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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Remedies for Cancer

Remedies for Cancer

What is cancer...? We answer this question by emphasizing the idea that it is the disorderly and anarchical development of cells in the patient’s own organism. Is cancer contagious? The scientific experiments performed in the Institute for Experimental Medicine of Argentina were conclusive. The scientists placed sick rats and healthy rats together in the same cage. Unquestionably, they did not discover any type of contagion. Rats of different sexes were placed within such properly controlled experiments and were found without contagion. In the scientific world, it has been stated that rats that were fed with cancerous tumors did not become infected.They affirm that rats that were injected with the blood of a sick animal remained immune, without contagion.

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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: The Elemental Instructor of the Gnostic Medic

The Elemental Instructor of the Gnostic Medic

Every human being possesses an Elemental Instructor. This Elemental Instructor is made with the elemental substances of Nature and his creator was the human being himself. The human being created his Elemental Instructor when he too was an elemental.

The aspirations of the elemental-man engendered his Elemental Instructor. This is how his Elemental Instructor was created. The Elemental Instructor of the Gnostic medic is a Master of Elementotherapy.

When the readers of this book want to exert a medicinal operation on a plant, they must request the presence of their Elemental Advocate and beg of it to practice the elemental rite of that plant, in order to join its vegetal element to the sick organ of the patient. Then, there is no doubt that the Elemental Advocate will join the vegetal elemental to the sick organ of the patient.

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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: The Magic of the Roses


If there exists human cruelty, it is true that there also exists spiritual cruelty.

All of us who love the light have already passed through many type of “isms”, that is to say, we have known the schools of Theosophism, Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism, etc., etc.

Thus, where only love, brotherhood, fraternity and peace were proclaimed, we really only found hypocritical Pharisees, whitened sepulchers, resentment disguised within garbs of philosophy, terrible fanaticism and secret gossiping.

Where we were searching for wisdom we only found charlatanry, vanity and stubborn pride.

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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Masters and Disciples

Masters and Disciples

A fundamental difference exists between those who have already reached the union with their Innermost, that is to say, the Masters, and those who still have not achieved that union, in other words, the disciples.

The Master has the flaming sword. The disciple still does not have it.

The flaming sword gives the Master a tremendous power over all the elementals of Nature. All the elemental populations of the earth, water, air and fire tremble before such a sword, which hurls fire and flames.

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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Egypt Elemental

Egypt Elemental

The Egyptian civilization comes from a very remote Neptunian-Amentian period.

The Sphinx, which has resisted the course of the centuries, is simply the image of the Elemental Sphinx of the Goddess Nature. This Elemental Sphinx is the supreme Master of the whole elemental magic of Nature.

When a Master reaches the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, seven paths appear before him and he has to choose one amongst them (see pgs. 46-47).  Devic evolution corresponds to one of them. The Devas are the Gods from the elemental paradises of Nature.

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