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The Perfect Matrimony: Sacred Phallicism

Sacred Phallicism

Every religion has a sexual origin. The veneration of the lingam-yoni and pudenda is common in Africa and Asia.  Secret Buddhism is sexual. Sexual Magic is taught practically in Zen Buddhism.  Buddha taught Sexual Magic in secrecy.  Many phallic divinities exist. Shiva, Agni, and Shakti in India are phallic divinities.

Legba in Africa, Venus, Bacchus, Priapus, and Dionysus in Greece and Rome were phallic divinities.

The Jews had phallic Gods and sacred forests consecrated to the sexual cult. Sometimes the priests of these phallic cults allowed themselves to fall miserably and descended to wild bacchanalian orgies.  Herodotus quotes the following: “All the women of Babylon had to prostitute themselves with the priests of the temple of Milita.”

Meanwhile, in Greece and Rome, in the temples of Vesta, Venus, Aphrodite, Isis etc., the priestesses exercised their holy sexual priesthood.  In Cappadocia, Antioch, Pamplos, Cyprus, and Bylos, with infinite veneration and mystic exaltation, the priestesses celebrated great processions carrying a great phallus, as God or the generative body of life and of the seed.

The Bible also has many allusions to the phallic cult. The oath from the time of the Patriarch Abraham was taken by the Jews by placing their hand beneath the thigh, that is, on the sacred member.

The Feast of the Tabernacles was an orgy similar to the famous Saturnalia of the Romans.  The rite of circumcision is totally phallic.

The history of all religions is filled with symbols and phallic amulets, such as the Hebrew Mitzvah, the Maypole of the Christians, etc.  In ancient times, sacred stones with a phallic form were profoundly venerated. Some of those stones resembled the virile member and others the vulva. Flint stones and silica were taken as sacred stones, because fire was produced with them, fire which esoterically was developed as a divine privilege in the spinal column of the Pagan priests.

In Christianity we find a great deal of phallicism. The circumcision of Jesus, the feast of the three wise men (Epiphany), the Corpus Christi, etc., are phallic festivals inherited from the holy Pagan religions.

The dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit and of the voluptuous Venus Aphrodite, is always represented as the phallic instrument used by the Holy Spirit to impregnate the Virgin Mary.  The very word “sacrosanct” is derived from sacral., and therefore its origin is phallic.

The phallic cult is terribly divine. The phallic cult is scientifically transcendental and profoundly philosophical. The era of Aquarius is at hand, and in it the laboratories will discover the energetic and mystical principles of the phallus and uterus.

The sexual glands are governed by Uranus, and enclose tremendous forces that the laboratory science will discover in the new era.  The scientific value of the ancient phallic cults will then be publicly recognized.

The entire potential of universal life exists within the seed.  The materialist science of this day an age does not know anything but to criticize sardonically that which it does not know.

In the rocky paved courtyards of the Aztec temples, men and women used to sexually unite to awaken the Kundalini. The couples remained in the temples for months and years, loving and caressing each other, practicing Sexual Magic without the spilling of the semen. However, those who reached the ejaculation of the semen were condemned to death.  Their heads were cut off with an axe.  Thus, this is how they paid their sacrilege.

In the Eleusinian Mysteries, naked dances and Sexual Magic were the very foundation of the mysteries.  Phallicism is the foundation of profound Realization of the Self.

All the principal tools of Masonry serve in order to work with the stone. Every Master Mason must chisel his Philosophical Stone well. This stone is the sex.  We must build the temple of the Eternal One upon the living stone.

Sex and Serpent

A certain initiate, whose name I do not mention, states the following textually:

“With complete dominion of the Serpent Force anything can be achieved. One can move mountains or walk on water, fly, or be buried under the earth in a sealed casket from which one can emerge at any determined time.

“The ancient priests knew that under certain conditions the aura can be seen, they knew that the Kundalini can be awakened through sex.

“The force of the Kundalini coiled below is a terrific force; it resembles the spring of a clock in the manner in which it is coiled.  Like the spring of the clock which suddenly jumps, uncoiling itself, it can cause damage (to those who commit the crime of spilling the semen).

“This particular force is found at the base of the spinal column; however, in the present day and age, part of it abides within the generative organs.  The Orientals recognize this.  Certain Hindus use sex in their religious ceremonies.  They use a different form of sexual manifestation (Sexual Magic) and a different sexual position to obtain specific results, and they have been successful.  Many centuries and centuries ago, the ancients worshipped sex.  They accomplished the phallic cult. There were certain ceremonies within the temples which aroused the Kundalini, which in turn produced clairvoyance, telepathy and many other esoteric powers.”

Sex, used properly and with love, can attain particular vibrations.  It can bring about that which the Orientals call the opening of the lotus flower, and it can embrace the world of the Spirits.  It can promote the arousal of Kundalini and the awakening of certain centers. However, sex and the Kundalini must never be abused.  Each must complement and help the other.  Those religions that say that there must be no sex between husband and wife are tragically mistaken.

“Those religions which state that there must be no sexual experiences, try to suffocate individual evolution and the evolution of the race.  Let us look at an example: in magnetism, we obtain magnetic power by aligning the molecules of a substance directed towards a specific point.  That is to say, normally in a piece of iron the molecules are randomly positioned like an undisciplined multitude.  They may join by chance, but when a certain force is applied (in the case of iron, a magnetic force) all the molecules face in one direction and thus, magnetic power is obtained, without which there would not be radio or electricity; without which we would not have road, rail or even aerial transport.

“When the human being awakens the Kundalini, when the Serpent of Fire begins to live, the molecules of the body are aligned in one direction, because the force of the Kundalini has this effect when awakened.  Then the human body begins to vibrate with health, becomes powerful in knowledge, and can see everything.

“There are various methods (Tantric positions) to fully awaken the Kundalini (the Kama Kalpa contains all those sexual positions).  Nevertheless this must not be done except by those who are truly trained for it, because of the immense power and control that this awakening gives over others, and because this power can be abused and used for evil.  But the Kundalini can awaken partially (and completely) within the married couple, and can vivify certain centers through love.  With true intimate ecstasy, the molecules of the body are aligned in such a way that many of them face the same direction.  Consequently, these people develop a great dynamic power.

“When false modesty and all the false teachings about sex are changed, the human being will again reach his true Being.  Once again the human being will be able to regain his place as an Astral traveller.”

The phallic cult is as ancient as the world.  Sex must help the Kundalini and the Kundalini must help sex.  Neither sex nor the Kundalini must be abused.  Sexual Magic must be practiced only once a day.

“Man and woman are not simply a mass of protoplasm, flesh attached to a frame of bones.  The human being is, or can be, something more than that.  Here on Earth we are simple puppets of our Spirit.  That Spirit which resides temporarily in the Astral accumulates experience through its body of flesh, which is the puppet, the instrument of the Astral.

“Physiologists and others have analyzed the body of the human being, and have reduced it to a mass of flesh and bones.  They can talk about this or that bone, about different organs, but these are material things.  They have not discovered, nor have they tried to discover the most secret things, the intangible things, the things that the Hindus, the Chinese and the Tibetans knew centuries and centuries before Christianity.

“The dorsal spine is indeed a very important structure.  It contains the spinal medulla, without which one would be paralyzed, without which one is useless as a human being.  Nevertheless, the dorsal spine is even more important than all that.  Exactly in the center of the spinal nerve, the spinal medulla, is a passage that extends to other dimensions (fourth, fifth, sixth dimensions, etc.), a passage through which the force known as the Kundalini can travel through when it is awakened.  At the base of the dorsal spine is what the Orientals call the Serpent of Fire.  This is the seat of life itself.

“In Western people, this great force is inactive, asleep, almost paralyzed for lack of use.  At the present time it is like a serpent coiled upon itself, a serpent of immense power, but for various reasons (that is, because of filthy fornication), it cannot escape from its confines at this time.  This mystical representation of the serpent is known as the Kundalini, and in those Orientals in whom it is awake, the Serpent Force can advance through the passage of the spinal nerve, passing straight to the brain and beyond, far beyond, to the Astral.  As this potent active force advances, each of the chakras or centers of power, such as  the umbilical, the throat and others, are awakened and the person becomes a vital, powerful, dominant individual.”

Phallicism, the awakening of the Kundalini, Sexual Magic, is not dangerous when practiced with uprightness and with love.

Sexual Magic should only be practiced between husband and wife.  Those men who abuse and practice with other women outside the home inevitably fail.

Infrasexual Schools

There are many infrasexual schools in the world that mortally hate the phallic cult and Sexual Magic. Lovers of wisdom must avoid these schools if they do not also want to become infrasexual.

It is necessary to remember that infrasexuality hates normal sex and Suprasex.  In all ages, infrasexual ones have blasphemed against the Third Logos, considering sex to be taboo, a sin, a cause for shame, clandestine, etc.  Infrasexual people have schools where they teach people to hate sex.  Infrasexual people consider themselves to be Mahatmas, hierophants, etc.

Lovers of wisdom are often confused by infrasexual people.  They assume certain attitudes, so mystical and ineffable, so anchorite-like and pious that if one does not have a certain degree of comprehension, one can very easily be led astray onto the path of infrasexuality.

Initiation and the Serpent

It is impossible to receive the initiations of Major Mysteries without the phallic cult and without Sexual Magic.

Many single students receive the initiations of the Minor Mysteries in their superlative and transcendental consciousness when they are chaste.  Nevertheless, the initiations of Major Mysteries cannot be attained without Sexual Magic and the Kundalini.

The Minor Mysteries are none other than the probationary path, a chain that has to be broken, the kindergarten of esoteric studies, the first reader.  The phallic cult is the only one that can lead the human being to intimate Realization of the Self.