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Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Good Master of the House

The Good Master of the House

Indeed, to detach oneself from the disastrous effects of life in these tenebrous times is very difficult, but indispensable. Otherwise, one is devoured by life.

Any work that one does on oneself with the purpose of achieving a spiritual and psychic development is always related with a very well understood type of isolation. This is because the personality is the only thing that one can develop under the influence of life as we have always lived it; anything else is impossible.

We do not intend to oppose the development of the personality in any way. Obviously this is necessary in life. Yet, indeed the personality is merely something artificial. The personality is neither the truth nor the reality in us.

If the wretched intellectual mammal, mistakenly called the human being, does not isolate himself, but identifies with all the occurrences of practical life, if he wastes his strength in negative emotions, in personal self-consideration and in insubstantial vain wordiness of ambiguous chattering, then nothing constructive, no real element can be developed within him, except that which belongs to this world of mechanicity.

Indeed, whosoever wants to truly achieve the development of the Essence in himself must become hermetically sealed. This statement refers to something intimate, closely related to silence.

The phrase “hermetically sealed” comes from ancient times when a doctrine on the internal development of a human being associated with the name of Hermes was secretly taught.

Therefore, if one wants something real to grow within his interior, it is evident that one must avoid the escape of one’s psychic energies.

When one’s energies drain away and one is not inwardly isolated, then it is unquestionable that one will not be able to attain the development of something real within one’s psyche.

Ordinary routine life wants to devour us mercilessly. Hence, we must fight against life daily; we must learn to swim against the current.

This work goes against daily life. It deals with something very different from that of daily life and something that we must, nonetheless, practice from moment to moment. I am referring to the revolution of the consciousness.

Evidently, if our attitude towards daily life is fundamentally mistaken, if we believe that everything should turn out well because that is the way it is supposed to be, then we will be disappointed.

People want things to turn out well, “because that is the way it is meant to be,” because everything should be in accordance with their plans.

Nevertheless, crude reality is different; therefore, as long as one does not change internally, whether one likes it or not, one will be a victim of circumstances.

Many sentimental stupidities are uttered and written about life. Yet, this Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology is different.

This Doctrine goes straight to the point, to concrete, clear and definite facts. This doctrine emphatically affirms that the “intellectual animal,” mistakenly called a human being, is a mechanical, unconscious, sleeping biped.

“The Good Master of the House” will never accept revolutionary psychology. “The Good Master of the House” fulfills all his duties as father, husband, etc., and because of it, thinks the best of himself. Nonetheless, he only serves Nature’s ends. That is all.

On the other hand, we shall state that “the Good Master of the House” who swims against the current, who does not want to be devoured by life, also exists. However, this type of individual is very rare in the world. There are very few of this type.

When one behaves in accordance with the ideas of this Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology, one obtains an upright perception of life.