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The Revolution of Beelzebub: The Millennium

The Millennium

When the main link from the Black Lodge was broken, the revolution of Beelzebub extended itself over the whole face of the Earth. Concurrently, the Millennium began exactly in the year 1950.

The foundations of the world were being shaken, and other black magicians followed the example of Beelzebub.

Astaroth, an inseparable friend of Beelzebub, and Santa Maria, the comrade of Mariela, the great black magician, also followed the example of Beelzebub.

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The Revolution of Beelzebub: Beelzebub and His Revolution

Beelzebub and His Revolution

Everything in life is a matter of customs. A fornicator is an individual who has intensely accustomed his genital organs to copulate. Yet, if the same individual changes his custom of copulation to the custom of no copulation, then he transforms himself into a chaste person.

We have as an example the astonishing case of Mary Magdalene, who was a famous prostitute. Mary Magdalene became the famous Saint Mary Magdalene, the repented prostitute. Mary Magdalene became the chaste disciple of Christ.

Paul of Tarsus, the furious persecutor of Gnostics, received the sacred initiation after the event which occurred to him on his way to Damascus. He left the custom of persecuting the Christians, and he adopted the Gnostic customs. So, he became a Gnostic Christian prophet.

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