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The Virgin of Carmel: Miracles of the Virgin of Carmel

Miracles of the Virgin of Carmel

All of us who know the mountain know that the Virgin of Carmel is a tireless worker.

Often a devotee is cured of some incurable disease, and then, filled with admiration, exclaims, "A miracle done by the Virgin of Carmel!"

What the devotee ignores is that the Virgin of Carmel has had to work intensely in order to be able to heal the sick body.

On other occasions, a devotee has been saved from dying tragically, thus, full of admiration, he exclaims, "A miracle!" Yet the devotee ignores the supreme effort, the enormous sacrifice, the magnitude of work that the Virgin of Carmel had to perform.

We are going to narrate some miracles of the Virgin of Carmel: 

1) By imploring the Virgin of Carmel, Alfredo Bello was saved from being drowned in a schooner. Alfredo Bello was sailing near the Panama Canal toward the city of Barranquilla, when the schooner broke. The ship sank within the raging waves of the sea. Nothing was visible but sky and water, not even a ray of hope. Thus, Alfredo Bello grabbed a miserable plank, and implored the Virgin of Carmel. Thus, in time he received assistance; this is how the man was saved. Thus, full of admiration, exclaimed, "A miracle!" Nonetheless, the man ignored the tremendous effort that the Virgin of Carmel had had to do in order to save him.

2) José Prudencio Aguilar, a distinguished and exclusive gentleman of Riohacha, was sailing a schooner in the raging waves of the Atlantic ocean, when it was suddenly hit by a terrifying hurricane that stirred the raging waves of the sea. That schooner was on the verge of sinking into the depths of the ocean. The man cried to the Virgin of Carmel, and she worked very hard in order to save him from disaster. "A miracle!" exclaimed the man.

3) By invoking the Virgin of Carmel, the lady Esther Lozano gave birth to a beautiful girl without feeling any pain in childbirth. "A miracle!" exclaimed the lady, without realizing the enormous scientific work that the Virgin of Carmel had to make in order to assist her.  Gratefully, the lady baptized her daughter with the name of the Virgin of Carmel.

4) In the year 1940, sailing in a boat of Tacamocho Gamarra, in the moment she was bending to take a bucket of water, the lady Emilia Hernández fell into the water. She was in the raging waves of the Magdalena river for four hours, and grabbed an insignificant branch, yet she was saved from the claws of death by invoking the Virgin of Carmel. The name of the boat was "Manzanares." The Virgin of Carmel had to fight a lot in order to save the lady.

5) A sailor belonging to a distinguished family of Samaria had an accident in the sea, and lasted several hours in the water. He was rescued and became responsive again, and everyone exclaimed, "A miracle of the Virgin of Carmel!"

6) On one occasion a man that climbed a hill of Tolima was attacked by a vicious dog. In the darkness of the night, the animal howled. The frightened man invoked the Virgin of Carmel, and the beast fled scared. There is no doubt that this animal was a tenebrous creature from the abyss.

7) And what we would say about the girl who was saved after the plane she was traveling in crashed? The aircraft transported a large number of refugee children from Germany to the United States, where it crashed. All of the children perished, but it remains unexplained how and in what way a completely healthy baby girl without a single scratch was found some distance from the plane. The Virgin of the Carmel did that wonderful work, that formidable miracle. We accept that by the law of destiny the girl should not have died just yet, but inevitably an intervention was needed, and it was precisely that of the Virgin of Carmel.