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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Dark Light

Dark Light

“Osiris is a dark God.” These terrible, frightful words, this unusual, mysterious phrase, was secretly pronounced in the concealment of the temples, during the Initiatic ceremonies in the sunny country of Khem.

Gods and humans know very well that Osiris Numen, the Egyptian God, deep in thought, is absolutely incomprehensible to us all.

That which is the mystery, that which we do not understand, is dark for the human intellect. Now, after this explanation, our readers can comprehend the deep meaning of that mysterious phrase.

In the beginning or dawn of each universe, the Eternal Dark Light, or Absolute Obscurity is converted into the Chaos.

It is written and with words of fire within all the sacred books of the world that the Chaos is the seed-plot of the Cosmos.

The Nothingness, the Chaos, is certainly and without the least bit of doubt the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all the worlds that live and palpitate within the inalterable infinite.

The Aitareya Brahmana, a precious and magisterial lesson of the Rig Veda, has truly demonstrated until satiation the tremendous identity between the luminous ideas of Brahmans and Pythagorians, because Brahmans and Pythagorians are supported by mathematics.

In the previously cited Hindustani book, the dark fire, the abstract, obscure Wisdom, the Absolute Light, unconditioned and without name, is frequently mentioned.

The abstract Seity, the primeval Zero-Aster of Parsis, is the life-saturated Nothingness. It is That... That... That...

God himself, in other words, the Army of the Voice, the great Word, dies when the great Pralaya, the Cosmic Night, arrives, and is reborn terribly divine in the dawn of the Mahamanvantara.

The absolutely radical zero in transcendental arithmetics, the abstract space in geometry, the unknowable Seity (do not confuse it with Deity, which is different) is not born, does not die, nor does it reincarnate.

From this unknowable entirety, or radical zero, emanates in the beginning any sidereal universe, Pythagorean Monad, Gnostic Father/Mother, Hindu Purusha-Prakriti, Egyptian Osiris-Isis, dual Protocosmos or Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon, the Theos-Chaos of the Theogony of Hesiod, the Chaldean Ur-Anas or fire and water, Semitic Iod-Heve, Parsi Zeru-Ama, Unique-One, Buddhist Aunadad-Ad, Ruach Elohim or Divine Spirit of the Lord floating upon Genesis’ waters of the first instant.

In the profound Night, only Darkness itself filled the boundless all, for Father, Mother, and Son were once more one, and the Son had not awakened yet for the new Wheel and His pilgrimage thereon.

After these words, OREMUS… Let us meditate… Let us worship… Let us now delve into the deepest part of our Being. Thus, while in the absence of the “I,” let us search with infinite humbleness.

There… very deep inside… beyond the body, affections, and the mind, let us find the child Horus, the Divine Spirit, our real Being in the arms of his Divine Mother Kundalini, Isis, whose veil no mortal has lifted.

Indeed, Isis is the feminine aspect of Osiris, the Father who is in secret. Osiris in Himself is the masculine phase of Isis. Both are the Iod-Heve, the Jah-Hovah or Jah-ovah of the Hebrews. The Jews from these times of Kali Yuga have intentionally confused Jehovah with Javhe, who, in accordance with Saturninus of Antioch, is the genie of evil, the Devil.

Let the Gods listen to me and let the humans understand me. Just as the furious waves emerge with tremendous impetus from within the profound sea in order to rumble upon the sandy beach, so does the igneous serpent of our magical powers, our particular Cosmic Mother, surge from within the infinite bosom of Sarasvati, the Eternal Mother Space, in order to rise and manifest herself within us.

The Lord is even deeper within. Thus, as H.P.B. stated, there are as many Fathers in heaven as humans on the earth. However, all of them are just emanations of Brahma, the Ocean of the Great Life.

Osiris, Isis, and Horus, the three of You, give a sign and come unto us.

Father, Mother, and Son, divine Trimurti, are three ineffable and terribly divine aspects of our authentic Being.

At the dawn of each Mahamanvantara, the Son, the Child Horus, the Divine Spirit of each one of us, must send the best part of himself, which is his Essence, unto this valley of tears with the purpose of Self-realizing.

The battle is terrible; Horus, the Innermost, the particular Spirit of each one of us, must defeat the red devils (the pluralized “I”) if, indeed, what he wants is to obtain a Diamond Soul.

Imagine at least for a moment the Androgynous Divine, the Rasit or Brasit, the Gnostic Father-Mother, already endowed with its Diamond Soul. This is how they are, those who have already achieved the Final Liberation.

Nonetheless, not all the Androgynous Divine have a Diamond Soul. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that many flames are without Self-realization.

Indeed, Horus is the vehicle of Iod-Heve, the indispensable instrument for Self-realization.

Osiris and Isis fail when Horus is defeated in the battles fought during his pilgrimage throughout the wheel of samsara (valley of tears).

Yet, when Horus becomes victorious in the battles against the red devils, then the Immortal Triad, endowed with a Diamond Soul, is forever submerged within the ineffable joy of the Abstract Absolute Space.