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The Revolution of Beelzebub: The Elixir of Long Life

The Elixir of Long Life

The Master Zanoni acquired his Chaldean initiation in very remote ages. As a result, he preserved his youthfulness for thousands of years. Megnour, who was Zanoni’s comrade, also lived through entire ages. These masters were invincible; death could not do anything against them. They were citizens of an already-vanished ancient nation (Chaldea). What was their secret? What was their power?

When arriving at the present chapter of this book, many surgeons uneducated in occult medicine will look at us with condemnation. With compassionate gestures they will mock the “Elixir of Long Life” and will consider these teachings senseless, since they feel they are something impossible.

People have never comprehended—neither have they wanted to admit—that the Elixir of Long Life, the Philosophical Stone, and the Clue of Perpetual Movement are found within the male testicles and within the female uterus.

We have already said—and we will not tire of repeating—that initiation is life itself, intensively lived, and that the human being’s redemption lies exclusively in the sexual act.

When our book The Perfect Matrimony started to circulate, then, as we had expected, many critics emerged who qualified us as pornographic. This was because the book was written in a simple language that was at the reach of everyone’s comprehension, and also because the clue of Sexual Magic was given.

Nonetheless, we know that for the pure ones, everything is pure; yet, for the impure ones, everything is impure.

This is how the “boasters of wisdom,” the sick mystics, who through their morbid lucubrations (which make them believe that they are super-transcended) began to qualify us as materialists.

Such individuals totally ignore that nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter.

Some old rascals, filled with decrepitude and consumed by the passionate coitus, and some sanctimonious, sexually unsatisfied old women, threw the book away horrified, and qualified it as scandalous and pornographic. This is because humanity does not love good, but only evil.

There were also some hallucinating mystics who pleaded in favor of an absurd type of chastity that some religious sects preach but do not practice. They ignore that Nature rebels against that harmful abstinence, which causes nocturnal pollutions and the decalcification of the organism through the urethra. Sickness is the consequence.

Men were made for women and women for men, because Nature is wise in its designs. What man and woman have to learn is to enjoy themselves without hurting each other, and the answer for this is Sexual Magic.

During the act of love, the Gnostic couple transmutes their semen into atomic energy by restraining the sexual act. This energy then rises upwards towards their head, through certain spermatic canals. This is how [Chesed] the inner Being of the human is converted into a god.

This is not understood, cannot be understood, neither can it be explained, by the pseudo-apostles of modern medicine, simply because they do not know the anatomy of the seven bodies of the human being.

They do not know about the occult chemistry or the ultra-biology of the interior organisms of the human being, which are the fundamental base of hormonal life and the endocrine glands.

The Hindus gave the name “Ida and Pingala” to the spermatic canals through which the sexual energy internally rises towards the head. These are nerve cords related with the vagus and sympathetic systems. These cords are entwined along the spinal column in the symbolic shape represented by the Caduceus of Mercury.

The human organism has its canals for the spilling of the semen. However, it also possesses seminal canals through which the semen, when transformed into energy, rises from the seminal glands upwards towards the head. This is because the mass (semen) is always transformed into energy, as was already proven by the wise and great Einstein. This process is what we call “transmutation.”

These ascending spermatic canals were in use by human beings in very ancient epochs. The doctors of medicine among the Indians of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia) have utilized these canals since very ancient times. This is why they reach a very old age, maintaining a very lucid understanding, black hair, and intact dentures.

Among these Indians, we frequently see their children reach the octogenarian and centenarian ages, while in our present civilization, the human being is already in decrepitude by the age of seventy.

There exist thousands of examples of this kind of evidence in order to make the civilized and scientific person think upon this particular matter.

For example, an infant whose sexual energy has not yet been collected in his gonads has this energy latent in all of his organism. This is why if this infant is wounded, his body will heal more rapidly than the body of an adult, because the adult has been wasting his sexual forces since puberty. Moreover, the adult does not know how to handle his sexual energies as in the case of the infant.

Great is the error that the youth commit and also that their parents commit when they allow their children to squander the sexual force in pleasures and disgusting habits. They need to be taught that the vital principle resides within this great force.

It is true, as official science states, that sex is a biological function. Yet, the Decalogue teaches us with its sixth commandment that we must not squander the sexual force, because this force should only accomplish a constructive or creative function.

Therefore, the liberty that the parents give to their children in order for them to freely fulfill their biological functions is not short of being a crime committed against the youth.

Sexual Magic has the following advantages:

1. Husband and wife continue loving each other for life, with growing intensity, as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

2. It does not fill the spouses’ lives with children.

3. Woman rejuvenates, she turns more beautiful and attractive every day, because she is daily charged with powerful forces, thanks to her husband.

4. Aged man rejuvenates and never gets old, because life is given to him through their creative forces. Thus, luck and happiness surround them everywhere.

5. The sense of clairvoyance is awakened in both, so the veil of the invisible worlds is disclosed before their sight.

6. The sacred fire of the Holy Spirit illuminates them internally.

7. They unite themselves with their own Innermost (internal God). Thus, they convert themselves into kings and queens of creation, with powers over the four elements of Nature: earth, water, air and fire.

8. They acquire the Elixir of Long Life, which resides in the Kundalini.

9. Death will be no more.

All of this is a fact, in spite of the doctors, who are “consecrated” by materialistic universities.

Heaven is taken by assault, because heaven is for the courageous ones.

The Gnostics, protected with their character-shield of steel, grasp their sword of will, and as terrific warriors, hurl themselves into battle in order to take heaven by assault.

We, the Gnostics, are human beings of great tempests, and within the explosion of thunder, we understand only the language of majesty.

When the warrior is close to initiation, he can laugh at death with a guffaw that can shake all of the caverns of the earth. Then, he can have the right to the Elixir of Long Life, which is a potable gold, and a liquid, flexible, and malleable glass. He asks the Lords of Karma for additional years of life in order to pay his debts.

This is how death and resurrection are achieved in his present incarnation, and how he is united with his Innermost. Then, when his karma is paid, he convokes the Lords of Karma in order to declare to them that he has resolved to remain in this world in order to work for humanity. Therefore, he remains with his physical body forever, till the end of all centuries.

The Masters Kout Humi, Morya, Saint Germain, etc. have physical bodies that have existed for thousands of years. All of them have an indescribable age. What would a Master of Major Mysteries do if he had to constantly change his physical body?

The founder of the College of Initiates is a Maha-Guru, who will remain with us until the last initiate has reached his rank.

The author of The Dayspring of Youth tells us that in Egypt there are two Masters who have a really indescribable age. He states that one of them is mentioned within very ancient religious scriptures.

A Master can preserve his physical body for millions of years because he possesses the Elixir of Long Life, which resides in the Kundalini. The Master engenders his own body daily, by means of his Kundalini. Thus, the cells of the body of a Master never wither, because the fire of the Kundalini does not allow them to do so.

The Kundalini is then the Elixir of Long Life. This fire is the potable gold of ancient Alchemists. The Kundalini is the Tree of Life, which the book of Genesis refers to in the following verses:

“And of the ground made Jehovah Elohim to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” - Genesis 2:9

The Tree of Life is the Kundalini, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the semen. Both trees are from the garden of God.

“And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

“The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.”

The land of Havilah is our own physical body, and the gold of this land is the solar atoms from our seminal system—that is to say, the semen’s potable gold.

“And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.”

This second river is the cerebrospinal fluid, which is the other pole of our seminal system. With it we encompass the whole land of Ethiopia—that is to say, the whole of our head and throat, since we form the brain and throat with the cerebrospinal fluid.

“And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river is Euphrates.” - Genesis 2:10-14

The river that goes toward the east of Assyria and the river Euphrates are the two poles of the woman’s seminal system. Therefore, the woman is towards the east of us, because she is the door of Paradise, and this door is always towards the east.

Eden is sex itself. Thus, the Tree of Life is within Eden itself. The great Hierophant Eliphas Levi said that the Great Magical Arcanum is the Tree of Life, and that “at the foot of this Tree is the source of the four mysterious rivers of Eden.” Yet, he fearfully says in a moment of consternation, “Here I must pause, and I fear that already I have said too much.”

This is the formidable, unutterable secret that no initiate has ever dared to reveal. This is the formidable secret of the “Great Arcanum.”

The four rivers of Eden are the sexual forces of man and woman. The Tree of Life is in the midst of these four rivers of Eden.

If the human being, with all of his vices and passions, could have eaten from the Tree of Life in Eden, then Nero still would be alive, and the great tyrants would not have left a single moment of light for humanity. Caligula and the twelve Caesars from Rome would still be alive, they would still be upon their thrones. Fortunately, Jehovah knew how to keep the way of the Tree of Life.

“So, he drove out the man: and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden a cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” - Genesis 3:24

Ignite your nine mystic lamps, oh chela!

Listen to me: a Master abides in the bottom of your soul; he awaits in mystical lurking, waiting for the hour that He will be Self-realized.

Listen to me, beloved disciple: that Master is your Innermost, and you are the soul of that Master.

The Innermost becomes a Master with the fruits of millinery experiences through innumerable reincarnations.

Do not forget, beloved disciple, that you are a soul and that your physical body is your suit.

Listen to me, beloved disciple: when your outfit is damaged, what do you do with it? You throw it away, because you no longer need it, and you cannot deny this. Yet, if you wish to replace your outfit, then where do you go? You might answer me that you will go to the tailor’s store in order for the tailor to make another outfit for you.

Therefore, beloved disciple, I have already told you that you are a soul and that your body is your suit. Your suit of flesh was well-made in accordance to your own proportions. This suit of flesh was made by two laborers—that is to say, your father and your mother.

When your present suit of flesh is damaged, what will you do with it? You will throw it away, and if you want to replace it, then you have to search for a new pair of male and female laborers in order for them to build for you another suit of flesh, well-made, and in accordance to your own proportions.

You might ask me how? Well, how was your present suit of flesh made? In the same way, the new tailors will make for you your new suit. So then, this should not be strange to you.

When you undress yourself, taking off your fabric clothing, and you put on another garment, it is clear that you do not stop being Mr. or Ms. X. Neither do you forget your business and your debts. So, whether wearing a suit of cotton or wearing another of wool, you will always pay your debts.

The same happens when you, as a soul, re-dress yourself with a new suit of flesh. You have to pay your old debts, and you have to pay them because there is no other way, since these debts are your evil actions.

Listen to me, beloved reader. There are millions of suits of flesh that you have taken off since the beginning of the world. If you do not remember, indeed other people do remember. A day will come in which you will remember your millions of deaths and births from the very creation of the world.

Do not forget that Adam is not one man, neither is Eve one woman. Indeed, Adam is all of the millions of men of Lemuria, and Eve is all of the millions of women of Lemuria.

The souls that in this day and age you see wearing a suit of flesh and bones are the same souls of Lemuria, who in those times were wearing other suits of flesh and bones.

In the dawn of life, the Four Thrones emanated from their own life-source millions of human bodies in an embryonic state. These human bodies were developed through the ages. Now they are our marvelous physical bodies, which are made from the mud of the earth.

All of this is explained by the Bible. Yet, in order to study the Bible, one needs to have studied occultism, because the Bible is a book of occultism and cannot be read at face value as when reading a newspaper.

Therefore, the Bible is the book of the Gnostics, and only when one becomes a Gnostic can one understand it.

The Mystery of Life and Death

Listen, dear reader, each time that you wear a new suit of flesh, you are a little less of a villain, a little less of an assassin, a little less envious. This is because one truly learns from life’s club blows, and the soul is really perfected through suffering. When the wild colt is tamed with a whip, then the day for the soul to be united with its Innermost arrives, and the soul is converted into an angel.

This is performed through being born and through dying millions of times; yet, it is also very true that we can achieve the union with the Innermost in just one very well-spent life.

It is also very true that by means of the Elixir of Long Life we can preserve our youth and not die.

Megnour lived with his body of flesh and bones for seven times seven centuries. Zanoni also remained young for millions of years.

The Count Saint Germain presently lives in Tibet with the same body that he had during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and part of the nineteenth centuries in Europe.

We, the Gnostics, laugh at death. We have the secret in order to mock the mute skull, and as we previously stated in the first chapter, we will make the inopportune guest (death) flee with the sword of Damocles.

We feel omnipotent, and with a gesture of sovereign rebellion, we challenge science.

Foolish doctors, ignorant biologists, arrogant physicists, where is your wisdom?

Death sweeps away everyone, wealthy and poor, believers and unbelievers. All are defeated by death, except we, the Gnostics.

We, the Gnostics, laugh at death, and we place it before our feet, because we are omnipotent.

Ignite your nine mystic lamps, oh Lanoo (disciple). Remember that each one of the nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries has a musical note and an instrument that produces it.

There are three conditions that are necessary in order to receive the Elixir of Long Life: Sexual Magic, perfect sanctity, and to know how to consciously travel in the Astral Body.

Many people can start by traveling with their physical body within the Astral plane, because this is easier. Later on, they can become practical in the use and control of the Astral Body.

Some people are acquiring their sanctity little by little. The best way to put it into effect is to make an addition of all of our defects, then to terminate each one of them in a successive order, by dedicating two months to each defect.

Whosoever wants to terminate various defects at one time is similar to the hunter who wants to hunt ten hares at the same time. He does not succeed in hunting any one of them.

Now, concerning Sexual Magic, there is the need to accustom the organism little by little to it, for there exist such brutal individuals who would not feel the slightest bit of pain if their own leg was cut during the sexual act. These are human beasts.

In the beginning, the couple can practice standing on their feet. The husband will massage his wife from the coccyx upwards towards her neck, with his index, middle fingers and his thumb, with the intention of awakening the Kundalini of his wife. She, likewise, will do the same thing to her husband, with the intention of awakening his Kundalini. The mind should be concentrated on the spinal medulla and not in the sexual organs.

The days for beginners of Sexual Magic will be Thursdays and Fridays at dawn. In the beginning, there should be no sexual connection. Later on (days, maybe weeks), the man will introduce his penis within the vagina and opportunely withdraw it in order to avoid the seminal ejaculation.

Man and woman must mutually kiss and caress during this practice, pronouncing the mantra I.A.O. like this: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aaaaaaaaaaa Ooooooooooo, seven or more times, taking an inhalation of air for each letter.

When strong pain is felt in the coccyx, then it is a sign that the fire of Kundalini has awakened. This fire will rise along the canal of the spinal column, canyon by canyon (vertebra by vertebra) in accordance with our moral merits.

The awakening of the Kundalini is celebrated in the Children’s Hall with a great celebration.

The decisive factor in the progress, development, and evolution of the Kundalini is ethics.

There is the need for the disciple to be skillful in the astral, so that he can assist the Praetor of the Holy Gnostic Church at dawn on Fridays and Sundays. The other days, the disciple can receive wisdom within the temple’s hall of esoteric instruction.

At the gate of the Holy Gnostic Church, there are some guardians who allow the entrance of the disciples based on the condition that their conduct was upright during the day. These guardians have certain scales with which they weigh the good and evil deeds that the disciples performed during the day.

Also, there exists within the Gnostic Church a lens with which the colors of the disciple can be examined. When the disciple does not carry all of his complete colors, then he cannot bring the memories into his body. Many times, due to daily preoccupations, these colors remain within the physical body.

In our brain there is an extremely fine nervous tissue that is totally unknown to the men of science. This tissue is the instrument in order for us to bring back our internal memories. Yet, when an injury is present in that tissue, then the disciple cannot bring his memories into his brain. Then, there is the need to ask the Masters Hermes, Hippocrates, or Paracelsus for the healing of that center. A letter must be written to the Temple of Alden, asking for the help of any of the three mentioned Masters. That letter must firstly be saturated with the smoke of frankincense. Afterwards, the letter must be burned with fire, while pronouncing the mantras Om Tat Sat Om.

One must perform this action filled with faith, kneeling, praying to heaven, and begging to be heard.

Certainly, the material part of the letter is burned, yet the Astral counterpart goes directly to the hands of the Master to whom the letter is meant.

Thus, the Master reads the Astral counterpart of the letter and then proceeds to heal the disciple.

The Temple of Alden is the temple of science.

The internal bodies also get sick and are also in need of the assistance of these doctors. These doctors are Masters of science, who are wealthy in wisdom. They heal the internal bodies of the initiates and also of anyone who asks for help.

One of the most grave inconveniences for practicing Sexual Magic is impotence. The excessive performance of the coitus brings, among other things, impotence. None of the remedies invented by allopathic doctors have given any cure for this. Yet, the daily practice of Sexual Magic heals impotence.

Now we are going to give a formula in order for those who suffer that terrible sickness (impotence) to be healed, with the condition that there has not been any injury to the virile member.

Very few are the human beings who have stopped to meditate upon the transcendental value of the plant called the Aloe.

I have seen the Aloe plant hung on a wall without pure air, without water, light, and soil. Nonetheless, it remains filled with life; it multiplies its leaves and miraculously reproduces itself. What does it live on? What does it take for nourishment?

This precisely is an inconvenience for the modern pseudo-botanists, since they only duplicate what others say. Very seldom does one of them have the insight to individually investigate within the marvellous laboratory of Nature.

The unique thing that pharmacists do with the Aloe is create “German liquor” and pectorals. These are the only things they make with their famous Aloe gel. It is a great pectoral, yet they do not even remotely know about the transcendental importance of the Aloe.

The Aloe nourishes itself with the ultrasensible rays of the Sun with the christonic substance of the Sun. The Aloe gel is the crystallization of the Astral Light from the Sun. Therefore, the gel is the semen of the Sun. This is why there is a great similitude between the Aloe gel and human semen. Consequently, the Aloe is a great panacea for the healing of impotence.

The procedure is as follows: put into a casserole dish, pan, or pot one white panela (hard sugarcane commonly found in Colombia) so it can be melted by the fire. This casserole dish must not contain water. Once the panela is liquefied, you must add the gel of a complete Aloe plant, then add ten grams of iron. While it is on the fire, stir this very well with a handmill. When everything is very well stirred, then take the casserole dish from the fire and bottle up this substance, adding a little bit of sodium benzoate so that it cannot ferment. Label it, and take one spoonful of the remedy every hour. Impotence is cured with this marvelous formulae.

We will give another marvellous formula for the healing of impotence in our next book, which is in preparation, entitled Occult Medicine and Practical Magic.

Any woman who wants to awaken her Kundalini must practice Sexual Magic with her husband. She must also vocalize the mantra I.A.O. and refrain from the orgasm. Thus, the woman must withdraw herself from her husband before the approaching of the spilling of her feminine semen. This is the way in which women can awaken their Kundalini in a positive way.

The unique difference of the female from the male in relation to the Kundalini is that the two ganglionic canals called Ida and Pingala are inverted. In the male, Ida is at his right and Pingala at his left. In the female, Ida is at her left and Pingala at her right. These two ganglionic canals resound with the note Fa of Nature.

Listen to me, beloved reader, when you feel that you are well prepared, then ask the Masters in the Holy Gnostic Church to submit you to rigorous ordeals. If you wish special assistance, then invoke me, Samael Aun Weor. I will guide you through the nine gates that will give you the right to rise to the Golgotha of the High Initiation with the rough and heavy cross that is delivered to you in the first Initiation of Minor Mysteries.

Remember, good disciple, that the cross has the weight of your Karma. Do not allow yourself to fall, because the disciple who allows himself to fall has to suffer and fight very much in order to recuperate the loss.

Listen to me, good disciple, the path is hard and filled with cobblestones and thorns. Amidst your journey, poverty and infamy will put on their masks in order to hurt you. You will sweat blood and your feet will also bleed amidst your journey because of the cobblestones on the path.

The path of High Initiation is the path of Golgotha. It is a path of tears and anguish.

Light your candles in the silence of the night, and in that profound silence where you keep vigil, remember your Internal God and enter into His cavern. He awaits for you inside, deep inside of yourself, awaiting for the hour of His realization.

Light your candle, oh chela! In the silence of the night, penetrate very deeply into the sacred city of the serpent. Here, inside, is where your God is waiting for you. So, light the fire in the night, oh lanoo. Close your eyes, withdraw your mind from any type of mundane preoccupations, become a little sleepy and try through interior meditation to talk with your Internal God in mystery.

When through profound interior meditation you learn how to enter within your own cavern, then, oh disciple, you will converse with your own Innermost.

Ignite your sacred fire in the profound night where you keep your vigil; thus, you will leave the dense obscurity. Your God wants to talk to you within the burning bush of Horeb.

Let your chant become sensitive to your seven churches, oh disciple, and do not forget that the Word is what opens the seven doors of the seven churches of your organism. Chant, oh disciple, chant!

Ephesus corresponds to the note DO. Smyrna corresponds to the note RE. Pergamus corresponds to the note MI. Thyatira corresponds to the note FA. Sardis corresponds to the note SOL. Philadelphia corresponds to the note LA. Laodicea corresponds to the musical note TI.

I: Clairvoyance, middlebrow, note TI

E: Occult ear, larynx, note SOL

O: Intuition, heart, note FA

U: Telepathy, solar plexus, note MI

A: Memory of past lives, lungs, note LA

Chanting these vowels for one hour daily awakens all of these occult powers.

The blood rises upwards towards the head when we vocalize the vowel I. The blood goes into the throat with the vowel E. With the O it goes into the heart. The blood goes into the intestines with the vowel U and into the lungs with the A.

Within one of the rituals which the Master Huiracocha brought to Colombia, there is a mantric prayer which is useful for Sexual Magic. This prayer must be pronounced in the moment when the husband and his priestess-wife are practicing the connection of Sexual Magic. This prayer is as follows:


Oh Hadit, winged serpent of light, be thou the Gnostic secret of my Being, the central point of my connection, my heart itself. The sacred sphere and the blue of the sky are mine:

O A O Kakof Na Khonsa

O A O Kakof Na Khonsa

O A O Kakof Na Khonsa

When the Kundalini lights the atoms of language that are located within the seminal system, then the human being acquires the power of speaking in all of the languages of the world. The great illuminated ones of the Atlantean chain spoke all of the languages of the world.

The Kundalini becomes a creator in the throat. The Magi can create a figure with his mind and materialize it by means of the creative Word of his Kundalini. This is how the angels create living things.

When upon reaching the High Initiation the human being is united with his Innermost, he then utters the divine golden Word that the Gods utter. This is how we elevate ourselves to the pleroma of eternal happiness, and how we convert ourselves into creative Gods: by means of the Word.

Therefore, a book whose theme is about the Word yet does not teach Sexual Magic is simply flippant.

To take the Word out of the mysteries of sex is the breaking point of madness, since sex is the very base of the Word. Thus, one cannot utter the divine golden Word (language) without the awakening of the Kundalini, and Kundalini is only awakened by practicing Sexual Magic.

Whosoever is united with the Innermost becomes omnipotent and omniscient. He knows how to command and to obey; he never becomes arrogant because he has learned to be simple and humble within the cosmos.

The Master’s sight penetrates within all of the spheres of Nature. As a sovereign of the infinite, he unleashes the tempests and calms the hurricanes. He makes the earth tremble, the lightning serves him as a scepter, and the fire as a carpet for his feet.

We will acquire the Elixir of Long Life by practicing Sexual Magic. Thus, we will become omnipotent. Yet, in order to achieve omnipotence, it is first necessary to learn how to obey the White Hierarchy.

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they might have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” - Revelation 22:13-14