely sick person or for some charitable work.
  3. Whosoever invokes the Angels for good and for the good of others marches in an upright manner.
  4. Third: The Angels can be invoked in any solitary spot in the mountains, where two roads merge and form a cross.
  5. Fourth: With the tip of a sword, trace a magic circle on the ground, around oneself.
  6. Fifth: The traced circle must be two meters in diameter and the invoker must place himself in the center.
  7. Sixth: Whosoever invokes the Angels just because of dint of a game will not receive any type of answer.
  8. Seventh: One must have a lot of faith, supreme concentration and meditation on the Angel whom one wishes to invoke.
Perfumes for the Invocations

The perfumes for the invocations will be used in the place where the invocations will be performed.

It is clear that only the perfume of the day will be used.

  1. Monday is governed by the Moon.
  2. Tuesday is governed by Mars.
  3. Wednesday is governed by Mercury.
  4. Thursday is governed by Jupiter.
  5. Friday is governed by Venus.
  6. Saturday is governed by Saturn
  7. Sunday is governed by the Sun.

The true order of the days of the week from the cosmic and magical point of view is the following:

After Saturday, which is the seventh day, follows Monday.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This is the authentic and legitimate cosmic order.

  1. Saturn: The perfumes of Saturn, the Ancient of the centuries, can and must be prepared with any type of aromatic roots and Frankincense. It is also convenient to use branches of Pine and Cypress. Burn all of these mixed together at the location of the invocation.
  2. Jupiter: The perfumes of Jupiter, the Titan of Heaven, can be prepared with scented fruits, with spices, such as Clove and the very famous Nutmeg.
  3. Mars: The perfumes of Mars, the God of war, can be prepared with Oak leaves, scented woods, Sandalwood, and Oleos.
  4. Sun: The perfumes of the Sun are all types of gums, like Frankincense, Benzoin, and Storax, as well as Sunflower, flowers and leaves of Laurel, etc.
  5. Venus: The perfumes of Venus can be prepared with Roses and Violets.
  6. Mercury: The perfumes of Mercury, the God of eloquence, can be conveniently prepared with all types of scented wood, aromatic seeds, Cinnamon, Cassia, Nutmeg, Cedar bark, etc.
  7. Moon: The perfumes of the Moon must be prepared with Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Asparagus, etc.

These perfumes will be used as smoke offerings by burning them within a small pan with charcoal embers at the location of the invocations.

People who are fearful, fornicating, adulterous and criminal, etc., must not perform these invocations.

Magic Exorcisms

After the magic circle has been traced and the air has been prepared by means of the perfumes, then the invoker (who is in the center of the circle) will recite the exorcism of that day (in which he is working) with great faith. Each day has its own exorcism.

Exorcism for Monday

With infinite humbleness and great love, in the name of the terrific Tetragrammaton, I invoke Ye, ineffable Beings.

In the name of Adonai and by Adonai, Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eye, Cados, Cados, Cados, Achim, Achim, Achim, La, La, La, strong La, Thou, who always gloriously glows in the mountain of the Being, I beg Thee for mercy. Help me now. Have pity on me, who has no value, who is nothing.

Adonai, Sabaoth, Amathai, Ya, Ya, Ya, Marinata, Abim, Ieia, creator of all that is and will be.

I beg Thee in the name of all the Elohim who govern the first legion under the supreme command of Orfamiel and by the thirteen rays of the Moon and by Gabriel, so that Thou can help me right now. I acknowledge that I am only a miserable slug from the mud of the earth. Amen.

Exorcism for Wednesday

I beg Ye, divine Elohim, in the name of the sacred and terrific Tetragrammaton and by the ineffable names of Adonai Elohim, Sadai, Sadai, Sadai, Eye, Eye, Eye, Asamie, Asamie, Asamie, in the name of the Angels of the second planetary legion, under the government of Raphael, Lord of Mercury, as well as by the holy name placed upon the forehead of Aaron, help me, assist me, come to my call. Amen.

Exorcism for Friday

Very humbly I beg Ye, Divine Elohim, by the mystic names On, Hey, Heya, ia, ie, Adonai, Saday, come to my call. I beseech Ye, help in the name of the Tetragrammaton and by the sacred power of the Angels of the third legion who are governed by Uriel, the regent of Venus, the star of dawn. Come Anael, come, come. I acknowledge my imperfections; yet, I adore Thee and invoke Thee. Amen.

Exorcism for Sunday

I, who am a wretched mortal, completely convinced of his (her) own nothingness and misery, dare to invoke the Lions of Fire and the blessed Michael.

By the Tetragrammaton I call now the fourth legion of Angels of the Sun, hoping that Michael can have pity on me, Om, Tat, Sat, Tan, Pam, Paz, Amen.

Exorcism for Tuesday

I acknowledge what I am. Truly, I am a poor sinner who calls to and invokes the Angels of Might, by means of the mantras: Ya, Ya, Ya, He, He, He, Va, Hy, Ha, Va, Va, Va, An, An, An, Aie, Aie, Aie, Ecl, Ai, Elohim, Elohim, Elohim, Tetragrammaton.

I invoke Ye in the name of Elohim Gibor and by the regent of the planet Mars, Samael. Attend to my call.

Let the fifth legion of Angels from the planet Mars assist me in the name of the venerable Angel Acimoy. Amen.

Exorcism for Thursday

Without pride, I acknowledge that I have no value, that I am nobody and that only my God has the power, wisdom and love.

I beseech Ye, ineffable Devas, by the sacred names: Cados, Cados, Cados, Eschereie, Eschereie, Eschereie, Hatim, Hatim, Hatim, Ya, the corroborator of the centuries, Cantine, Jaym, Janic, Anie, Caibar, Sabaoth, Betifai, Alnaim and in the name of Elohim and Tetragrammaton and by the Divine Zachariel who governs the planet Jupiter and the sixth legion of Cosmic Angels, attend to my call.

I beseech Ye, Ineffable Beings, that Ye can assist me in this work. I beg Ye by the terrific Tetragrammaton, that Ye can help me here and now. Amen.

Exorcism for Saturday

Acknowledging my tremendous nothingness and interior misery, with complete humbleness, Casiel, Machatori, Sarakiel, attend to my call. I beseech Ye, in the name of the Holy and Mysterious Tetragrammaton to come here.

Listen Ye to me by Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eye, Acim, Acim, Acim, Cados, Cados, Cados, Ima, Ima, Ima, Saday; Io, Sar, Lord Orifiel, regent of the planet Saturn, Chief of the seventh legion of ineffable Angels.

Come ineffable Beings from Saturn. Come in the name of Orifiel and in the name of the powerful Elohim Casiel. I call upon Ye, asking for help in the name of the Angel Booel and by the Star Saturn and by its Holy Seals. Amen.


When reciting the exorcism of the day, the invoker must place himself in the center of the circle, and must submerge himself in profound meditation, begging the planetary regent of that day to send him some of His holy Angels.

While praying, meditating and even weeping, the invoker must ask, supplicate, beseech. Faith must be intense and the supplication immense.

If not even a single atom of doubt exists within the invoker, the Angel can become visible in the physical world.

Any simple atom of doubt makes the magic phenomena of the materialization of any Angel impossible.

The petition must be formulated with clarity and with a great deal of humbleness.


Before performing the invocation, one must perform a fast for nine days. Pure water with honey (bee-honey) and lemon must be drunk during the fasting.

The invocation must be performed on the ninth day of fasting. Pure water sweetened with bee honey and some drops of lemon juice makes this fast possible.

The Angels help in accordance with the Law and until permitted by the Law. The help which the Angels grant us is processed in accordance with the Law and never in accordance with our merely personal capriciousness.

When something is not granted to us, it is because we must pay what we owe. Instead of protesting, we must humbly incline ourselves before the verdict of the Law.

Planetary Regents

  1. Gabriel is the Regent of the Moon.
  2. Raphael is the Regent of Mercury.
  3. Uriel is the Regent of Venus.
  4. Michael is the Regent of the Sun.
  5. Samael is the Regent of Mars.
  6. Zachariel is the Regent of Jupiter.
  7. Orifiel is the Regent of Saturn.

Planetary Characteristics

  1. Gabriel must be invoked on Monday.
  2. Raphael must be invoked on Wednesday.
  3. Uriel must be invoked on Friday.
  4. Michael must be invoked on Sunday.
  5. Samael must be invoked on Tuesday.
  6. Zachariel must be invoked on Thursday.
  7. Orifiel must be invoked on Saturday.

Our readers must not forget that the present day Saturday is the seventh day of the week and that the present day Sunday is the first day of the week according to the Cosmic Order (indicated on the former pages).

Thus, Monday is present day Sunday, Wednesday is present day Monday, Friday is present day Tuesday, Sunday is present day Wednesday, Tuesday is present day Thursday, Thursday is present day Friday and Saturday is present day Saturday.

Planetary Specifications

  1. Moon: Imagination, subconscious automatism, reproduction of species, travel, manual arts, practical arts, business related with liquid products, etc.
  2. Mercury: Reasoning and rationalization, judicial disputes, civil matters, legal profession, science, everything which is related with the intellect, medical science, healing.
  3. Venus: Artistic, creative imagination, dramas, comedies and tragedies, scenic art, love matters, conjugal problems, boyfriend and girlfriend matters, all that is related with the home and with children, etc.
  4. Sun: Health, life, fertility, high dignitaries from the government, chiefs of companies, kings and lords of command, etc., etc., etc.
  5. Mars: Willpower, command, armies, wars, surgery, force and forces, events which imply struggles, etc., etc., etc.
  6. Jupiter: Wealth, poverty, favorable or unfavorable economical matters, laws, people’s rights, high religious dignitaries, judges, matters related with the law, etc.
  7. Saturn: The environment in which we live, practical life, karma in action, the Sword of Justice which reaches us from heaven, real estate matters, lands, houses, properties, jail, death, etc.

Final Indications

The day of the invocation must be selected according to the problem which we have.

The magic circle around the invoker must never be forgotten. As we have already stated, this circle must be traced on the ground with the tip of the sword.

The air must be prepared with the corresponding perfumes.

The regent of the air from the corresponding day must be invoked, in order to beg him to arrange the air so that the planetary Genie or Genii can become visible and tangible before us.

The planetary invocation must be performed when the mandatory prerequisites have been accomplished. The corresponding invocation of that day will be used for this purpose.

Any doubt, as insignificant as it might be, even when it is unconscious or merely subconscious, will make the invocation a failure.

Fearful people must abstain from performing these Theurgic invocations, because they could fall down dead in the experiment.

These type of invocations are for very courageous people. The invocation must be repeated thousands of times until the invoked Genie becomes present.

Whosoever performs invocations for revengeful purposes, for a desired vengeance, for egotistical reasons, with envy, etc., will fail. They will not achieve anything with the invocation.

Theurgy is only possible based upon a lot of patience. Whosoever does not achieve the triumph in the first experiment must repeat the experiment thousands of times until triumphing.

Iamblicus was a great Theurgist who worked with the planetary Genii. It is obvious that this great Master possessed faculties attained by great super-efforts and sacrifices.

The Theurgic faculties of Iamblicus were extraordinary.