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The Zodiacal Course: Scorpio


From the 24th of October to the 22nd of November
  • Rules: The Sexual Organs
  • Metal: Magnet
  • Stone: Topaz
  • Perfume: Coral
  • Plant: The Oak Tree
  • Flower: Chrysanthemum
  • Planet: Mars
  • Color: Red
  • Element: Water
  • Keyword: Action
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Ruler: Samael

Beloved disciple:

We have arrived at the omnipotent empire of strength and power. Now we want to speak only in the language of majesty and might.

Now we want only to understand the omnipotence of strength. This is the terrific kingdom of Pluto, the omnipotent empire of strength and of the magician. This is the igneous abode of the bellicose Mars.

Legions of the earth! Legions of the air! Legions of the water! Legions of the fire! Obey us!

Scorpio rules the sexual organs and in the latter resides all the power of the magician.

Scorpio is the house of Mars and Pluto, the visitor.

We stated that Pluto is a visitor because this terrific Genie (Logos) of practical magic does not belong to this solar system. He is merely a visitor who is helping all the warriors of the rocky path.

Within his majestic temple, we see two enormous symbolic “balls.” See him there! His “veiled” face is terribly divine and exhales the omnipotence of power. Pluto attends to the initiate’s call when black forces attack us. Pluto can defend us from the tenebrous lords of black magic. Behold him there! He has cast his ball and attends the call of the supplicant!

Children of the earth! Listen to your instructors, the children of the fire!

Now beloved disciple, we will grant you the supreme key of the Great Arcanum.

This is the omnipotent secret of the Kundalini.

The Kundalini is awakened with Sexual Magic.

During moments of love, in which the couple feels ineffable delights, you must sexually connect yourself with your spouse and during the sexual connection pronounce the powerful mantras of the Kundalini. I received these powerful mantras from the angel of command, called “Aroch.”

These mantras are the following:


They must be vocalized in the form of a song, prolonging the sound of the vowels, raising the voice in the first syllable of each word and lowering it in the second syllable.

The letter “r” is pronounced in a high and sharp manner, like the voice of a child, prolonging the sound as if it were the sound of a motor or a mill when it is left without grain to grind, which produces a sharp and thin sound.

Listen well! These are the most powerful mantras known in the entire infinite to awaken the Kundalini. You can also vocalize them mentally.

Withdraw from your priestess-wife without seminal ejaculation. The restrained desire will make the energy rise upwards, towards your heads, and thus you shall awaken your Kundalini and become Gods.

I will now transcribe a few paragraphs from the eighth lesson of the Zodiacal Course by the venerable Master Arnold Krumm-Heller, Guru (Huiracocha), Arch-bishop of the Gnostic Church, so that our disciples comprehend well these teachings:

“Instead of the coitus which reaches the orgasm, sweet caresses, amorous phrases and delicate touching should be lavished reflectively, keeping the mind constantly separated from animal sexuality, sustaining the purest spirituality as if the act were a true religious ceremony.

“Nevertheless, the man can and should introduce the penis and keep it inside the feminine sex to bring about a divine sensation for both, full of joy, that can last for hours, withdrawing it when the moment of the orgasm is near, to avoid the ejaculation of semen. In this way, they will have a greater desire to caress each other every time.

“This may be repeated as many times as desired without ever becoming tiresome. On the contrary, it is the Magic Key to daily rejuvenation, keeping the body healthy and prolonging life, because this constant magnetization is a fountain of health.

“We know that in ordinary magnetism, the magnetizer communicates fluids to the subject and if the first has those forces developed, he can heal the second. The transmission of magnetic fluids is ordinarily done through the hands or through the eyes, but it is necessary to say that there is no greater and more powerful conductor, a thousand times more powerful, a thousand times superior to others, than the virile member and the vulva as receptive organs.

“If many people practice this, they spread force and success to their surroundings for all those who come into commercial or social contact with them. But in the act of the sublime, divine magnetization to which we are referring, both man and woman reciprocally magnetize each other, the one being for the other a musical instrument which, when plucked, gives off or emits prodigious sounds of mysterious and sweet harmonies. The strings of that instrument are spread all over the body, and it is the lips and fingers that make them vibrate, provided that the utmost purity presides over the act. This is what makes us magicians in that supreme moment.”

These paragraphs from the eighth lesson of the sublime Huiracocha enclose the supreme secret of the grand Arcanum, of which Eliphas Levi speaks to us so much, without ever having dared to reveal it.

This is the key to awaken the Kundalini and make oneself a magician.

The Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

The Kundalini is the solar fire locked up within a membranous pocket in the coccygeal bone, within the sacral region, which is the base of the spinal column.

The Kundalini is the sexual fire. The Kundalini is the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Kundalini is the flaming sword of the Cherubim that guards the entrance to Eden. This is why in the masterpiece entitled The Gnostic Church, Master Huiracocha stated that we must take advantage of the medulla and the semen to the maximum, because therein lies the redemption of man.

Referring to the semen, the Master says the following in Esoteric Rose:

“Raise well your cups, and be careful of not spilling even a single drop of your precious liquid.”

Refrained desire will transmute the semen into Christic energy, and this energy, in its time, will be polarized into positive and negative in order to rise through the two nervous canals located at the right and left of the spinal medulla. In India, these two spermatic canals are called Ida and Pingala.

The right canal is positive and therein ascend the solar atoms. The left canal is lunar and therein rise the lunar atoms.

Ida and Pingala part from a sacral center called “Triveni,” located above the medulla oblongata.

The semen is transmuted into Christic energies.

This energy is the wine of light; this wine of light converts us into living Buddhas.

The two canals Ida and Pingala resound with the musical note of the Chinese gong, or the musical “Fa.”

The spinal medulla with its two nervous cords is the Brahmanic cord. The spinal medulla is the rod of Brahma, Aaron’s rod, the rod of the patriarchs, the rod of Moses, the scepter of the divine kings, and the bamboo cane of seven reed-knots of the yogis in India.

The secret to awakening the Kundalini is within the miracle that Christ performed at the wedding of Cana. The transmutation of water into wine is accomplished within the nuptials. The water (semen) will be transmuted into the wine of alchemical light by refrained effort during the trance of Sexual Magic.

When the solar and lunar atoms of our seminal energy make contact in the center of the coccyx, then the snake begins to move, producing a great pain in the coccyx. It breaks the membranous receptacle and enters the spinal medulla through an orifice which remains closed in ordinary people.

The vapors that rise from the semen uncover that orifice, which is the door of the Sushumna canal. This canal advances along the spinal medulla to the end of the cervical vertebrae, thereby raising the igneous serpent, or liquid fire, of the Kundalini. This sacred fire rises along a fine string that serves as a conductor within the canal of the medulla.

The ascension of the Kundalini is regulated by the fires of the heart. In occultism, the spinal vertebrae are called “canyons” or “pyramids.”

Each canyon has its occult name and powers.

The spinal column has 33 canyons and 33 divine atoms.

The ascent of the Kundalini is carried out “canyon by canyon,” “degree by degree.”

Each canyon comes at the price of terrible tests in the physical and Astral Planes. This is the path of unutterable bitterness and martyrdom.

The nervous branches (which allow the chakras to communicate with the medulla) part from the fine cord of the medulla.

The Kundalini sets fire to all the lotus flowers or chakras of our organism as it rises “canyon by canyon.”

Through the 33 canyons, we pass through the chambers of the great Masonic Lodge of the Astral Plane.

The external chambers are the Minor Mysteries, and the internal chambers are the Major Mysteries.

The disciple must learn the Masonic salutes from his own Inner Being. “The Internal Master” must teach them to him. The thickness of the Kundalini will depend upon the amount of stored sexual energy. The color of the Kundalini depends on the psychological idiosyncrasy of the disciple.

The Kundalini rises according to the practice of Sexual Magic, and in accordance with our process of sanctification, for as we have said, the ascension depends on the merits of the heart.

We have to sum up our defects, and dedicate two months to each defect in a successive order, until we put an end to all defects. This simple rule is the key to making the Kundalini rise, because the disciple then comes out triumphant in all the astral and physical tests, and conquers the canyons quickly, one after the other.

A single ejaculation or sexual discharge is enough for a fuse to be burnt, that is to say, for the nervous cord through which the Kundalini ascends, to fail; then the fire falls one or two canyons according to the magnitude of the fault, and, consequently, loses the acquired powers.

Our Lord the Christ told me:

The disciple must not let himself fall, because the disciple who lets himself fall has to struggle very much in order to recover what has been lost.

Throughout the Initiations of Minor Mysteries, the disciple has to pass through the entire tragedy of Golgotha; thus at last he will climb the Golgotha of High Initiation, where he will be fused with his Inner Being and become a Master of the White Lodge.

High initiation is the fusion of two principles: Atman-Buddhi, or the five principal Initiations of Major Mysteries.

With the first we achieve the fusion of Atman-Buddhi, and with the fifth, we add Manas to this fusion, and so the septenary is reduced to a trinity: “Atman-Buddhi-Manas.”

There is a total of Nine Initiations of Major Mysteries.

Atman is the Being. Atman is the Inner Being. Atman is our internal Angel, and Buddhi is our Spirit-Soul.

When the Inner Being and the Soul-Spirit fuse, a new Master of humanity is born, and when the “Manas” or Human Soul is added to this fusion, then a new Blessed One is born.

Redemption begins outside the inferior “I,” and ends outside the interior “I.”

In the sign of Virgo we already spoke about the seven serpents of Eden. We have seven bodies and seven serpents of fire. Each of the seven bodies has its Kundalini, its serpent.

The first serpent opens up the seven churches located within the Buddhic Body. A stigmaticized and Christified Buddhic Body inevitably fuses with the Inner Being.

The second serpent belongs to the Ethereal Body and takes us to the second Initiation of Major Mysteries, which confers upon us the power to travel in the Ethereal Body or To Soma Psuchikon that Max Heindel talked to us about.

The third serpent corresponds to the Astral Body, and totally opens for us all the “chakras,” wheels, or discs of the Astral Body, and corresponds to the third Initiation of Major Mysteries.

The fourth serpent corresponds to the Mental Body, and permits us to Christify the mind. The Christ-mind takes us to the fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries, and confers upon us the degree of “Arhat”.

The fifth serpent belongs to the Causal Body, from which we extract the Human Soul or Manas to fuse it with Atman-Buddhi. This is the fifth initiation and confers the degree of “Aseka” upon us.

The sixth serpent belongs to Buddhi. This sixth portal is like a cup of transparent and white alabaster within which the fire of the Innermost burns. You then become that cup burning with the fire of your sixth serpent.

The seventh serpent belongs to the body of the Innermost itself.

We extract the “soul-consciousness” from the physical body by means of its Kundalini. When the “soul-consciousness” is absorbed within, the Buddhi becomes fused with the Innermost.

We extract the sapient-soul from the Ethereal Body by means of the golden Kundalini of this body.

We extract the cognizant-soul from the Astral Body by means of the hoary Kundalini of that vehicle.

We extract a psychic-summary from the Mental Body by means of its respective Kundalini.

We extract a psychic-integration or Human Soul from the Causal Body (or Body of Will).

The other two serpents take us to the ineffable bliss of Nirvana.

These are the seven degrees of the power of the fire. Only the terror of love and law reign in these seven portals.

The eighth and ninth initiations take us to ineffable regions...

The Pratyeka Buddhas have the eighth initiation, and the ninth belongs to the degree of the King of the World.

The construction of the spinal system and the medulla is analogous in each of the seven bodies. Each of the seven bodies is a complete organism; all the seven medullas interpenetrate each other without becoming confused.

The seventh initiation confers upon us the degree of “Maha-choan.” The Maha-choan becomes a guardian of the Akashic archives and director of the works of the Great White Lodge.

When passing boisterously by, the waters of the Hoang-ho river intone the “gong,” that is to say, the keynote “Fa” of nature, which makes our Kundalini vibrate, in the sacred river of life.

Buddha, the redeemer of Mars, now radiates Buddhic forces from that planet, with which Scorpio enters our seminal system and stirs within us the longing for Christification.

Buddhic atoms flood our seminal canals. The Buddhic atoms fill our internal vehicles and saturate the very internal structures with the strength of Mars.

Buddha has become a warrior; now he radiates his powerful “Buddhic-Martian” energy from Mars.

What a marvel of creation this is! Buddha has become a warrior!

The Buddhic-Martian atoms will produce the age of intuition (Aquarius).

Our Buddhic principle is the superlative consciousness of the Being; it is the Soul-Spirit.

Now, the warrior force of Mars has become Buddhic, and the heroes of Light will surge everywhere.

Mars, in Scorpio, makes the atoms of Buddha reach our seminal system in order to achieve the Christification of the human being. The Buddhic atoms under the force of Mars will convert us into living Christs.

Buddha, the Christ of the Martians, now throbs within our seminal system. Our body and our Buddhic atoms confer upon us the gift of “feeling” the supreme knowledge. The Buddhic conscience is now warlike, and a new type of warrior has been born, those of Light, the paladins of the new era. The new era will emerge from the wars of this century, because Mars is now Buddhic.

The sacrifice of Buddha on Mars was like that of the Christ among us. Buddha prepared himself on earth to later become the Christ of the Martians.

The natives of Scorpio are of strong will, but should fight against the defects of anger, hatred, and vengeance. The natives of Scorpio are either totally chaste, or fornicators altogether. They always pass through bitterness before the age of thirty.

Topaz is their stone, bright red is their color and iron their metal.

Children of men! Do you want to enter into the ineffable bliss of Nirvana?

Do you want to become Gods?

Do you want to become Christs?

Do you want to become free of the wheel of births and deaths?

Behold here I have granted you the key of Sexual Magic! What else do you want?


The teacher of your class,

Samael Aun Weor