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Beyond Death: Human Karmic Instances

Human Karmic Instances

1. I am going to narrate to you a case that happened to me some time ago. We moved out of the house in which we had lived for eleven years and where we had a lot of bad luck. Since some of our belongings had been left behind, my aunt and I went back to that house a few days later. Immediately upon entering we smelled the foul stench of a corpse. Since we had left the house totally clean, I was curious, so I went to the second floor in order to inspect it. When entering one of the bedrooms, I saw—in the place formerly occupied by one of the beds—a deep hole, as if someone was going to place a coffin in it. I uttered a shout, and my aunt came up when hearing it. Then, because she saw that I was so frightened, we left that house immediately and went back to the house where we live now.

Beyond Death: Intriguing Narrations

Intriguing Narrations

1. One night in April 1968, while I was profoundly asleep, I heard shouts and noises as if from people breaking glass and fighting in the street. Fearing that eventually they could break the glass of my car which was parked in the street, I got up, took my slippers and pants, and went through the corridor. I crossed the room and, raising the curtain, looked through the window and discovered with surprise that there were no people there, no noises; instead, there was peace and tranquility. The street was totally illuminated and my car in a perfect state. Thinking that everything was just the outcome of an illusion or nightmare, I walked back again through the corridor to the door of my bedroom. Thus, when I opened the door and walked a few steps, I was astounded to see myself profoundly asleep in the bed and next to my wife. I was with my arms out, and on the blankets my left leg was totally uncovered, and my face rested on its left side. When I saw this scene, a great terror entered me. Then I felt myself being attracted towards my body as if it was a strong magnet. Then I woke up very frightened with my heart beating strong and a cold sweat all over my body. Can you tell me what actually happened?

Beyond Death: Astral Projection

Astral Projection

1. What is an astral projection?

Samael Aun Weor: Do you really not know what an astral projection is? Young lady, I understand very well that your question is sincere. Listen, astral projection is an extremely simple and easy natural phenomenon like eating and drinking, etc. It is clear that when the physical body enters into sleep, the soul leaves it and travels everywhere. When returning, when re-entering into its body again, the soul then often remembers the places where it was, the people with whom it spoke, etc. Usually people describe this phenomenon as dreams, yet indeed this is an astral projection.

Beyond Death: Mystical Phenomena

Mystical Phenomena

1. On a certain occasion in the countryside when I was performing an exercise of meditation, I felt as if I was vibrating while leaving the body. Then, suddenly I felt that I was flying at a great speed and arriving at Egypt in a couple of seconds. I landed close to the Sphinx and felt the heat of the sand in the soles of my feet. I was able to touch the enormous decayed stones of that gigantic monument. It was a great surprise for me to see that open panorama and vivid perception of the sky, as well as a tenuous breeze from the Nile river that was blowing and moving some large, thin palms.

Beyond Death: Mystical Experiences of a Neophyte

Mystical Experiences of a Neophyte

1. One night of 1966 while utilizing one of the practices of astral projection, I managed to leave my body consciously. Then I felt a very special freedom, an indescribable joy. Thus, like a bird I flew to another planet, which was unknown to me, but very much like the planet Earth, since I saw enormous green forests filled with pines and a log cabin within which I saw some people waving their hands aloft to get my attention. I descended and with great surprise found that the Master Samael Aun Weor was there with some relatives and some of his disciples, who greeted me with a very warm hug and a very special joy that I cannot describe.