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The Perfect Matrimony: The Flying Serpent

The Flying Serpent

With tears in my eyes (it tears at my heart to have to reveal things that should not be revealed because it is like casting pearls before swine) I must reveal something about the flying serpent for this poor suffering humanity that needs them, even though it is distressing to do so.

The Serpent Bird

In the Popol Vuh of the Mayans, the bird and the serpent are featured as the sexual creators of the universe. Tepeu and Gucumatz sent a sparrow hawk to the immense ocean of great life to bring the serpent, whose marvelous blood they kneaded into yellow and white maize.  The Popol Vuh states that with this dough of white and yellow maize mixed with the blood of the serpent, the God Tzacol formed the flesh of people.  The bird represents the universal spirit of life.


The serpent represents the sexual fire of the Third Logos.  The blood of the serpent represents the waters of Genesis, the great universal sperm, the ens seminis or Christonic semen, in whose waters is the germ of all life.  These waters are the blood of the earth, according to the Mayan philosopher.  The Goddess Coatlicue is the mother of life and death (the ens seminis).

Indeed, the sexual fire of the Third Logos makes the waters of life fertile in order for the universe to emerge.

In the Mayan theogony, two Gods intervened in creation: one who gives life and form to man, and the other who gives him consciousness.  The Third Logos makes the waters of life fertile and when these have been fertilized, the Second Logos intervenes, infusing consciousness into every organism.  The ineffable Gods are the vehicles of action for all the Logoic forces.

The sparrow hawk H’ch’uuy, the macaw Mo, the kestrel X’Cen Cen Bac, the tapir Tzimink Aax, and the serpent Can are the basic components of the Mayan geogenetic myths. These symbols are used exoterically and esoterically.  In the exoteric or public field they symbolize tribal facts, historical incidents, etc.  In the esoteric or secret aspect, this matter is highly scientific, profoundly philosophical, sublimely artistic, and tremendously religious.

Amongst the Maya, the terrestrial paradise is Tamoanchan, the sacred place of the serpent bird.  Tamoanchans are in fact the initiates of the serpent.  The myth of the Tamoanchans is the myth of the serpent bird.  The Tamoanchans are descended from the Toltec, Olmec, and Maya.

The Aztecs, after much hardship, reached the lake of Texcoco, symbol of the Christonic semen, where they found the bird and the serpent, the eagle and the snake.  The Aztecs are the ones who have the high honor of having founded the great Tenochtitlan based on the wisdom of the serpent.

The feathered serpent clearly represents the serpent bird.  The feathered serpent was identified with Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ.  Quetzalcoatl is always accompanied by the sacred symbols of the eagle and serpent. The feathered serpent discloses everything.  The eagle of the Spirit and the serpent of fire transform us into Gods.

The Quetzal of the Mayans is the feathered serpent, the serpent bird.


The Caduceus of Mercury

The Caduceus of Mercury symbolizes the spinal medulla with its two serpents representing the canals of Ida and Pingala through which solar and lunar atoms ascend to the brain.  These are the musical sharps and flats of the great FA that resounds in all creation.

The Akasha ascends like the flaming fire through the medullar canal, and its two poles of energy flow through Ida and Pingala.  From the medullar canal and its two canals, (which are entwined like serpents around the dorsal spine) a circulation begins, which departing from the central duct, is then distributed throughout the whole organism.

Ida and Pingala depart from the sexual organs.  Ida is to the left of the medullar canal and Pingala to the right.  In the woman this order is reversed.  The canals terminate in the medulla oblongata.  This pair of cords are semi-ethereal, semi-physical, and correspond to the superior dimensions of space.

The Igneous Wings

When the solar and lunar atoms unite at the base of the spinal column, the igneous serpent of our magical powers awakens.  The serpent ascends slowly amidst the ineffable delights of the Perfect Matrimony.  The serpent enjoys the enchantment of love.

When the serpent reaches the height of the heart, we receive the igneous wings, the wings of the Caduceus of Mercury.  Then, the serpent has feathers.  This is the Quetzal, the serpent bird, the feathered serpent.

Every initiate who transforms himself into the serpent bird can fly to the Superior Worlds.  He can enter the different regions of the kingdom, travel in the Astral Body at will, travel with the super-Astral vehicles, travel with his physical body within the fourth dimension.  He is a serpent Bird.

The serpent bird can escape from a sealed tomb, walk upon the waters (as was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ), pass through a rock from one side to the other without injury (as was proven by the disciples of Buddha), can fly with his physical body through the air, etc.


Ida is feminine and Pingala is masculine.  Here are the sharps and flats of the great FA that resounds in Nature.  FA corresponds to the Solar atoms, RA to the Lunar atoms, ON to the flaming fire that ascends through the central canal.  It is necessary to learn how to sound these sharps and flats with the powerful mantra FARAON in order to go out in the Astral Body consciously and positively.

With the mantra of these sharps and flats we can travel in the Astral Body.

In Egypt, when the initiate received the igneous wings, he was decorated in the temple with a pair of wings fixed to his tunic at the level of the heart.

When Jesus of Nazareth spread his igneous wings, he was personally decorated by the Pharaoh of Egypt.

The position in which Jesus lay down to go into the Astral was like that of Chac Mool, but with the head very low and without pillows, the soles of the feet upon the bed, the legs bent and the knees raised.  In this way, the great hierophant would fall asleep playing on his marvelous lyre, the dorsal spine.  The whole mantra FARAON is divided into three syllables, as follows: FA - RA - ON.  The FA is that of the musical scale.  The RA is a deep sound; it must be vocalized with a rolling R. ON reminds us of the mantra OM of India, but the only difference is that here, instead of having the consonant M, it has the consonant N; ON.  In general, we can give to the mantra FARAON all the intonation which resounds in all creation with the great FA.

We advise you to vocalize mentally.  The disciple must fall asleep singing this mantra with the imagination and willpower concentrated upon the pyramids of Egypt.  It requires practice and much patience.

The Flying Serpent

White magicians and black magicians use the flying serpent to travel in the Astral Body or with the physical body in the Jinn state.

In profound meditation, white magicians know how to pray and to supplicate the serpent of brass to be transported to any place on Earth or in the cosmos and the flying serpent transports them.

Black magicians pray to the tempting serpent of Eden, and it takes them to the Abyss or to the salons of witchcraft or to the Witches’ Sabbath, etc.

The serpent of brass rises through the medullar canal.  The tempting serpent descends from the coccyx downwards towards the atomic infernos of Nature.  This is the tail of Satan.  Devils have their power in the tail.

Blessed be the Divine Mother Kundalini.  Blessed be they who fly with the power of the Adorable Mother.

Wretched be they who move with the power of Santa Maria (the tempting serpent of Eden, the descending Kundalini).  Unhappy are they who fly with the tenebrous power of Santa Maria.  The Abyss and the Second Death are for them.

The Jinn State

A point is a cross section of a line.  A line is a cross section of a plane.  A plane is a cross section of a body.  A body is the cross section of a tetra-dimensional body, that is to say, of four dimensions.

Every body is tetra-dimensional, has four dimensions.  The fourth coordinate or fourth vertical is the basic foundation of all mechanics.  Intermolecular space corresponds to the fourth dimension.

In this three-dimensional world of length, width, and height we never see a complete body.  We only see sides, planes, angles, etc.  Therefore, perception is incomplete and subjective.

In the fourth dimension, perception is objective. There we see bodies from the front, from the back, from above, from below, from within, from without, that is to say, completely.  In the fourth dimension, all objects appear simultaneously complete. There, perception is objective.

With the power of the flying serpent we can take the physical body out of the world of three dimensions and pass it into the fourth dimension.  In more advanced states we can take the physical body to the fifth or the sixth dimension.

Serpents that Fly

When we visited the region of Magdalena, in the Republic of Colombia, we were surprised to discover flying serpents.  In the jungles of this region there are sorcerers who know how to send flying serpents to their hated victims. The procedures used by these sorcerers are very uncommon.  Generally, these sorcerers are a type of witch doctor who dedicate themselves to the practice of curing victims of venomous snake bites, which is so common in the tropics.  Many sorcerers who heal people bitten by snakes exist.  Also, there is much competition in the craft, and the mysterious war between these sorcerers is tremendous.  They live at war because of matters of their craft. Witch doctors usually use the fourth dimension to tele-transport certain types of artificial serpents to the abode of their enemies.  The procedure is simple and marvelous at the same time.  The element that the witch doctor utilizes to make the serpents is vegetable fiber from the exterior bark of the trunk of the plantain tree or banana plant.  This fiber when made into a small cord about one to two meters in length becomes an artificial snake.  The witch doctor makes seven knots in the vegetable fiber from this trunk, to symbolize the seven churches of the snake, and then he walks about reciting his secret magical prayers.  The final climax of the magical operation is the instant in which the sorcerer, full of frenzy, flings the vegetable fiber into space.  It is transformed into a serpent upon entering the fourth dimension.  The worst thing is that this flying serpent falls back into the third dimension, but inside the distant home of the hated enemy.  Usually, the person is a competitor in the craft.  If the victim has his body well prepared, clearly the serpent can do no harm to it, but if the victim’s body is not prepared, the serpent will precisely bite the heart of the victim, and he will immediately be struck dead.  Normally, the witch-doctors prepare the body with special herbs to defend themselves against their enemies.  The vegetable fiber that they use for those criminal acts is called by the indigenous name of majagua de platano.  There is no doubt that these sorcerers use the power of the tempting serpent of Eden (the snake that descends) to commit these criminal acts.

If those sorcerers can do such remarkable things like transforming a vegetable fiber into a flying serpent, how much more can the white magician do with his flying serpent?  The Flying serpent of the white magician is the Kundalini.  The white magician is really the serpent bird, the serpent who flies.

The seven centers of the snake are omnipotent.  The serpent with wings is something formidable. With the power of the serpent bird, the magician can become invisible at will, can transport himself through the air within the fourth dimension, appear and disappear before the astonished people.  He can unleash thunder and hurricanes, calm tempests, resurrect the dead, transmute lead into gold, cure the sick by the laying on of hands, raise himself from the tomb on the third day and conserve his body for millions of years.  The serpent bird is immortal, omnipotent, wise, amorous, and terribly divine.

The guardians of the temples of the mysteries are serpents of fire. With the power of the serpent bird we can transport ourselves to the other planets of the infinite.

The Doubles

In all of our books, we have taught different systems to go out in the Astral Body.  Many people have learned to go out and many have not learned.  Some have read a key from our books, have understood it, put it into practice and then have immediately learned how to go out in the Astral Body.  Many others have practiced with one system or another without having obtained anything.

In practice, we have been able to prove that people who are very intellectual, full of bookish culture (the library book worms), do not manage to go out at will in the Astral Body.  On the other hand, people who are very simple, humble peasants, poor servants of families can do so perfectly.  This has made us think a great deal about the matter and we have carefully investigated the problem.  The fact is that travel in the Astral Body is not something intellectual.  Rather, Astral travel is more aligned to the sentiment and to the superior emotion.  These qualities are related to the heart and not to the brain.  The intellectual polarizes himself in the brain in an exaggerated fashion, and abandons, in fact, the world of the heart.  The result of his lack of equilibrium is the loss of the psychic powers of the Soul.  Unfortunately, a faculty cannot be acquired without the loss of another.  Whosoever wants to develop the intellect does it at the expense of the psychic faculties.  This problem is serious, because we can in no way approve ignorance and illiteracy.  It is logical that an intellectual culture is necessary.  Ignorance leads to very serious errors.  An illiterate and ignorant occultist can become a mythomaniac or slanderer, and in the worst cases, an assassin.  In the Astral World we find the perverse doubles of saintly people. Facing the Angel Anael is his perverse double, the terrible demon Lilith. Facing Elohim Gibor is the terrible demon Andrameleck. Facing every good citizen is a citizen of evil.  The worst of this matter is that the appearance of the double is exactly the same as the model of light. If an adept teaches White Magic, his double, the black adept, besides having a similar physiognomy, manners, posture, etc., teaches black magic.  This is very serious, because like any illiterate who mistakes, for example, “gymnasium” for “magnesium,” the ignorant occultist can very easily, in fact, become a slanderer of good people, and we restate, even an assassin.  If an ignorant occultist finds his wife in the Astral World cohabiting with one of his friends, and if he is unfortunately a schizophrenic or neurasthenic, he can assassinate his friend and his wife. His ignorance does not allow him to understand what he has seen is a pair of doubles cohabiting, or a fact from a past reincarnation, etc.  Somebody who is jealous and supposes that his wife is unfaithful with some known or unknown person can then project his thought forms and see them in the Astral World.  If the subject is a neurasthenic, or an ignorant schizophrenic, but knows how to go out in the Astral Body, he can take everything that he saw seriously, and then commit murder, confused by his jealousy and visions.  Because he is ignorant, he does not understand that he has seen his own mental forms projected unconsciously.  All this leads us to the conclusion that intellectual culture is necessary.  Now the interesting thing is to know how to re-conquer the lost psychic faculties.  A man with a brilliant, illuminated intellect and with all his psychic faculties in full activity, is really in fact and by his own right, a true illuminated one.  The occultist needs to establish perfect equilibrium between mind and heart.  When the mind has become excessively frozen in the brain, leaving at will in the Astral Body becomes completely impossible because there is imbalance.  It is urgent then that the intellectual occultists re-establish the equilibrium between mind and heart.  Fortunately, there is a technique to re-establish the lost equilibrium.  This technique is inner meditation.

For those intellectuals who write to us alleging that they have not been able to leave in the Astral Body with the clues that we have taught, we prescribe a good daily dose of inner meditation.  It is urgent that they drink the wine of meditation from the cup of perfect concentration.

The Cardias

The Cardias is the magnetic center of the heart. This center is marvelously described in verses 22 to 27 of the Shatchakra Nirupana; let us read:

“The heart lotus is of the color of the Bandhuka flower and on its twelve petals are the letters Ka to Tha with the bindhu above them of the color vermilion.  In its pericarp is the hexagonal Vayu-Mandala of a smoky color and above it the Surya-Mandala with the Trikona, which shines as though it carried within his interior ten million flashes of lightning.  Above it the Vayu Bija, of a smoky hue, is seated on a black antelope, four-armed and carrying the goad (angkusha).  In Vayu Bija’s lap is the three-eyed Isha.  Like Hamsa (Hamsabha), he extends his two arms in a gesture of granting boons and dispelling fear.  In the pericarp of this lotus, and seated on a lotus is Sakti Kakini.  She is four-armed, and carries the noose (pasha), the skull (kapala) and makes the signs of granting boons and dispelling fear.  She is of a golden hue, dressed in yellow raiment, and wears every variety of jewel and a garland of bones.  Her heart is softened with nectar.  In the middle of the trikoma is Siva (Shiva) in the form of Vana-Linga with the crescent Moon and bindhu on his head.  He is of a golden color.  His look is jubilant and expresses impetuous desire.  Beneath him is the Hamsa similar to a Jivatma. It is like the steady flame of a lamp. Beneath this lotus is the red lotus of eight petals with the head facing upwards.  In this red lotus is the Kalpa tree, the jewelled altar surmounted by an awning and adorned with flags, which is the place of mental worship.”


The Hindu description of this chakra is marvelous.  The number of its petals is mentioned, the principle of air (Vayu), Shiva, the sexual force, with its lingam and the crescent moon, etc., indicating the heart as an altar of mental worship, the marvelous center of meditation. Upon this Hindu paragraph, many a volume could be written.

The Cardias is the magnetic center related to Astral journeys.  Whosoever wants to conquer the power to leave in the Astral Body at will, must change his vibratory type.  This is only possible by developing the Cardias.

Astral projection is rather emotive and sentimental.  The cold intellect has nothing to do with voyages in the Astral Body.  The brain is Lunar.  The heart is Solar.

Superior emotion is needed to leave at will in the Astral Body: a certain type of emotive Nature, of sentiment, a very special supra-sensitivity, and sleep combined with meditation.  These qualities are only achieved with the development of the Cardias.

Regarding the Cardias, the Shiva Samhita states,

“The yogi acquires immeasurable knowledge, knows the past, present, and future, acquires clairaudience, clairvoyance, and can travel the airs wherever he pleases.

“He sees the adepts and the Yogini Goddesses, obtains the faculty called Kheckari, and triumphs over the creatures that move in the air.

“Whosoever meditates daily on the hidden Banalinga undoubtedly attains the psychic powers called Khechari (to move through the air in the Astral Body or to acquire also the power of putting the body in the state of Jinn) and Bhuchari (to go at will anywhere in the world).”


The devotee must concentrate on his heart, imagining there thunder, lightning, and fast moving clouds that are lost in the twilight, blown by strong hurricanes.  The Gnostic must imagine many eagles flying in that infinite space which is within, very deep within his heart.  Imagine the profound forests of Nature, filled with sun and life, the song of birds and the sweet and peaceful chirping of the crickets in the forest.  The disciple must fall asleep imagining all of this.  Imagine now that in the forest there is a throne of gold, upon which is seated the Goddess Kakini, a very divine woman.  The Gnostic must fall asleep meditating on this, imagining all of this. The Gnostic must practice for one hour daily, but if he practices two or three or more hours daily, that is even better.  He can practice seated in a comfortable arm chair, lying on the floor, or on his bed, with his arms and legs stretched out to his sides, like a five-pointed star.  Sleep must be combined with meditation.  One must have much patience.  These marvelous faculties of the Cardias are obtained with infinite patience.  It is better that the impatient ones who want everything right away, who do not know how to persevere their whole life through, must leave, because they are of no use.  Powers are not obtained by playing around; everything has a price.  Nothing is given to us for free.

The Temple of the Serpent Bird

The heart is the temple of the serpent bird.  It is necessary to know how to love.  The serpent bird officiates in the temple of the tranquil heart.  It is urgent to be devoured by the serpent.  Whosoever is devoured by the serpent becomes in fact a serpent bird.  Only with Sexual Magic and the love of the heart is the serpent awakened which will later devour us.  When the serpent reaches the level of the heart, it receives the igneous wings. It is then transformed into a serpent bird.

It is urgent to know how to lead a married life.  The quarrels between husband and wife are of Satan.  Thus, Satan fights against the serpent bird.  He wants to damage the Great Work.  Therefore, we need to understand the necessity of tolerating the defects of our husband or wife because no one is perfect.  The work in the flaming forge of Vulcan is more valuable than all the defects of our spouse.  It is stupid to throw away all the work, to give Satan his pleasure.  In the heart is the temple of the feathered serpent, and we must not profane it by sinning against love.  The path of the Perfect Matrimony is wisdom and love.

We must love consciously.  We must love our worst enemies, returning good for bad.  In this way, by knowing how to love, we prepare ourselves for the festival of the tranquil heart.

In his Emerald Tablet, Hermes Trismegistus said, “I give you love within which the whole summum of wisdom is contained.”

Another Type of Fear-monger

There are many pseudo-occultists and pseudo-esotericists who spread fear-mongering rumors against the voluntary projection of the Astral Body.  It is false and harmful to the Great Work of the Father to make people fearful of projecting the Astral Body.  Indeed, projecting the Astral Body is not dangerous, because every human being projects the Astral Body during the hours of normal sleep.  Unfortunately, all human beings project themselves in their Astral Body with their consciousness asleep.  People do not know how to project their Astral bodies at will.  There is no danger whatsoever in becoming conscious of ones own natural functions, which are eating, drinking, marrying, and projecting the Astral Body.  These functions are completely natural.  If travelling in the Astral Body were dangerous as the fear mongers state, then by now there would be no one living on Earth, because everybody projects the Astral Body, and still worse, they do so with their consciousness asleep.  Nevertheless, nothing happens.  And so...?

At this moment, the planet Mercury is coming out of a cosmic night.  As it leaves its state of rest, the hierarchies of this planet will become more and more active.  The Lords of Mercury propose to teach the inhabitants of the Earth (in a practical way) the art of entering and leaving the physical body at will.  In the future, all humans must consciously project the Astral Body.  This then is a Law of Nature, a Cosmic Commandment, and everything opposed to this law is a crime.  Indeed, those who spread this kind of fear are unconsciously acting as black magicians when they do so.

The special objective of the Universal Spirit of Life is to become conscious of itself in all the dimensions of space.  In principle, the Universal Spirit of Life is unknowable to itself.  It is happy, but it does not have consciousness of its own happiness.  Happiness without consciousness of it is not happiness.  The Universal Spirit of Life descends into matter to become conscious of itself.  The Great Reality arises from its own bosom in the dawn of the whole universe and contemplates itself in the living mirror of Nature.  That is how it comes to know itself.  In this way a vibratory mental activity is created through which the Great Reality contemplates its infinite images on the cosmic stage.  This activity, moving from the periphery to the center, is called Universal Mind.  We all live submerged in the infinite ocean of the Universal Mind.  The intellectual activity of the Universal Mind springs from a centripetal force.  Every action is followed by a reaction.  The centripetal force (on finding its resistance in the center) logically reacts and creates a centrifugal activity called Cosmic Soul. This vibratory Soul becomes a mediator between the center and the periphery, between the Universal Spirit of Life and matter, between the Great Reality and its cosmic images.

The great Master Paracelsus stated, “The Soul is the product of the centrifugal action of universal activity, impelled by the centripetal action of the imagination of the universe.”

In this day and age, the human being has only an embryo of a Soul within his Astral ghost, but this embryo must be strengthened and self-awakened.  The awakening of cosmic consciousness within a human being is the most grandiose event in the universe.

In these moments, the great White Lodge is intensely occupied with the awakening of human consciousness.  The adepts struggle intensely to teach the human being to leave at will in the Astral Body.  They want people to awaken; therefore, all that goes against this great law is a crime.  The whole objective of the descent of Spirit into matter is to create Soul and to become self-conscious of itself.  When we direct mental power towards the interior of our own intimate center, the resistance that we will find internally will cause a reaction, and the more vigorous the centripetal force that we apply, the more vigorous will be the resulting centrifugal force.  Thus, we create Soul.  Thus, we invigorate the embryo of the Soul, and finally one day, when we have already been born as serpent Birds, we will completely absorb and assimilate the totality of the Soul within our Astral Body.

The awakening of the consciousness is urgent. Whosoever learns to project the Astral Body at will can study at the feet of the great Masters of Wisdom.  In the Astral World we find our Guru who will instruct us in the great mysteries.

We need to abandon fear to have the joy of visiting the lands of paradise.  We need to abandon fear to have the joy of entering the temples of the Land of the Golden Light.  There we shall sit at the feet of the great masters of the White Lodge.  There we shall gain strength for the difficult path.  It is necessary that we strengthen ourselves on the path; to take a break and receive direct instruction from the lips of our Guru.  He, as a loving Father, always waits for us in the Astral Body to console us.  The adepts are true flying serpents.