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Beyond Death: Negotiations


1. I have a business, and lately the economic situation has become very difficult for me; my store goes terribly; many of my clients have gone. What I must do?

Samael Aun Weor: First of all, my dear friend, I must tell you that you need to keep forty days of absolute sexual abstention, because I understand that you have had a very profane life. You have been an awful fornicator—that is, you have clumsily spent your sexual energies.

Beyond Death: The Law of Freewill

The Law of Freewill

1. I want to ask you a favor: it so happens that my husband has been taken from me by another woman; I undergo the unspeakable, and do not know what to do. Since you know the esoteric sciences, it seems to me that you could fix my problem. I know that you have a wonderful mental force and therefore, you can dominate the mind of the neighbor, to entice the beloved one, to place him at my feet by means of magic. What would be the price of your work? I can pay you whatever the price may be.

Samael Aun Weor: I believe you are mistaken, lady. I am not a black magician. To use the forces of the mind in order to subjugate others, in order to enslave them, in order to force them, is violence, and any violent act is black magic.

Beyond Death: Practical Magic

Practical Magic

1. Because of my sister’s birthday, I went to her house, where I had not been for long while because I only visit her every eight days. I found her to be very sick and could not tell what her illness was. She explained to me that for a long time she felt like that only at night, and that she could not sleep because of shortness of breath. When she wanted to read a certain esoteric book that I gave her, she became so ill that she could not read it, except by reciting the Conjuration of the Seven that I had given her, and by invoking you.

Beyond Death: Occult Medicine

Esoteric Medicine

1. Master, what can you tell me about healing from a distance?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I constantly receive mail from different places of the world soliciting such treatments. In our replies we limit ourselves to Spiritual Medicine; we indicate the precise hour in which they can concentrate on us, that is to say, to think on us, to invoke us.

It is clear that we attend to the patients spiritually, and sometimes we even become visible before them.