Christ's Will: Sex


1. The swan symbolizes love.

2. In Eden, swans of immaculate whiteness serve at the table of the gods.

3. In Eden, the chastely plumed swans elaborate within their immaculate throats ineffable delicacies that they deposit within the cups of the Angels.

4. The angels drink delicacies from Eden, divine delicacies that the swan elaborates within its adamantine throat.

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Christ's Will: Chapter 56

Chapter 56

1. Listen to me oh Buddhas! Listen to me, children. Listen to me, elders.

2. The waters are the Christonic semen of the universe.

3. Everything emerges from the sea. Everything returns to the sea.

4. The sea is the semen of the universe.

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Christ's Will: Chapter 54

Chapter 54

1. Because humans are vain and foolish, we must make the will of the Father.

2. Indeed, human consciousness is vain. Personal life is vain. Human science is vain. Reasoning is illusory. Human affections are illusory.

3. The Absolute is the only reality.

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